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I never thought I'd say this, but I have to say I miss the old days when music was supposedly run by the devil. What devil? Yes 'that' devil & no I'm not gonna capitalize his name like if he was a person or whatever he was supposed to be & NO I'M NOT HIS BIGGEST FAN!. I believed it. At least in the case of music, he was all over there. Back then it was a dude, I guess, lately I believe it's Larry King or Bon Jovi. Yet after careful consideration, I think it's Nancy Grace! Whatever you're thought of sir or chick devil. He's out there somewhere wasting people left & right & making people's life miserable at every turn, yet there was a while back where I swore he ruled music & a lot of others did too. Only one difference, I didn't forcibly get in anyone's face & shove down their throat's that he was there in our music. Well let's say the devil is a dude, he's gotta be, right girls? How else would we be so miserable half the time right? Well I got a story for you.

Turns out he was in the music, not mine but theirs. Who? The Metal music. Oh yes. Everyone thought so. Yet I knew it long before everyone else had caught up with it in the 80s. Long before Tipper freakin Gore was so bored in her house that she decided to tell everybody that every metal band no one cared about suddenly needed saving, or at least to clean up their lyrics. Lyrics? Who could understand what the hell they were saying? What did I care about lyrics? That was the whole fun in listening to a song at that time, trying to figure out what the hell anyone was talking about. In the 60s it was Bob Dylan & James Brown! Nobody knew what they were saying at all, to this day no one knows. The day Bob Dylan decided to shock everyone not by going electric by plugging in his guitar & getting The Band [not a band 'The Band'!], but by singing a song legibly was nothing short of a miracle [...the song in question 'Lay Lady Lay', although I still swore he said 'playing across the big brass band', so it wasn't too legible...]. In the 70s it was Elton John, I defy you to figure out any of his lyrics [without the words, especially on Crocodile Rock] ! Now it's everyone because no one is singing anymore.

I didn't like the metal, I loved the loudness, I still do. So when it was bad or when I thought it was bad I couldn't look at it let alone listen to it. So apparently for me, the devil ran 4 of the biggest bands on the planet at the time: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC & Motorhead. They were taboo. I don't know why. I don't know if the music was bad but it looked funny. Looked funny? How is music supposed to look? It wasn't supposed to have a look but I thought it did. Queen was normal, Heart was loud & nice music consisted by way of country, so that was where it was at for me.  There was nothing that could make anyone so crazy as to think that you could possibly become 'bad' for listening to the most dangerous bands on the planet, which was what they were. So I never did, look at them, listened to them, stayed away.  Until they got 'normal'. When did this happen? Later when they got 'exposed' by the people who wanted to believe they were bad & found out they weren't so bad at all.

Now there is more dangerous music on the planet not because it's the devil's [or is it !], but because it's just bad. So now the days of 'don't listen to that its bad' are gone, because when you did actually listen to  'that' because you thought it was 'bad' & found out it was actually 'good' is not good anymore. There's no more danger, only to a certain extent, there's no more panicking [depending on who you talk to] & there's no more 'I'm going to listen to it no matter what you say' because people are listening to crap now no matter what you say. So yes, everything has changed & I don't know if I'll ever get used to it. That's actually ok because now it's actually 'I have something good you'll never listen to because it's all mine'. It won't be over something that's exposed because some politician thinks it's bad but because now everything that is really sounding good out there isn't getting the exposure it should get & maybe that is a good thing. To discover something new for yourself, you could share with whoever you want.
I still haven't gotten to that point. Crusher huh? It's ok though, I still & will always love the classics. My new discovery has been Judas Priest, Iron Maiden & AC/DC & Motorhead. To discover that they aren't dangerous was quite a revelation to me & probably everyone else who thought they were dangerous as well. So this is my new music & I'm fine with that. Yet I wonder still if I can get through their shows without getting killed, but of course, I'll never know unless I try.

Have we really figured out what is bad & what is dangerous, yet who knows where the devil is. Apparently he's listening to Ozzy Osbourne in a church promoting hate to which he has objected & Ozzy has threatened legal action.  First of all, no church in the world that promotes anything would be even remotely listening to Ozzy, as he was part of the 'dangerous' crowd I spoke of before, in fact he built them, a cult? Yes. Occult? Maybe! So that should've been a question in the first place about that so-called 'church'. In fact for a church to go so far as to piss off Ozzy, let alone listen to him & use his music to send a message is pretty sick in the first place. Yes in this case you must feel sorry for Ozzy. He's never been this bad. I guess the devil works in mysterious ways.  Everyone's worried about what's down here when they really should be worried about what's up there. Now I understand.

WOW....Happy Bunny has been watching me lately. Knowing he only has a few months left with me because as of now I will be changing my pics from the ecstatic bunny to something different for the upcoming bleechs of the new year. I have to. He's given me years of  pleasure & unless he gets his own show, he's no good to me anymore. Although I still love him & not that he's not good, he'll always hold a place in my heart. For another love has taken over my life. I've often wondered what it takes for all these damn weight issues being put forth everywhere, fat people everywhere, skinny people everywhere. Its pathetic already. My bought in the hospital recently has given me a strange sense of food again. Yes food. I discovered it all over again to a certain extent. I've tried very hard to be healthy & eat right, but what does that mean anymore? I don't know & it hasn't helped my weight issues any. 

No one in the world seems to talk about this & no one probably cares because it doesn't seem to be a tragedy to anyone but it is to me to a certain extent. I am skinny & cannot gain any weight. Not because I don't want to because I don't eat much. I admit when I'm stress I don't eat. But I am not model disgusting bone skinny. I have some meat on me, which some 'dudes' seem to love. Of course, it doesn't satisfy me, which is the point right. So why, does this matter? I kept hearing 'I can't stop eating , I'm huge when they're 800 pounds' & I'm too fat when they're 50 pounds, how do these people live? I'm 104 & I want more weight! Why the hell is that so hard to believe? When I came out of the hospital I went down to 96 pounds which scared the crap outta me. Last year in a beautiful 2 month span I went up to 115. I was the happiest I'd ever been. I want that weight back & nothing has brought it back for me. 
Until... I tried, I tried to be healthy & for 2 seconds I even tried to go veggie, I couldn't go all the way because I would never give up fish for anything. Now I had to go back, I had to & I did. Went back to meat. Not steak because I don't think I could ever eat a steak again.  I went back to the burger. The hamburger & not just the fake ones at Burger King [double bleech!& just so you know I was NEVER a BK fan yuk!]  but the real ones! I discovered the difference between fake meat & real meat & as sick or strange as this may sound it was an eye opener. At the hospital all I wanted was water, when I never drank water in my entire life!! EVER!!! And contrary to what you may hear it didn't clean me out as its supposed to. So if I couldn't get cleaned up by water what was going to clean me up? A normal regimen, which I still haven't figured out. Yet I have gone back to ribs for a while. Crazy! I never thought in my life I'd go back to that but wow. The things you miss. 

I wonder if I''m going to get crap from Peta. I'm only doing this to get some kind of protein inside of me till I can reach my desired weight. Yet after all of this I still seem to be wasting my time. Again I tried to be healthy [& I should really exercise more...] & actually stuck with the water! I even went so far as to quit McDonalds for making me sick when I got out of the hospital. But then it happened. I was thinking about it for years wondering where it went, 20 years! I believe! & now its back! The MCRIB!
It has returned, during the World Series no less! The Yankees weren't even in it & I still saw it & then HELLO!!!!!!!!! 'You're old friend is back'....I wanted to die! SO I did. 
I went & bought it & yes it was still wonderfully good & tasty! Sick I know! But I am guaranteed a good 1000 calories a day if I can keep this up! Which I don't believe I've been getting even in my normal din din. Its the most amazing thing when little things like this could take over your life but yes I have gone back to the monster. Spooky Heaven! What else can I say. I don't know how long this will last but I don't think I can handle it everyday but I know it'll be there when I need it. With all the things I've been missing over the years, its nice to go back to something you remember & that it hasn't changed like everything else in this world has. I'm not telling you veggies to go MCrib but its an old flame you'll never understand & that's ok. I'll try to come back to you later, at least when I get my arms back....& I thank Mcdonalds for bringing my old friend back!
 This is my double bleech for Oct./Nov
I will have a quad bleech for the months I did miss, which I have to go back & check [Jan/Feb-May/June-July-Dec]. I know I owe you a list for my yum rockin' 2000 & a 2009 songs & albums list. SO I'll work on that....
thanx for sticking with me...its been a while...& I'll be back& no I won't balloon to a pulp & hopefully next year I'll not only come back with a new logo friend but a normal monthly bleech, because I'm sure musicians & people will still do dumb things I'll bleech about. Any beefs ...[...pun yeah whatever].... you know where to write, thanx again..miss u all....back to the music..!& please tell people about me, I'm really funny......xoxoxoxoxoxox

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