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  Hello kiddies, yes I back, it's been a while since my monthly bleech has been on. I've been through a low I never thought I'd hit. Yet I've returned something fierce [if that's not the dumbest saying ever, please let me know!]. But I will say this, I will more than make up for the months that I've missed so you won't be disappointed and as I always say, stupid things always happen when I disappear. I found a few most interesting stories to tell you about. Yet I should say where I've been. I have been out of my mind...going blind staring at this mini-screen all day & night. It has taken its toll on my little eyes, but I'm living... had brutal oral surgery from which I'm recovering now...yet I still find my way back here to make you all insane with my logic & Happy Bunny has stuck by me... I know a lotta sissys..... can we begin...with August.....??? [DON'T JUDGE ME FOR MY FONT! DUMB THING ISN'T WORKING PROPERLY!]

I've always thought if an artist or musician remakes [my favorite way of saying it as opposed to 'cover' which still makes no damn sense to me....] an old song by another artist as opposed to a written song by a non-artist! [?????????????? I suppose I should explain that to for you kiddies who don't understand & I will later....] is OK. 
OK in the sense that it shouldn't be horrible. In that case, then lawyers should be called. I'm not exactly sure that's a precedent yet but somewhere I think it should be & I will hope soon that it is. I know if anyone wants to destroy my song they better make sure it destroys me & not the song. Or I will destroy them in court. If it is written!

I love old songs. Songs that cannot possibly be written again. Songs that have been forgotten. Songs that disappeared. There's a reason that nowadays artists still release more than 10 to almost 18 to 20 songs on a whole record now. Also for the stupid fact that you can't turn a crappy CD around to play the other side which sucks more than anything!! Yes I'm talking about a record player. Also the fact that MP3s just play a straight playlist continuously without stopping. So without thinking you might think you are listening to one 50 song record. Which somewhere in my lifetime would be way cool! Musicians will record more than 20 songs for a record, pick the best ones then release it for all to hear. They seem to work very hard at this. It is hard. Especially if the songs are amazingly very good. If the songs are tremendously bad, I can't imagine how hard that could be. But then I promise you Miley Cyrus will not do a tour and play from top to bottom her entire first album anytime soon or in the forseeable massive future, like all the semi-cool people are doing now. [yes, semi !, which means not everyone should be doing it....]

 So what happens to these songs when they 'disappear'??? After the hits destroy them....they die!!! Should they die? Why doesn't anyone go out and search these songs and realize how great they are? When you go to buy a record [if you do this anymore since there doesn't seem to be any record stores left, which is horrible...I don't care what you say 'ordering' & 'downloading' is NOT the same thing for any reason!] what do you listen to? Do you actually listen to the whole record? Do you realize what you're listening to, who you are listening to? [this is not for Justin Beeber fans!....or maybe it is....]  

Which brings me to the story that had me rolling in the trenches [?]...about poor Miss Susan Boyle. Seems Miss Susan wanted to sing, of all songs 'Perfect Day' by Lou Reed on America's Got [No]Talent. Yet was denied by Sir Lou [he's not a Sir!] because he thought she would ruin it. Pretty funny, considering that Duran Duran remade the same song 15 years earlier on their 'Thank You' record full of remakes & he absolutely thought it was precious. Mind you, the song itself came out 22 years earlier than that on the B-side of of Reed's 1st single 'Walk On The Wild Side'. So what's the big deal about this? The fact that the story was wrong. Reed never denied her the song or said she would be terrible at it. Miss Boyle did not wind up singing the song at all that night but she has put it on her new album, nor did she seem offended that he might have freaked had she sung the song, which brings me to my point. 

The story wasn't real. The reason she didn't sing the song is because they couldn't get the publishing clearance for the show in time which has got to be a lie and should be. Yet what if Lou actually didn't want Susan to sing the song? I think that would've made a much better story. Imagine. Him telling everyone she'll destroy it. A writer writes a song & if he has the publishing has the right to refuse any other artist from taking the song and making it theirs. Now publishing is a huge thing especially if you don't own it. If you don't own it basically you're screwed. This is where the non-artist comes in.  A non-artist are what I call songwriters that only write to make money.  Sometimes they may actually get their hands on the publishing which will make them more money than they've ever seen. This means that the poor song whether it is good or not will be forever heard in your local Burger King or Scott tissue commercial, even if they didn't write it & if they didn't & they don't own it, there's not a thing they can do about it. 
Depressing isn't it? Who knows. I love fake stories. Sometimes. I still love old songs I wish I wrote. I still think if the song is remade in a bad way they should be sued.  Damages isn't it? DAM-AGE!!!  That's what the precedent should be called.


I've been thinking how one always started to hear a song. Where you were the first time you actually heard an actual song or knew what it was. Not when your mom sang to you when you were a baby or when you got the National Anthem stuffed down your throat in school. But when you really heard that sound that made you just melt.
I don't know how you listen to songs these days but if they still mean something, they actually still do mean something. Old fashioned voices and sounds tend to do that. To me anyway. 

Some friends ask me about my 'problem' with 'male' bands. I have no  problem with them as long as they're good. I do have a problem with them all : 1-sounding the same 2 : not having a real voice and 3: and showing off. Its like when you go back to the time when you heard the first song that made you crazy. The one that either made you want to be a musician or a singer or a dancer or just die! When I would hear a song sung by a man it made me want to die. Why? Because I THOUGHT he was singing to me! You can't do that with a girl. I thought Tom Jones was singing to me, Neil Diamond was singing to me. A girl singing to you would only apply to a certain extent if you liked that person physically. Of course that didn't apply. So when I finally did hear the girl song, I was taken aback. I didn't know what to feel or how to realize it, when I realized I wasn't caring that they weren't singing to me. Then I heard not just the voice but what was going on around the voice. That's when I became a musician! 

Then it became like she was telling a story as opposed to singing to me. Then I wondered why she didn't play the song itself. Then I found out that you could play the song yourself long after I heard the story. Being a dancer, you're supposed to tell stories with your body unless you have music. Then you have to tell the song's story per se. To this day when I hear a song by a man I want them to be singing it to me & only me. When I hear a song by a lady I want to hear the story. When I hear a song by a band I wonder where how loud the song will get. Then I listen for how long it can go on. Wonder what will stick out. Who's playing it. Everything is important if the song is good enough. They don't have to necessarily say anything important, just enough to make you notice. That is the song!! I love the noise and the loudness and in my development as a musician, yes, I care less & less about the voice. Especially since no one can sing anymore or no one really sings anymore. 

The music now stands out for me, actually always did. Now I listen more than ever, to that note, those drums [especially the drums!!], the guitar, the bass, the keyboards. I listen for what's fake and I can tell.  I can tell who's playing what, how they're playing it, I can feel if its a woman or a man believe it or not. As much as no one like to think there's a difference there is. It is not the same. And when you discover that feeling it is something incredibly special. Everyone says the voice is an instrument but I have a hard time with that. Especially if the person has no voice, literally. For me, I can still get into them singing to me and telling me a story yet I want some action behind there too. Its still important & I still think it's the most amazing sound you'll ever hear. 
It was just a thought in my head I wanted to share. Even now that there seem to be a comeback of real musicians. I believe everyone is sick of the fake sounds that are spewing out of this world lately & its time to get back to 'real' reality not fake reality. This goes for anyone who really can feel music in their head like I do & wish everyone else could. I'd give anything to share that feeling with everyone, then maybe everyone would be happier. All I can say is find a song that destroys you in the best way possible & don't let it go.

not my normal bleech....but thanx for coming anyway......xoxoxox

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