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Ok, I've been away for a while, recovering from a pretty heavy procedure. Something I'd rather not display, but if you write to me I will tell you. I thought I could come back & recover to a nice peaceful normal life but to no avail. Since some people have decided to make this harder for me. This is fine, had I not been in a hospital trying to get some things removed from me. To say nothing of what this has done to the rest of my health. I am recovered to a certain extent but can't help but completely feel heartbroken, disappointed & upset, especially since nothing has been done to help my cause. I can't fully explain what this is all about but to know that people you've known for a while & trusted have not been able to do a thing to help you do what you've always done for such a long time without any problems has become a complete shock to me. There is the old adage that says 'I do not wish this on my worst enemy'....but yes I DO !! I do wish this on my worst enemy because it is them that have put me through this misery & I long for them to feel the pain that I have been experiencing this new year & wonder how they sleep at night & after sitting through 2 days of the most humiliating & degrading experiences of my life to try to get through this, I do so wish they will feel this pain soon.

While I continue to be in the dark about what will happen to their person while they continue to gloat, I actually have tried to move on. I have HAPPY BUNNY here to help me put together 4 months of my Bleech that I have not been able to produce for you. 1st of all this is not the font I usually use but I will accept it for now since I have a lot to say. So here is my MARCH/APRIL Bleech...starting with April:


Q104.3 FM IN NY, the premier classic rock station, has a newsletter which I subscribe to for some reason. They sent it to me a few weeks ago at the height of the release of the RUNAWAYS movie & it they were sort of ??? plugging the movie, a photo gallery of what 'they' called Female Rockers or Hot Rockin' Women, I completely forgot what it was called. Now I could've wrote this weeks ago when they actually sent me the piece of crap, but I guess I was still in shock about what I saw. 1st of all there were at least 12 female rockers the station doesn't play at all let alone dare play [Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc...], I think Madonna was there, I can't remember it well, but the ones that were there were Joan Jett, Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson [separately I might add, so they could make it 2 females] Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde & Cherie Currie who with her band the Runaways has NEVER been played on that station, I also know that Stevie Nicks nor Christine McVie were there.

Naturally I lost it & had to write to them, I could've written them a huge long involved letter giving them a Complete History of Classic Lady Rock but I just wanted them to know how clearly stupid it was for them to think they could get away with displaying an unqualified set of females that had no business being compiled with true females because they were too lazy to do any proper research or realize that of their entire playlist there are only 5 females they play, none of which are actual female bands. They constantly have 'Babes' & 'Hot Moms' contests & they can't be bothered to play a classic band from even the damn 80s when it is clearly 2010!!!! I was nicer than I should've been. Why do we have to be so calm about this? Why can't I be? My point is why would they display female rockers when they never play them on the station in the 1st place?? I AM SO TIRED OF NOT HEARING THE AMAZING FEMALE BANDS ALONGSIDE OF THE MALE BANDS ON THE RADIO!!

Here is my teeny letter to them, hoping it would fit in their stupid suggestion box....... :

To Whom Idiot It May Concern: [I didn't write that greeting, but I should've!!!!]

A few weeks ago on your Q104 workforce newsletter, you had a gallery of Rock Ladies or Hot R'n'R Women [ I forgot what it was called] & had about 25 ladies in this gallery. I'd been a fan of this station since I could remember, since WNEW,a very long time. I've not come forward about this especially since you've had these dumb 'Hot Moms' contests up [I have no kids] but this Rock Ladies gallery took the cake. Since the release of 'The Runaways' movie, the playing of female bands has not increase at all for any rock station especially yours. For you to have put up a gallery of 25 female artists of which only you play on the air maybe only 5 of them [Heart, which separated the sisters, Joan Jett,etc..] & a few females on the gallery weren't even rock artists was quite pathetic & offensive. While maybe some choose to ignore the playing of 'female bands' & I stress the word 'bands' as opposed to female rock singers [Pat Benatar, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, etc..] after all these years, your station still has not come close to playing proper female bands as classic as they have become already. The Runaways, Isis, [whom Alison Steele loved!!!], Fanny, Birtha, The Go-Go's, despite the fact you still call yourselves 'Classic Rock' & have the nerve to play bands like BonJovi,Pearl Jam & Green Day. I have no idea what it will take for you to have a little respect for the little bit of females you do play to forget them in the gallery [Stevie Nicks & Christine McVie!!!, how do you forget them?] Or have the decency to place a gallery up of the correct females that do actually play instruments & had legit female bands!! Do not dare try display an awful set of female rockers that you don't ever play on your station & call them rockin!!
Even though I didn't write weeks ago, I just now got over the shock of seeing this pathetic display of so-called female rockers. I would hope at least you would begin to play some female bands on your station & not let a movie show that a female band did exist!!

I'm sorry I deleted that particular newsletter as proof of your ridiculousness but I would hope it is in your records somewhere.

Thank you,

What a way to celebrate Women's History Month!!!!! After hearing that Dakota Fanning. Teeny weeny Dakota fanning a very teeny little child actress who has done semi-cute movies & has tried to move on to serious roles even though she's just turned 16 years old [meaning she was still quite 15 when she did film this movie]...after hearing little DAKOTA was going to play crazy CHERIE CURRIE, lead singer of the rock band the RUNAWAYS, I had to see it. I wanted to see it. I didn't care who was playing them, I just wanted to be authentic. In the story & their instrument playing since most band movies only have those 'pretending' to play their instruments or 'acting' as it is supposed to be. Yet any musician who knows this band & knows music are not going to tolerate that.
Of course, somehow they have to include the latest 'Twilight' vampire actress in this movie to generate more interest. Kristen Stewart is to play Joan Jett. Fine. [was Joan Jett an actual vampire? maybe...] Who's going to play Lita? Sandy?? Jackie?? The real important ladies of the band?? I care! Does anybody else?? Nobody cares....why?? Because the story isn't about them..... Wait.... what??? How is that possible? They were in the band weren't they??? Lita Ford Sandy West & Jackie Fox, guitar , drums & bass!!! The important ones of the band!!! No, they aren't in the movie. They are but they aren't. The movie is based on Cherie's biography Neon Angel. Fine. That's not a problem either. The problem is that it is called 'THE RUNAWAYS' ! And the person who steals this movie is not one of the ladies, even though they do.
I'm hearing all about the sex that is supposedly put forth in the movie so I'm thinking it is going to be a sack-fest of all the people they might've screwed to get to the top & that it will actually be displayed quite graphically, even though that wasn't how they became known, just to make that clear. But it's a movie & they've got to glorify it, right? So I'm actually dreading going to see it. Yet it turns out [I went with my guitarist who kept me from throwing crap at the screen...] it wasn't so bad after all. Not too much sex. Thank God. A lot of silly things, probably the worst Runaways songs to choose for the movie as opposed to the really good ones they actually do have, so maybe everyone who sees the movie will seek out the better songs the ladies did record together. [Like the Mamma Mia movie & ABBA, the B dudes choosing the worst ABBA songs possible for the movie as opposed to making everyone sick of their actual good ones!!, very smart!]. Very stylish movie, the boots were gorgeous & I'm a big fan of mega-giant boots!! The man playing Kim Fowley was the scariest sight of all because he was too perfect as this pig. How those girls let him spew that filth to them is beyond me. Yes, they wanted to make it, they wanted to get signed, but anyone who talked to me like that would've gotten a serious ass-kicking. Incredible!
The movie is worth watching but DO NOT IN ANY WAY THINK THAT :
1: this movie is about the band. because it isn't. It is about Joan Jett & Cherie Currie & how they tried to live their lives through this band. Not about the entire band themselves;
2: the RUNAWAYS are the 1st female band ever ! NO!! THEY ARE NOT THE 1ST FEMALE BAND EVER. They may be the 1st Hard Rock female band, but they were in no way the 1st. THEY ARE IN FACT THE 7TH!!! behind : GOLDIE & THE GINGERBREADS, ISIS, DAUGHTERS OF EVE, FANNY, CRADLE & BIRTHA!!!! All of whom rocked. Loudly but not as provocatively.
3: You're going to be influenced into starting a band. If you are wonderful. The only reason you may not be is because you may not want to be doing as much drugs as they do & be ordered around by an old pig manager who only want to get his jollies off by making money off of jailbait.
The message of the movie should've been get some of your girlfriends together & form a cool rock band & play some instruments. The message of this movie is do not let your band be run by a pig manager & do not consume a million pounds of drugs or your life & band will be out of control!!


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Glad to hear you're feeling better. I hope things turn around in 2010. Keep rockin'
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