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It's been a long ugly year but for some idiots apparently their stupidity has been fun so why not talk about it????? It's amazing how much can happen when you've been gone. But it seems my fun has just begun! Yes, it's been a while since my last bleech but I'm back to report on the stupidity of our great rock stars & other idiots. Our last bleech dilemma ended with me deciding whether or not I should keep using Sir Happy Bunny for my mascot. Took a vacation too. But it looks like I will keep it, if I could find 12 months of new loves me!

WOW, so what have I missed? Turns out in my absence everyone just went nuts!!! Where do I begin? I should start with a end of the year list. Lists are still the best. I did hear & see some interesting things even though I hate everything. I could dooz it. I actually have a good list. But I'll make you wait a bit more for it. But for now I will give my version of Thanksgiving for these loons who seem to have made my year!!

So who are the Idiots of the Year? Charlie Sheen?? Saddam, Osama??? At least one of them made it out alive!! How? I'll never know. But I have better idiots to talk about than these clowns!! Duh!! Winning!!??? I don't think so!!! Although I have to say I love that phrase & it is the best of the year!!


1. How about Ashton Kutcher?? Need I say more?? See guys, if you don't know by now, when you have a really pretty girl who actually wants to put up with your sorry should try to keep her!!
He's not even my number one clown/dork/ jerk..what other names should I use??? Isn't this fun??? How about deadbeat! ???

Case in point: Neal Schon of Journey who really isn't Journey anymore so there's no point in calling them that either.
So the rule now is you get married for 2 months [or in some other cases 72 days...] & you run off with your ex who just happens to be a famous White House gatecrasher who is so sick of her jerk that she somehow forgot for 2 seconds that she went out with you, then remembers, then decides to run off with you, so you dump your new wife & go off with her, when her man's losing it thinking she got kidnapped by your wussy ass, show her off to your poor band who's been struggling to try to be who they were once without the one guy that made them who they were [in the poor band's case: the real singer!] & after making them play the worst gigs ever, you get tired of that so now you & your new squeeze can go get a new reality show so that you & your horrid band can make you some new money to pay for your new TV broad since your 2 month old lady who's so pissed at you is about clean you out of every dime you ever made with the bums!! Is that the rule now??

3. Lindsey Lohan: Is she really this stupid? She must know she'll never spend anytime in jail since it's too crowded. Still her father is worse since he's going away so I don't think she's that dumb at all!

4. THE EARTHQUAKE OF NY!! : I really expected more from you!! Although it was the first time my bed moved in years!! So that was fun!

5: The poor YANKEES: Now not all of them are idiots, some are still way cool, as in my favoriteS & I don't care what you say: AJ Burnett!!, He's as psycho as they come & will forever be a fun real proper Yankee for me!,
Francisco Cervelli, the most fun catcher we've had in years, who gave me one of the best fights & plays of the year!!!! Nick Swisher, the craziest Yankee yet & Brett Gardner, the fastest little nugget you'll ever see. As for the others, well I'll leave it up to you to decide! I have a few...but I will be nice...!

6. Robert Plant: No not because he rejected Led Zeppelin once again [good for him!], not for another Grammy winning country album with Miss Alison Krauss, which was amazing, but for supposedly getting married! Why?? does this put him on this list when his new missus apparently is cooly folky lady Patti Griffith!?? Because he didn't marry Alison !!

7. Unfortunately utter hatred for this person keeps me from mentioning my most vile, ultra & the winner of the prize of the Idiot of the Year award's name. I really wanted to give it to Joe Perry for trying to even think that he could fathom an Aerosmith without Steven Tyler, but nooooooo, Neal Schon was the massive winner for me but it still goes to this person. I will say it a girl...who's been married a few times & finally decided to divorced her lately victim after having twins with him & supposedly went out with the Sexiest Man Alive of the Year [according to People mag anyway...] for 2 seconds after the fact. So if you can't guess why i wouldn't even spit on this person. You'll know who the biggest Idiot of the Year is. I thank you for playing. You may guess & I will tell. !! If you ax!! But I won't mess up my Bleech with her name! Extra hints: has the most annoying commercial on TV right now & thinks she can act & sing!!

Extra idiot awards go to Charlie Sheen's Goddesses, who were the biggest bunch of idiots since him, for actually trying to hang out with him. Christina Aquavelva for trying to come back & last but very least: Larry King, Oprah & Regis for finally going away & putting us out of our misery!!

COOLY LIST TIME:Here's my list for the end of the year. With special mention to Lady Gaga which I never thought I would say but she actually released one good song called 'You & I' with a very tremendous Brian May solo!! 2011 marked the return of some very classic favorite bands in a giant way so it's fitting that this list would be full of those greats & a couple of new ladys who are kickin' it. Also the greatest returns of the year are Beavis & Butthead & the Muppets!!!

2011 ALBUMS:
1. MOVE LIKE THIS-THE CARS -Amazing return for them, great tribute to good ole' Ben Orr, whose sorely missed.
2. PANIC ON GIRLS-BLONDIE -they seem to be able to do no wrong lately, just incredible!
. HELL ON HEELS-PISTOL ANNIES -Miranda Lambert's little band of new wild girls... pretty fun!
4. LET YOUR HAIR DOWN-STEVE MILLER BAND -is it even possible for him to make a bad record???
5. IN YOUR DREAMS-STEVIE NICKS -a little light but very classic Stevie!
6. ALPOCALYPSE-WEIRD AL -still the master of fun!!
7. FOUR THE RECORD-MIRANDA LAMBERT -it just came out but she's still powerful!
8. ALL YOU NEED IS NOW-DURAN DURAN - these boys still rock!
9. DIRECTORS CUT-KATE BUSH -it's been a very long time but she still has it.
10. BEYOND THE SHROUDED HORIZON-STEVE HACKETT -is it possible for him to stop making records?? It's like he releases one every second!!
11. 21-ADELE -a new lady worthy of mention!
12. HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT-ROBBIE ROBERTSON -still brutal after all these years..
13. SEEDS WE SOW-LINDSEY BICKINGHAM -still psycho after all these years...
14. BAD AS ME-TOM WAITS -still crazy after all these years!
still rocks after all these years!

MOVIES 2011:
1. SUPER 8:
Amazing fun movie! All the kids in the movie steal the show. Very good & exciting. Check it out!

WOW, talk about battling robots??? This movie was fantastic!!! Totally destroys Transformers!! Why? Because these robots were real??? Is there such a thing???

It's a TRIPLE tie!! Too fun, I'll always love these! HOP was the best!! My kind of movie!!

I thought this was dumb at first but I'll see anything with Harrison Ford! Yummy!! Still nothing like seeing aliens lose their minds!!!

5: HANNA: Nothing like seeing some crazy girl lose her mind! Very cool!

Very impressive!! Nothing like watching apes lose their minds! Much better than the Marky Mark version!!

This movie sucked!! But I had to include it because it was worth sitting through because of the amazing voice of the great Leonard Nimoy!! Worth it to hear him be so mean!!

1st of all 3D sucks!! It's not good for all parts of a movie!!! This movie sucked too, but it was more fun & sicker than I thought it would be. Nicolas Cage is just insane!!

Surprisingly fun. Didn't think I would like it but Russell Brand was pretty funny in it. Helen Mirren just rules my world!!!

[I didn't see Hangover 2, could care less about those psycho baby vampires, Thor sucked goats & not crazy about Harry Potter, & Footloose??? r u kidding????....

[I'm leaving 10 for what should be the 2 last great movies of the year especially the 10th which will be the best movie of the year....

It will be the best movie of the year if Jason Segal doesn't ruin it!!! The return of DR.TEETH & THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM!!! HELL YEAH!!!

There's my return Bleech, hope you'll follow me into the new year. Hope I follow me into the new year & I desperately hope & I'm sure there'll be some new idiots to talk about !! I certainly can't wait & my Bleechs will be much better & revised in some odd way !!
Luv to all xoxoxoxoox

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Lists Lists Lists...don't you love lists??? People don't realize that their whole entire life is determined & ruled by lists!! I love them, I find them fun...especially if their dumb. Well its the end of the year time, which means: list time, thank you time, goodbye time, get rid of stuff time, dump time...everything you could possibly imagine time. Resolution time? Get real!! BLEECH TIME!!! What else is there???
This is Happy Bunny's last hurrah...the tribute is later.
Its been wonderful. & I also have a new name slightly but I'm still Rozzie Bear here!! Don't panic..believe me, you'll know its still me.

I made a huge list of a few things. Things that were cool about this year...things that were cool last year..& things that are just cool in life in general & OF COURSE, the best list ever...things that sucked throughout!!!! [I thought I fixed this damn font on this crap but I guess not].
1st of all...right upfront, have to say, yes I will because no one else is going to admit it. They'll even say it was the best ever! NO IT WASN'T!!
Yes. IT WAS THE WORST DECADE EVER!! I thought the 90s were bad. I didn't think it would get worse but it did. WOW. Yet is it really over? What are the numbers? 2000-2010? They looked pretty didn't it... but you even know it sucked. Yes, there were a few things ok about them. MINISCULE!!! Where shall we start????

How about the ultra -suck 210! [2010 to you boring people!] It's taken me quite a while to come up with something decent in what was cool about this year. Just brutal! But there are a few things, so much so I'm just going to try to lump them together in 1 wacko list, so as if! It seems like there were more cool things than there actually were. Sorry about revealing the trick, but once you see it, surely you'll understand!

I think I'll start with MOVIES!
It took me hell to go see this. But I did. Especially when I found out the real guys from the original show would be in it, if only for a few seconds. This was the exact nightmare I had going to see the Starsky & Hutch movie [in a nutshell: Ben Stiller was brilliant, Owen Wilson sucked!]. Yet if you haven't seen it, the longer extended version on the cooly DVD that I got for Christmas WAS WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Figure that out. I still think Sharlto Copley stole the movie...I still had a problem with Bradley Cooper. Patrick Wilson & Jessica Alba were completely annoying as all hell, yet everything else was perfect. Too bad Peter Graves didn't stay alive long enough to play Hannibal but Liam Neeson did an amazing job minus the hair [note to producers: There is nothing wrong with Liam's original hair ok!! so leave it alone next time!.] Go see it, its mega fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie immensely & yes, I'm a chick! I do not recommend this movie to ladies who actually think one of these dudes is good-looking. If you're squeamish, its not gonna happen. I have my favorites, but I also live for movies like this, but not at all in the Vin Diesel/Rock, [are you sure they're not the same guy???] Steven Seagal, VanDamme way. They're wussys!
Expendables! Now they were something. My only complaint is that my favorite Dolph Lundgren's part was smaller than usual but just amazing. Also all the knifing I could do without. Otherwise, it has my vote for megafun-ness of the year!!! I came out of that theatre wanting to kill everybody, it was great feeling!

Gotta put some ladys here. The story wasn't much but it was still insane to see Dakota Fanning 'grow-up' before my eyes. Pretty damn cool!

4. RED
Nothing like Helen Mirren kicking ass!!!!

Very cute hairy movie...the way it should be..

Yep, that's it, no Harry Punker or BAdvatar or any other of that fake crap! Yet I must give it up for TRON!!!!! But I must save that for this new year!!!

Next: BOOKS:
People actually wrote some good books this year.
Yet these are all biographies.

Who knew out of all of the Go-Go's, that she would be the absolute last one to get clean? That's insane. Pretty heavy read. Check it out.

Beyond heavy about everything you could think of in one shot. War, music, tv, movies, music, sex. Did I forget anything? Yes, that's there too. Read it!

WOW, incredible read about life about a musician with a famous dad & growing up & still thrive in her own career. Just incredible.

I have the original version of this book in a 'mini me' version she released back in the 80s. Yet this massive expanded version was just oozing with extras about everything in the sex, drugs & rock''roll genre. Pretty amazing.

Some of her stories we've heard before but she managed to put it together in a very interesting way. Especially for ones who don't know her, it works.

I guess I could call this a biography to a certain extent about a family, yet it's mostly a memoir about the author's lost child & the children who live on in her name. A very touching portrait of how to try to cope with a tragedy while still maintaining one's composure, especially when raising children.

A crazy funny collection of stories about Miss Handler's life. Something to lighten the levity of any dull night.

This book came out in late Oct. of 2009. I didn't read it till this year & I don't subscribe to the Oscar way of doing things [You know...release the movie in December this year & nominate it in March the next year so that its the best movie of last year when no one's seen it yet, GET CRUCIAL!!!!]. So whatever came out late in the year counts as 210!
An adventure book of merciful proportions.

8's the best I could for the COMMERCIALS...?
Yes, commercials. We all say we hate them but some always stick out. More to the point...there was NOTHING good on TV. Except DEXTER![I blame my Pook! don't ask...] with Eli Stone as the bad guy [which has no commercials by the way]. Crazy!! But one thing's for sure, I'm not going to go buy a Hyundai.

Chevrolet Silverado/MAX & AL : The craziest car commercial in the world featuring an adorable little teeny cute baby construction employee named Ford Powerstroke. One commercial has Duramax & Allison trying to clean the little baby by hosing it down which it thoroughly enjoys. Just adorable.

2. CAPITAL ONE: There's was nothing more fun than watching these vikings shopping for everything along with their bearded son.

3. Taco Bell: The Yankees got in the action by having pitching great Mariano Rivera & Manager Joe Girardi make fun of what Girardi is constantly doing which is changing pitchers while someone is trying to eat a giant Chalupa. Too fun.

4. HYUNDAI SONATA :Crazy how trying to sell a car for Christmas might actually work if this lady came & sang those songs with it. A very cool duo called Pomplamoose does the most extraordinary versions of holiday classics you'll ever hear in your life. Very fun.

Most Annoying: Hopefully we'll never have to hear the UPS version of That's Amore anymore!

Now Music:
Once again the worst of the year is Rolling Stone Magazine's Best of the Year. But there were some good things...most notably shows...let's combine them shall we.........

Steve came out with a new album called Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth this year & he put on a show not to be believed. With an amazing guitarist named Amanda Lehmann, it was just tremendous. The best concert of the year.

Peter's new album Scratch My Back was orchestrated versions of his favorite old songs. His show was mish-mosh of old & new songs with an amazing orchestra. Just dazzling. Especially his background singer who turned out to be an amazing singer in her own right.

Normally i cannot take shows without some sort of loud drums! But this show was something incredible. Not 1 week after singing with Peter Gabriel at his Radio City show, she played with her mini-band of ladys & Gabriel's daughter to put on a mesmerizing show.

A weird name for a concert hall but 59 was a tiny beautiful place in which I got to sit first row for the greatest male singer in the world. Thank God there's some country left in NY & he showed no signs of it dying. A very special night I'll never forget.

Yes, Barry played the Y & I got a backstage seat. I never thought I'd ever get to see him, let alone for free but this was nothing short of brilliant. Not only did he bring all his own wardrobe for which he only wore one suit but he did all my favorite songs!! Pretty damn cool!

I actually think they had a new album this year but they didn't do any of it, thank God!! A wild show featuring 2 of their shortest albums in recorded history spliced together in 90 minutes excluding intermission. Larry Gowan still remains the most exciting performer & lifeforce in this band now. Tremendous.

So the dumb place changed their name in a span of 2 minutes but they still put on a show. Not my favorite new band but very exciting to watch & very loud which is all I care about lately!! They have a weird new album called A Thousand Suns which no one seems to like, but they still went to No. 1.

Heart's new album was a little mellow & I missed their Hammerstein Ballroom show but they are still Heart & they do still rock, only slower, which hopefully they'll fix.

Going to Jersey was no picnic, but seeing what was there was pretty cool. While a million artists were performing at a very Rock convention & while he only performed 2 songs, Walter proved after all these years he is still a viable artist. Hearing his classic hit Magnet & Steel was nothing short of breathtaking.

If you were to get to see anyone play one classic song & just be satisfied with hearing the song exactly as they did it in the first place & be so satisfied that nothing could top it, who would it be?
For me it was Elmo, not the puppet. Famous for the duo Elmo & Patsy who's Christmas hit Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is still a classic. He played it at the Rock Con with the house band who just nailed it. It was worth everything!

Do I even have to list this? It's so obvious its ridiculous. Yet I'll list the really stupid ones in my book & nothing no matter what will ever top No. 1.

Better than the Tiger Woods story, while everyone admitted to sleeping with Tiger, the one chick who didn't, actually had the balls to admit to not only that she slept with Van the Man, but had a baby with him. Now that is insane! Especially when denied knowing who she was, when she was apparently one of his website runners. I would've totally believed believed him had she stayed shut.

So she hit 18 & bonged a weird legal drug that everyone is buying now. Is she doing this everyday? NO! Is she a drug-addict? NO! Is she a major slut asking for money for he drugs? NO! Is she the biggest star in & out of rehab right now?? As Winehouse says NO!! NO!! NO!!! So hat is the big deal? All she did was make the drug famous.

VH1 put on the latest of their sucky Divas show overseas for the troops as if they don't have it bad enough over there. The geniuses decide to have a few introductions from the idiots of Jersey Shore live. Now mind you, the entire audience consisted of troops. ARMED TROOPS!!! I still don't understand why these troops didn't just aim & fire the minute those clowns walked out there. I would've!! & would've felt a duty & honor to serve my country by ridding the world of the garbage!

If Van The Man hadn't made my No. 1 list. This one surely would've been it. U2, who used to be one of the greatest bands in the world, sort of...decided to score a musical for Broadway about Spiderman the comic. Not knowing they wouldn't have CG, special effects, ILM, avatars or George Lucas & IN FACT NEEDED REAL PEOPLE, they practically killed cast members at auditions & rehearsals trying to find some way to make Spiderman real. Big mistake. Everyone is getting clocked left & right. 1st of all, if they read the comic at all, Spiderman DOESN'T FLY!!! HE'S NOT SUPERMAN!!! So why are there acrobats on the show, making him fly & why are they getting killed? SPIDERMAN CLIMBS WALLS!!! THAT'S ALL!! WHAT IS SO HARD??? Oh well, doesn't look like the show is going to happen, because inspectors, officials & fire marshals are having a field day! Now that's fun.


Are you kidding? Everyone hates this girl now. Because she cheated on her husband with another married dork & they both got divorced & are now getting married to each other. Because why? This isn't supposed to happen? Or this doesn't happen in country music. IT ALWAYS HAPPENS IN COUNTRY!!! ITS A TYPICAL COUNTRY SONG!! They did it publicly?? May I remind you this is exactly how Jennifer Lopez & Tori Spelling [2 broads I'd never though I'd mention in my bleech!] acquired their new husbands & everyone seems to love them, except me. I think Leann is ok, so back off!!

Hope you dig my list...feel free to give me yours & I'll tell you why it sucks....

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I never thought I'd say this, but I have to say I miss the old days when music was supposedly run by the devil. What devil? Yes 'that' devil & no I'm not gonna capitalize his name like if he was a person or whatever he was supposed to be & NO I'M NOT HIS BIGGEST FAN!. I believed it. At least in the case of music, he was all over there. Back then it was a dude, I guess, lately I believe it's Larry King or Bon Jovi. Yet after careful consideration, I think it's Nancy Grace! Whatever you're thought of sir or chick devil. He's out there somewhere wasting people left & right & making people's life miserable at every turn, yet there was a while back where I swore he ruled music & a lot of others did too. Only one difference, I didn't forcibly get in anyone's face & shove down their throat's that he was there in our music. Well let's say the devil is a dude, he's gotta be, right girls? How else would we be so miserable half the time right? Well I got a story for you.

Turns out he was in the music, not mine but theirs. Who? The Metal music. Oh yes. Everyone thought so. Yet I knew it long before everyone else had caught up with it in the 80s. Long before Tipper freakin Gore was so bored in her house that she decided to tell everybody that every metal band no one cared about suddenly needed saving, or at least to clean up their lyrics. Lyrics? Who could understand what the hell they were saying? What did I care about lyrics? That was the whole fun in listening to a song at that time, trying to figure out what the hell anyone was talking about. In the 60s it was Bob Dylan & James Brown! Nobody knew what they were saying at all, to this day no one knows. The day Bob Dylan decided to shock everyone not by going electric by plugging in his guitar & getting The Band [not a band 'The Band'!], but by singing a song legibly was nothing short of a miracle [...the song in question 'Lay Lady Lay', although I still swore he said 'playing across the big brass band', so it wasn't too legible...]. In the 70s it was Elton John, I defy you to figure out any of his lyrics [without the words, especially on Crocodile Rock] ! Now it's everyone because no one is singing anymore.

I didn't like the metal, I loved the loudness, I still do. So when it was bad or when I thought it was bad I couldn't look at it let alone listen to it. So apparently for me, the devil ran 4 of the biggest bands on the planet at the time: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC & Motorhead. They were taboo. I don't know why. I don't know if the music was bad but it looked funny. Looked funny? How is music supposed to look? It wasn't supposed to have a look but I thought it did. Queen was normal, Heart was loud & nice music consisted by way of country, so that was where it was at for me.  There was nothing that could make anyone so crazy as to think that you could possibly become 'bad' for listening to the most dangerous bands on the planet, which was what they were. So I never did, look at them, listened to them, stayed away.  Until they got 'normal'. When did this happen? Later when they got 'exposed' by the people who wanted to believe they were bad & found out they weren't so bad at all.

Now there is more dangerous music on the planet not because it's the devil's [or is it !], but because it's just bad. So now the days of 'don't listen to that its bad' are gone, because when you did actually listen to  'that' because you thought it was 'bad' & found out it was actually 'good' is not good anymore. There's no more danger, only to a certain extent, there's no more panicking [depending on who you talk to] & there's no more 'I'm going to listen to it no matter what you say' because people are listening to crap now no matter what you say. So yes, everything has changed & I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. That's actually ok because now it's actually 'I have something good you'll never listen to because it's all mine'. It won't be over something that's exposed because some politician thinks it's bad but because now everything that is really sounding good out there isn't getting the exposure it should get & maybe that is a good thing. To discover something new for yourself, you could share with whoever you want.
I still haven't gotten to that point. Crusher huh? It's ok though, I still & will always love the classics. My new discovery has been Judas Priest, Iron Maiden & AC/DC & Motorhead. To discover that they aren't dangerous was quite a revelation to me & probably everyone else who thought they were dangerous as well. So this is my new music & I'm fine with that. Yet I wonder still if I can get through their shows without getting killed, but of course, I'll never know unless I try.

Have we really figured out what is bad & what is dangerous, yet who knows where the devil is. Apparently he's listening to Ozzy Osbourne in a church promoting hate to which he has objected & Ozzy has threatened legal action.  First of all, no church in the world that promotes anything would be even remotely listening to Ozzy, as he was part of the 'dangerous' crowd I spoke of before, in fact he built them, a cult? Yes. Occult? Maybe! So that should've been a question in the first place about that so-called 'church'. In fact for a church to go so far as to piss off Ozzy, let alone listen to him & use his music to send a message is pretty sick in the first place. Yes in this case you must feel sorry for Ozzy. He's never been this bad. I guess the devil works in mysterious ways.  Everyone's worried about what's down here when they really should be worried about what's up there. Now I understand.

WOW....Happy Bunny has been watching me lately. Knowing he only has a few months left with me because as of now I will be changing my pics from the ecstatic bunny to something different for the upcoming bleechs of the new year. I have to. He's given me years of  pleasure & unless he gets his own show, he's no good to me anymore. Although I still love him & not that he's not good, he'll always hold a place in my heart. For another love has taken over my life. I've often wondered what it takes for all these damn weight issues being put forth everywhere, fat people everywhere, skinny people everywhere. Its pathetic already. My bought in the hospital recently has given me a strange sense of food again. Yes food. I discovered it all over again to a certain extent. I've tried very hard to be healthy & eat right, but what does that mean anymore? I don't know & it hasn't helped my weight issues any. 

No one in the world seems to talk about this & no one probably cares because it doesn't seem to be a tragedy to anyone but it is to me to a certain extent. I am skinny & cannot gain any weight. Not because I don't want to because I don't eat much. I admit when I'm stress I don't eat. But I am not model disgusting bone skinny. I have some meat on me, which some 'dudes' seem to love. Of course, it doesn't satisfy me, which is the point right. So why, does this matter? I kept hearing 'I can't stop eating , I'm huge when they're 800 pounds' & I'm too fat when they're 50 pounds, how do these people live? I'm 104 & I want more weight! Why the hell is that so hard to believe? When I came out of the hospital I went down to 96 pounds which scared the crap outta me. Last year in a beautiful 2 month span I went up to 115. I was the happiest I'd ever been. I want that weight back & nothing has brought it back for me. 
Until... I tried, I tried to be healthy & for 2 seconds I even tried to go veggie, I couldn't go all the way because I would never give up fish for anything. Now I had to go back, I had to & I did. Went back to meat. Not steak because I don't think I could ever eat a steak again.  I went back to the burger. The hamburger & not just the fake ones at Burger King [double bleech!& just so you know I was NEVER a BK fan yuk!]  but the real ones! I discovered the difference between fake meat & real meat & as sick or strange as this may sound it was an eye opener. At the hospital all I wanted was water, when I never drank water in my entire life!! EVER!!! And contrary to what you may hear it didn't clean me out as its supposed to. So if I couldn't get cleaned up by water what was going to clean me up? A normal regimen, which I still haven't figured out. Yet I have gone back to ribs for a while. Crazy! I never thought in my life I'd go back to that but wow. The things you miss. 

I wonder if I''m going to get crap from Peta. I'm only doing this to get some kind of protein inside of me till I can reach my desired weight. Yet after all of this I still seem to be wasting my time. Again I tried to be healthy [& I should really exercise more...] & actually stuck with the water! I even went so far as to quit McDonalds for making me sick when I got out of the hospital. But then it happened. I was thinking about it for years wondering where it went, 20 years! I believe! & now its back! The MCRIB!
It has returned, during the World Series no less! The Yankees weren't even in it & I still saw it & then HELLO!!!!!!!!! 'You're old friend is back'....I wanted to die! SO I did. 
I went & bought it & yes it was still wonderfully good & tasty! Sick I know! But I am guaranteed a good 1000 calories a day if I can keep this up! Which I don't believe I've been getting even in my normal din din. Its the most amazing thing when little things like this could take over your life but yes I have gone back to the monster. Spooky Heaven! What else can I say. I don't know how long this will last but I don't think I can handle it everyday but I know it'll be there when I need it. With all the things I've been missing over the years, its nice to go back to something you remember & that it hasn't changed like everything else in this world has. I'm not telling you veggies to go MCrib but its an old flame you'll never understand & that's ok. I'll try to come back to you later, at least when I get my arms back....& I thank Mcdonalds for bringing my old friend back!
 This is my double bleech for Oct./Nov
I will have a quad bleech for the months I did miss, which I have to go back & check [Jan/Feb-May/June-July-Dec]. I know I owe you a list for my yum rockin' 2000 & a 2009 songs & albums list. SO I'll work on that....
thanx for sticking with me...its been a while...& I'll be back& no I won't balloon to a pulp & hopefully next year I'll not only come back with a new logo friend but a normal monthly bleech, because I'm sure musicians & people will still do dumb things I'll bleech about. Any beefs ...[...pun yeah whatever].... you know where to write, thanx again..miss u all....back to the music..!& please tell people about me, I'm really funny......xoxoxoxoxoxox

Saturday, September 25, 2010


  Hello kiddies, yes I back, it's been a while since my monthly bleech has been on. I've been through a low I never thought I'd hit. Yet I've returned something fierce [if that's not the dumbest saying ever, please let me know!]. But I will say this, I will more than make up for the months that I've missed so you won't be disappointed and as I always say, stupid things always happen when I disappear. I found a few most interesting stories to tell you about. Yet I should say where I've been. I have been out of my mind...going blind staring at this mini-screen all day & night. It has taken its toll on my little eyes, but I'm living... had brutal oral surgery from which I'm recovering now...yet I still find my way back here to make you all insane with my logic & Happy Bunny has stuck by me... I know a lotta sissys..... can we begin...with August.....??? [DON'T JUDGE ME FOR MY FONT! DUMB THING ISN'T WORKING PROPERLY!]

I've always thought if an artist or musician remakes [my favorite way of saying it as opposed to 'cover' which still makes no damn sense to me....] an old song by another artist as opposed to a written song by a non-artist! [?????????????? I suppose I should explain that to for you kiddies who don't understand & I will later....] is OK. 
OK in the sense that it shouldn't be horrible. In that case, then lawyers should be called. I'm not exactly sure that's a precedent yet but somewhere I think it should be & I will hope soon that it is. I know if anyone wants to destroy my song they better make sure it destroys me & not the song. Or I will destroy them in court. If it is written!

I love old songs. Songs that cannot possibly be written again. Songs that have been forgotten. Songs that disappeared. There's a reason that nowadays artists still release more than 10 to almost 18 to 20 songs on a whole record now. Also for the stupid fact that you can't turn a crappy CD around to play the other side which sucks more than anything!! Yes I'm talking about a record player. Also the fact that MP3s just play a straight playlist continuously without stopping. So without thinking you might think you are listening to one 50 song record. Which somewhere in my lifetime would be way cool! Musicians will record more than 20 songs for a record, pick the best ones then release it for all to hear. They seem to work very hard at this. It is hard. Especially if the songs are amazingly very good. If the songs are tremendously bad, I can't imagine how hard that could be. But then I promise you Miley Cyrus will not do a tour and play from top to bottom her entire first album anytime soon or in the forseeable massive future, like all the semi-cool people are doing now. [yes, semi !, which means not everyone should be doing it....]

 So what happens to these songs when they 'disappear'??? After the hits destroy them....they die!!! Should they die? Why doesn't anyone go out and search these songs and realize how great they are? When you go to buy a record [if you do this anymore since there doesn't seem to be any record stores left, which is horrible...I don't care what you say 'ordering' & 'downloading' is NOT the same thing for any reason!] what do you listen to? Do you actually listen to the whole record? Do you realize what you're listening to, who you are listening to? [this is not for Justin Beeber fans!....or maybe it is....]  

Which brings me to the story that had me rolling in the trenches [?]...about poor Miss Susan Boyle. Seems Miss Susan wanted to sing, of all songs 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed on America's Got [No]Talent. Yet was denied by Sir Lou [he's not a Sir!] because he thought she would ruin it. Pretty funny, considering that Duran Duran remade the same song 15 years earlier on their 'Thank You' record full of remakes & he absolutely thought it was precious. Mind you, the song itself came out 22 years earlier than that on the B-side of of Reed's 1st single 'Walk On The Wild Side'. So what's the big deal about this? The fact that the story was wrong. Reed never denied her the song or said she would be terrible at it. Miss Boyle did not wind up singing the song at all that night but she has put it on her new album, nor did she seem offended that he might have freaked had she sung the song, which brings me to my point. 

The story wasn't real. The reason she didn't sing the song is because they couldn't get the publishing clearance for the show in time which has got to be a lie and should be. Yet what if Lou actually didn't want Susan to sing the song? I think that would've made a much better story. Imagine. Him telling everyone she'll destroy it. A writer writes a song & if he has the publishing has the right to refuse any other artist from taking the song and making it theirs. Now publishing is a huge thing especially if you don't own it. If you don't own it basically you're screwed. This is where the non-artist comes in.  A non-artist are what I call songwriters that only write to make money.  Sometimes they may actually get their hands on the publishing which will make them more money than they've ever seen. This means that the poor song whether it is good or not will be forever heard in your local Burger King or Scott tissue commercial, even if they didn't write it & if they didn't & they don't own it, there's not a thing they can do about it. 
Depressing isn't it? Who knows. I love fake stories. Sometimes. I still love old songs I wish I wrote. I still think if the song is remade in a bad way they should be sued.  Damages isn't it? DAM-AGE!!!  That's what the precedent should be called.


I've been thinking how one always started to hear a song. Where you were the first time you actually heard an actual song or knew what it was. Not when your mom sang to you when you were a baby or when you got the National Anthem stuffed down your throat in school. But when you really heard that sound that made you just melt.
I don't know how you listen to songs these days but if they still mean something, they actually still do mean something. Old fashioned voices and sounds tend to do that. To me anyway. 

Some friends ask me about my 'problem' with 'male' bands. I have no  problem with them as long as they're good. I do have a problem with them all : 1-sounding the same 2 : not having a real voice and 3: and showing off. Its like when you go back to the time when you heard the first song that made you crazy. The one that either made you want to be a musician or a singer or a dancer or just die! When I would hear a song sung by a man it made me want to die. Why? Because I THOUGHT he was singing to me! You can't do that with a girl. I thought Tom Jones was singing to me, Neil Diamond was singing to me. A girl singing to you would only apply to a certain extent if you liked that person physically. Of course that didn't apply. So when I finally did hear the girl song, I was taken aback. I didn't know what to feel or how to realize it, when I realized I wasn't caring that they weren't singing to me. Then I heard not just the voice but what was going on around the voice. That's when I became a musician! 

Then it became like she was telling a story as opposed to singing to me. Then I wondered why she didn't play the song itself. Then I found out that you could play the song yourself long after I heard the story. Being a dancer, you're supposed to tell stories with your body unless you have music. Then you have to tell the song's story per se. To this day when I hear a song by a man I want them to be singing it to me & only me. When I hear a song by a lady I want to hear the story. When I hear a song by a band I wonder where how loud the song will get. Then I listen for how long it can go on. Wonder what will stick out. Who's playing it. Everything is important if the song is good enough. They don't have to necessarily say anything important, just enough to make you notice. That is the song!! I love the noise and the loudness and in my development as a musician, yes, I care less & less about the voice. Especially since no one can sing anymore or no one really sings anymore. 

The music now stands out for me, actually always did. Now I listen more than ever, to that note, those drums [especially the drums!!], the guitar, the bass, the keyboards. I listen for what's fake and I can tell.  I can tell who's playing what, how they're playing it, I can feel if its a woman or a man believe it or not. As much as no one like to think there's a difference there is. It is not the same. And when you discover that feeling it is something incredibly special. Everyone says the voice is an instrument but I have a hard time with that. Especially if the person has no voice, literally. For me, I can still get into them singing to me and telling me a story yet I want some action behind there too. Its still important & I still think it's the most amazing sound you'll ever hear. 
It was just a thought in my head I wanted to share. Even now that there seem to be a comeback of real musicians. I believe everyone is sick of the fake sounds that are spewing out of this world lately & its time to get back to 'real' reality not fake reality. This goes for anyone who really can feel music in their head like I do & wish everyone else could. I'd give anything to share that feeling with everyone, then maybe everyone would be happier. All I can say is find a song that destroys you in the best way possible & don't let it go.

not my normal bleech....but thanx for coming anyway......xoxoxox

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, I've been away for a while, recovering from a pretty heavy procedure. Something I'd rather not display, but if you write to me I will tell you. I thought I could come back & recover to a nice peaceful normal life but to no avail. Since some people have decided to make this harder for me. This is fine, had I not been in a hospital trying to get some things removed from me. To say nothing of what this has done to the rest of my health. I am recovered to a certain extent but can't help but completely feel heartbroken, disappointed & upset, especially since nothing has been done to help my cause. I can't fully explain what this is all about but to know that people you've known for a while & trusted have not been able to do a thing to help you do what you've always done for such a long time without any problems has become a complete shock to me. There is the old adage that says 'I do not wish this on my worst enemy'....but yes I DO !! I do wish this on my worst enemy because it is them that have put me through this misery & I long for them to feel the pain that I have been experiencing this new year & wonder how they sleep at night & after sitting through 2 days of the most humiliating & degrading experiences of my life to try to get through this, I do so wish they will feel this pain soon.

While I continue to be in the dark about what will happen to their person while they continue to gloat, I actually have tried to move on. I have HAPPY BUNNY here to help me put together 4 months of my Bleech that I have not been able to produce for you. 1st of all this is not the font I usually use but I will accept it for now since I have a lot to say. So here is my MARCH/APRIL Bleech...starting with April:


Q104.3 FM IN NY, the premier classic rock station, has a newsletter which I subscribe to for some reason. They sent it to me a few weeks ago at the height of the release of the RUNAWAYS movie & it they were sort of ??? plugging the movie, a photo gallery of what 'they' called Female Rockers or Hot Rockin' Women, I completely forgot what it was called. Now I could've wrote this weeks ago when they actually sent me the piece of crap, but I guess I was still in shock about what I saw. 1st of all there were at least 12 female rockers the station doesn't play at all let alone dare play [Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc...], I think Madonna was there, I can't remember it well, but the ones that were there were Joan Jett, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson [separately I might add, so they could make it 2 females] Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde & Cherie Currie who with her band the Runaways has NEVER been played on that station, I also know that Stevie Nicks nor Christine McVie were there.

Naturally I lost it & had to write to them, I could've written them a huge long involved letter giving them a Complete History of Classic Lady Rock but I just wanted them to know how clearly stupid it was for them to think they could get away with displaying an unqualified set of females that had no business being compiled with true females because they were too lazy to do any proper research or realize that of their entire playlist there are only 5 females they play, none of which are actual female bands. They constantly have 'Babes' & 'Hot Moms' contests & they can't be bothered to play a classic band from even the damn 80s when it is clearly 2010!!!! I was nicer than I should've been. Why do we have to be so calm about this? Why can't I be? My point is why would they display female rockers when they never play them on the station in the 1st place?? I AM SO TIRED OF NOT HEARING THE AMAZING FEMALE BANDS ALONGSIDE OF THE MALE BANDS ON THE RADIO!!

Here is my teeny letter to them, hoping it would fit in their stupid suggestion box....... :

To Whom Idiot It May Concern: [I didn't write that greeting, but I should've!!!!]

A few weeks ago on your Q104 workforce newsletter, you had a gallery of Rock Ladies or Hot R'n'R Women [ I forgot what it was called] & had about 25 ladies in this gallery. I'd been a fan of this station since I could remember, since WNEW,a very long time. I've not come forward about this especially since you've had these dumb 'Hot Moms' contests up [I have no kids] but this Rock Ladies gallery took the cake. Since the release of 'The Runaways' movie, the playing of female bands has not increase at all for any rock station especially yours. For you to have put up a gallery of 25 female artists of which only you play on the air maybe only 5 of them [Heart, which separated the sisters, Joan Jett,etc..] & a few females on the gallery weren't even rock artists was quite pathetic & offensive. While maybe some choose to ignore the playing of 'female bands' & I stress the word 'bands' as opposed to female rock singers [Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, etc..] after all these years, your station still has not come close to playing proper female bands as classic as they have become already. The Runaways, Isis, [whom Alison Steele loved!!!], Fanny, Birtha, The Go-Go's, despite the fact you still call yourselves 'Classic Rock' & have the nerve to play bands like BonJovi,Pearl Jam & Green Day. I have no idea what it will take for you to have a little respect for the little bit of females you do play to forget them in the gallery [Stevie Nicks & Christine McVie!!!, how do you forget them?] Or have the decency to place a gallery up of the correct females that do actually play instruments & had legit female bands!! Do not dare try display an awful set of female rockers that you don't ever play on your station & call them rockin!!
Even though I didn't write weeks ago, I just now got over the shock of seeing this pathetic display of so-called female rockers. I would hope at least you would begin to play some female bands on your station & not let a movie show that a female band did exist!!

I'm sorry I deleted that particular newsletter as proof of your ridiculousness but I would hope it is in your records somewhere.

Thank you,

What a way to celebrate Women's History Month!!!!! After hearing that Dakota Fanning. Teeny weeny Dakota fanning a very teeny little child actress who has done semi-cute movies & has tried to move on to serious roles even though she's just turned 16 years old [meaning she was still quite 15 when she did film this movie]...after hearing little DAKOTA was going to play crazy CHERIE CURRIE, lead singer of the rock band the RUNAWAYS, I had to see it. I wanted to see it. I didn't care who was playing them, I just wanted to be authentic. In the story & their instrument playing since most band movies only have those 'pretending' to play their instruments or 'acting' as it is supposed to be. Yet any musician who knows this band & knows music are not going to tolerate that.
Of course, somehow they have to include the latest 'Twilight' vampire actress in this movie to generate more interest. Kristen Stewart is to play Joan Jett. Fine. [was Joan Jett an actual vampire? maybe...] Who's going to play Lita? Sandy?? Jackie?? The real important ladies of the band?? I care! Does anybody else?? Nobody cares....why?? Because the story isn't about them..... Wait.... what??? How is that possible? They were in the band weren't they??? Lita Ford Sandy West & Jackie Fox, guitar , drums & bass!!! The important ones of the band!!! No, they aren't in the movie. They are but they aren't. The movie is based on Cherie's biography Neon Angel. Fine. That's not a problem either. The problem is that it is called 'THE RUNAWAYS' ! And the person who steals this movie is not one of the ladies, even though they do.
I'm hearing all about the sex that is supposedly put forth in the movie so I'm thinking it is going to be a sack-fest of all the people they might've screwed to get to the top & that it will actually be displayed quite graphically, even though that wasn't how they became known, just to make that clear. But it's a movie & they've got to glorify it, right? So I'm actually dreading going to see it. Yet it turns out [I went with my guitarist who kept me from throwing crap at the screen...] it wasn't so bad after all. Not too much sex. Thank God. A lot of silly things, probably the worst Runaways songs to choose for the movie as opposed to the really good ones they actually do have, so maybe everyone who sees the movie will seek out the better songs the ladies did record together. [Like the Mamma Mia movie & ABBA, the B dudes choosing the worst ABBA songs possible for the movie as opposed to making everyone sick of their actual good ones!!, very smart!]. Very stylish movie, the boots were gorgeous & I'm a big fan of mega-giant boots!! The man playing Kim Fowley was the scariest sight of all because he was too perfect as this pig. How those girls let him spew that filth to them is beyond me. Yes, they wanted to make it, they wanted to get signed, but anyone who talked to me like that would've gotten a serious ass-kicking. Incredible!
The movie is worth watching but DO NOT IN ANY WAY THINK THAT :
1: this movie is about the band. because it isn't. It is about Joan Jett & Cherie Currie & how they tried to live their lives through this band. Not about the entire band themselves;
2: the RUNAWAYS are the 1st female band ever ! NO!! THEY ARE NOT THE 1ST FEMALE BAND EVER. They may be the 1st Hard Rock female band, but they were in no way the 1st. THEY ARE IN FACT THE 7TH!!! behind : GOLDIE & THE GINGERBREADS, ISIS, DAUGHTERS OF EVE, FANNY, CRADLE & BIRTHA!!!! All of whom rocked. Loudly but not as provocatively.
3: You're going to be influenced into starting a band. If you are wonderful. The only reason you may not be is because you may not want to be doing as much drugs as they do & be ordered around by an old pig manager who only want to get his jollies off by making money off of jailbait.
The message of the movie should've been get some of your girlfriends together & form a cool rock band & play some instruments. The message of this movie is do not let your band be run by a pig manager & do not consume a million pounds of drugs or your life & band will be out of control!!


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Monday, November 30, 2009


Time goes by so fast. Who knew. Thanksgiving has come & gone & a lot of things have happened. Funny things, shocking of course, or not, depending on what constitutes shocking now or by your standards. Happy Bunny has suggested I put my criticisms in the form of a compliment. Since when?? But I'll try. Its very hard when almost everyone people seem to look up to have just lost their minds. What does that mean? They're human? They're dumb? They're not perfect. I think all of these apply. It's one thing to throw yourself out there as one thing, its another to do the exact opposite of what people are 'supposed' to think of you. How many times have you heard do look up to stars? Movie stars, not the stars above. certainly not the moon, because who knows where that is now?? [I know.....big deal...] I was going to try to throw a triple whammy bleech for you but I will be here forever if I do so I will leave you with this & throw a double on for next month as I have a lot to say apparently because I forgot something, which I will explain later!! Here's my Thanx to list...some you'll get some you may not. Whatever, I'll try to sum up this year in the form of my Thank yous with some of my favorite stories & craziness of the year.....1st of all to all who's read my bleechs & rantz & dug them, all I ask is to spread the word......

for still being the coolest guy on the planet. Yes, he messed around, but one would hope it was before he married. Yet still, you don't see him at Hollywood parties, he certainly doesn't buy hookers. he jokes about it but he's never been that Hollywood guy. He's just a comedian who hosts a show & happens to be hilarious. How anyone expected him to be perfect is beyond me. He's still the greatest.

for not YET retaliating & kicking our ass because of NASA's stupidity & basically surviving their horrible attack. Not that it shouldn't but it would help if it got its facts straight. It wasn't us who wanted to do any harm to the moon. I wouldn't blame it for being upset. I know exactly where to point them. To find out if the moon had water NASA spend billions & sent a bus-sized rocket up to bruise it royally. This has to be the most shocking story of the year. As of global warming wasn't bad enough, NASA has to try to destroy what's left of space let alone the Earth. Earlier in the year they 'reported' that Jupiter had a 'scar' in the atmosphere near poor Jupiter's south pole because it'd been hit by an object or a comet. All this coming from images from their infrared telescope in Hawaii. How do we know they didn't do that themselves? the bastards!! Seems like Jupiter is going to get in on this action now. Thank God the moon is still there, I guess they saw fit to 'scar' it. Not looking too damaged. I have a word of advice for the moon: 'Talk to Pluto & now Jupiter, they're pissed off too!'

for giving me the most exciting year of Baseball I've had in a very long time. Walk-off wins, crazy weather games, long innings, insane scoring [ala football],fights, historical games, breaking records, dumb luck, the play-offs [which will always be the PLAY-OFFS for me & not this post season crap!!] & winning the WORLD SERIES!!!!! WOW!!! WHAT A TRIP!! Crazy managing by GI JOE GIRARDI, giving them what they haven't had in a long time......BALLS!! This year almost had everything it used to have, suspense, excitement, fights!! AWESOME!! It took me forever to warm up to insane catcher Jorge Posada, with his dumb plays & sour mug but when he lost it & almost killed everybody in Toronto, that was the greatest!! They even had the nerve to make him acting manager on the last day before the playoffs, which was hilarious. I thought if anyone made a mistake he was going to lose it. But it was cool! Dancing man Mark Teixeira, I call him Shakira because he was always shaking 'it' at 1st base waiting for anything to happen. His plays over there were sick! It was like watching 3rd base King CRAIG NETTLES on 1st. Derek Jeter & y'all this one took a long time for me. But for him to give me one night of history on 999 was pretty damn cool, screw the next night when he broke it, the tie was better so HA!! & you'll never know why......[actually because they lost that night he broke it...but I have my own yummy reasons for loving that night, they didn't lose & neither did I, heehee.]. My personal thanx to probably the most outrageous psycho pitcher I've ever seen in my life. AJ BURNETT! In all my years of watching baseball I've never seen anything like him. He's completely focused,doesn't move, isn't twitchy, he's completely still & when he fires...he's just psycho! Just incredible. That man is something special & will continue to add more fire in the next coming years which will be so exciting to watch. His walk-off pies have made the Yankees classic now! He's also very cute for a baby, well slightly!! Also, I must thank him for secretly autographing his pic for me. Awesome! I must thank them all for my very 1st Yankee Parade. As crazy as it was, it was a blast. Just too short. 27! Crazy. I think they can make it to 30. I think 30's enough. Y Not?
As they've already made they're post season dumb trades I bid adieu to cool BB Brian Bruney, he was insane, hated talking to the press & answering their stupid questions & was waiting to kick a little Met ass. Yet now with the Nationals, there's no doubt he will! & Phil Coke, who was just mad fun & crazy. You guys rocked us! Too fun! Thanx Yanks, let's go for 30!

for completely ruining what was left of the rock'n'roll greats. To explain: Mr. Robertson is an icon. He was in the band THE BAND! & since he's left he's done a couple of great records. I don't mean a couple because he's made some ok solo records, he actually doesn't have more than 5, so that works. Yet since then he's been A creative consultant to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame Museum induction ceremonies that usually take place in NY. He actually told John Fogerty if he didn't go sing 'Proud Mary', since he didn't want to, that everyone would think it was a Tina Turner song. Crazy. Some of those shows have been amazing & have actually just been released on DVD. So why am I pissed at him. Well, I don't know who actually put together the Madison Square Garden show that took place last month saluting all the artists who already have been inducted, but since he IS A consultant or whatever the hell that is supposed to be, than he should have fixed the hell out of this piece of crap they've been playing on HBO lately. I've had nothing but respect & love for my fellow aging artists. I don't care if they have canes, wheelchairs, grey hair up to their ankles, so what, if they can still kick, they can still kick, simple right?? It will not look bad if done correctly. Ask QUEEN, MOODY BLUES, JETHRO TULL, STEVE MILLER, CHICAGO, etc... but were these acts there? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! the only acts who maybe saved that show were JEFF BECK, who was unbelievable [with the morbid exception of Sting absolutely destroying 'People Get Ready' & looking like Santa Claus had lost weight!!] & CROSBY STILLS & NASH, WHO NO MATTER WHAT ARE ALWAYS GREAT!!! But the rest was just bad playing, bad collaboration & just bad taste. Everyone looked old when they weren't & sounded terrible where they shouldn't have & they hadn't before. I never would've let that air. Had Ray Davies been allowed to sing more than 1 song he would've stolen that show, which he did, if Metallica hadn't almost destroyed his song while playing it. Just horrid. Ray Davies is a genius & a Hall of Famer. So what was he doing playing with those idiots??? ROBBIE?????????????? I blame you & you better fix that & get some real damn musicians in the Hall of Fame Mr. Damn Consultant!! CONSULT!! DON"T INSULT OUR INTELLIGENCE ALREADY!! You made all those musicians look old & that should never have happened. It was embarrassing & you should be embarrassed. Anywhere these all these artists would've looked good on their own but nooooooooo, you have to combine them with other idiots, make them sing songs they don't need to sing & just sound terrible. It was never their age, this time it was & that was pathetic. You better look at that tape carefully before you publicly show something so pathetic again!!

For putting on the worst show ever, worse than the above show I was thanking Robbie for. OK, its TV. You have a time limit. You picked Divas that no one heard of, or have heard of but only had one song to sing so you had to fill up the rest with Paula Abdula's tirade & awful whining. A show you actually had some poll to pick the Divas for this particular show. Now maybe if you don't do that again, then you'll maybe decide to pick some ladies who can actually sing not only in key but can actually sing.

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE. Yep, that's right. Anyone remember this song? Well if you do or don't. Its a 1977 extremely mellow song by Debby Boone. She DID NOT WRITE THIS SONG!!! OK! It was from a movie of the same name, which won the Oscar for Best Song that year. OK! This song was remade in the 90s by Leann Rimes, who actually did an ok version of it, if you want to look it up. NOW. SHE DID NOT WRITE THIS EITHER!. [I know what you are thinking, do you think I'm that dumb? ..... YES! people do think this way now, if they haven't heard of 1977.] NOW, the Oscar winning loon who wrote this, apparently made some awesome moolah out of it so much so that he's going away for it, for a very, very long time. Seems sir dude took this moolah, set up a company for himself to hire & lure women to his nest for kicks. That's all I'll say because the charges are quite heavy & he IS going away. The best part about this sick story is that some other? woman actually married him & took some stuff from him so.....HE'S SUING HER!!!!!!!!! FROM WHERE JAIL???
WHAT THE HELL?? He wants his stuff back, some jewerly & money she took or something. I guess he'll need it to pay off his new wives in prison, because when they find out he wrote that song he's so done. Now this story should've been everywhere! It's my No. 1!!!

for putting together the best tour of the year! Along with the semi-new Donnas opening for them, this ass kicking chyk-fest was what the Lillith Fair should've been [apparently this show is coming back next year, let's hope they learned something]. They called it 'Call Me Invincible' which was brilliant. Together they were on fire. Too bad their sets were so short. Pat G, who does not go by Benatar anymore [if you didn't know, she took her man's last name & the band is actually now called Pat & Neil, which isn't so what? she's still Pat!] actually celebrated the 30th anniversary of her 1st album which seems insane but its true. In tribute she called on the boys who 1st played with her on that classic record,including the amazing Myron Grombacher on drums. It was drum heaven that night. Along with Clem Burke of Blondie it was just perfect drums all night long. An amazing tour which should be repeated every year. Just incredible. Miss Blondie was Miss Blondie as always. Deborah Harry's voice was intact as always & just fun. It was a perfect show, it just should've been longer. Very cool.

For just carrying on & being fantastic & not putting up with Paul Rodger's dumb statements after going back to Bad Company. They continued on with Paul as their singer & made a couple of great records but then he had to pull the Firm/Law crap on them & ditch them & be stupid about it. I would hope this tells these fantastic musicians that they don't need anyone but themselves to still be Queen, a fact they have proven constantly & on their entire tour.Let's hope they don't make any more idiotic 'Idol' decisions & keep to themselves & come back swinging. BRIAN MAY & ROGER TAYLOR are the most talented musicians in the world, even Paul knows this. He's not that stupid! They deserve to keep playing as Queen because they ARE QUEEN!!! Roger has a fantastic solo record out called the Unblinking Eye & finally he has come back strong solo. Let's just hope they can come back next year with something special!! IN fact they actually have found some new singers. Better than they've ever had!!
THE MUPPETS!!! Now that is QUEEN!!

I have lots more to be thankful for, even though it was a horrible year, besides the above madness. My yearly list of 50 [this was years ago] has dwindled down to 10 since there was so much crap, apparently Wikipedia? says there were approximately 3,197 pieces of crap & counting released this year [maybe I have that wrong & maybe they do too, personally I think its more than that-did you know that Cheap Trick had a new album this year??? poor guys!] but there was actually some ok stuff. Personally I cannot wait to release my alter-ego's valley girl album, but until then..' here it goes......

I can't believe I even know 10]




4. UP

5 .






2009 ALBUMS:

1. UNDER THE COVERS, VOL.2- SUSANNA HOFFS & MATTHEW SWEET -didn't think I'd take it the 1st time [Vol.1] but she did again, so pissed!!

2.LIVE IN UKRAINE-QUEEN -nothing short of brilliant

3. WICKED WONDERLAND-LITA FORD -sex driven hot rock

4. ALL THE WAY IN-BERLIN -classic madness

5 .
BELIEVE-ORIANTHI -classy new guitar lady

6 .MY TURN-TANYA TUCKER-always amazing


8 .

9. COSMIC EGG-WOLFMOTHER -they're still good...

10.GET LUCKY-MARK KNOPFLER -he's always cool...


There you go...good riddence 2009....weird year...weird end to the decade?? WHAT? ARE U KIDDING?? THE DECADE?? THAT MEANS.....