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It seems I am neglecting my duties of keeping you up to date as to how stupid this world can be. Whether it'd be musically, which is my specialty or just life in general. The time really has flown by, it's outrageous. But of course, I can honestly say there is no shortage of stupidity in this land or the world by the way. Happy Bunny has always been by my side & it continues to do so [since we're still not sure what gender happy is, I shall respect it's privacy...] by popular demand...[thanx Miss Angell!xoxox] In the last 3 months that I've missed I shall attempt to inform you of how utterly stupid this world has become........

One event that was pretty important in August was the 30th Anniversary of Woodstock. Mud & acid is all you're thinking of course. But come on, almost everyone who went [excluding the musicians....] is probably
still alive & probably does remember that they were there. Of course if no one has you on tape or has any pictures of you, this will never be proven unless you actually have dirt you saved up from there, then technically we can believe you. You could have also acquired a very special disease as well. A movie came out about it besides the actually re-release of the entire concert & the reunions that took place.

The movie is called Taking Woodstock, which shows how the event got started in the first place through the eyes of the farm owner's neighbor who owns a nearby hotel where the he decides to house the producers of the event. Its a very interesting movie that seems to bring back what the show was supposed to be about. Not what everyone thought it had become. What was it about?
Trying to have 3 days of peace & amazing rock'n'roll without anyone trying to harm or kill each other. It's as simple as that. So why is this fact still lost on some 'non-believers'? They just don't seem to want to believe that music, let alone rock'n'roll can do some good, even if the music isn't saying much. 40 years later, we're still talking about this event at Upstate NY. Years after Elvis shook 'it' on TV, we still talk about that. Still no one understands it.

Who is left that isn't understanding this? Old people who hate rock music?
Well guess what, old people don't exist because they're all rock stars now!! SO HA! Yuppies who refuse to believe that music existed before the 90s?? Well guess what, you dorks wouldn't even exist if it weren't for that night! Classical
musicians who completely don't listen to that music at all?? Well guess what, there are more classically trained rock musicians in the world out there who play the stuff probably better than Tchaikovsky did. Children who will forever believe that the Jonas Brothers are the best rock band in the world?? I leave them alone because they will grow up eventually. The only sad thing about remembering this is that at least half of the artists that appeared are all gone. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, 1/2 of the Who, Tim Hardin, a third of Canned Heat, a third of the Grateful Dead, Tom Fogerty-CCR, a third of Jefferson Airplane, 1/2 of the Band, Paul Butterfield, etc... How the audience survived is beyond me, the mud alone would've killed me, but the fact that they did & remember what they tried to do is a pretty nice memory. This wouldn't have happened without the music. That's something to always remember.

Which brings me to the reason for where the time went in August. While all the Woodstock celebration was going on, another little music movie made it's debut during all the acid reminiscing. Something called 'It Might Get Loud' came out in theatres somewhere for some reason. What's it about??? 3 Rock'n'Roll guitarists. OK. I thought I would like this, but the guitarists in question: Jimmy Page, the Edge & Jack White, just wasn't interesting. I might've been completely engrossed in this if the 3 had been Brian May, Trevor Rabin & Orianthi. Just a small tidbit of Jack White's interesting hooks & history was surprising, yet Jimmy & Edge just was uninteresting. This is totally backwards for me, since 'new music' doesn't appeal to me. I was looking for something classic. We lost Les Paul in the middle of all of this. Yet with how crazy I heard this man was, he did basically make all of our sounds, along with his wife Mary Ford. That would've made for a more interesting music guitar movie. Its not the size of the movie that counts but what's in it & I needed a little more action.


MTV AWARDS!!! EMMYS?? WOW!!!, How long as it been since anyone has seen this show & how long since it has been good??? 1st question??? 20 years. 2nd question??? 30 Years. Has it been that long?? No one wants to know or care. Yet it has been that long since the show was worth watching. I LIVE for award shows. Depending IF our favorite is nominated. Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes?? Whatever! Isn't that everyone's philosophy??? Shouldn't it be???, so what happened???
I neglected this show years ago, when I knew it was useless, apparently everyone else did to. Yet for some reason, I was forced![by my mom no less...fine! Her exact words: 'You never know what's gonna happen...' hello???] There's not a single person on the show I like, to say nothing of who my mom likes. What happened????

Micheal Jackson died. A tribute would be nice wouldn't it? And there was, by his sister Janet. She did their duet Scream, which if you listen to the lyrics still ring true to this day, quite eerily. A very cool tribute, something everyone should've been talking about for a long time after the show was on, because nothing else in that show was going to be good. Not Lady GooGoo & her wacko live Muppet outfits & bleeding performance,wishing she was Alice Cooper [I won't even mention the fact that she had the colossal nerve to have Kermit the Frog drive her there, how dare he!! Miss Piggy probably kicked his ass! ask Alice Cooper!] Not cool Pink's wild acrobatic performance, the only person on that show who actually sang. Not Joe Perry wimping out & performing with Katy Perry, a horrendous version of Queen's We Will Rock You, because 1-she's in love with Freddie & 2-because Perry 1 had nothing else better to do since he seems to blame Steven Tyler his supposed best friend of 40 years for the cancellation of their tour since they all besides Perry 1 himself had been injured in various medical ways....[it's a Styx thing.......]. Not Eminem returning after all these years [...big deal!], not Green Day schlepping their wives & kids to the event & still being slight punks [which was shocking to me....that they still existed...]. Not the bad host Russell Brand, who was actually funny for once & NO!!! NOT!! the FIRST COUNTRY ARTIST EVER TO WIN AN MTV AWARD!!!!& BEAT OUT A BUNCH OF TALENTLESS CHICKS!!

We remember this idiot coming up onstage trying to take Taylor Swift's very first award away. Pathetic. I don't think I want to even mention his name because I too am sick of him as everyone else should be. With all that, everyone is saying to forgive him. 'He' even made a asinine attempt to 'apologize' & ask for forgiveness. My personal favorite? Apparently the bum had written on his blog somewhere that when he received an award he didn't think he should have won, quote:
"I gave my awards to Outkast when they deserved it over me," he said, referring to the 2007 BET Awards, when he tried to give his trophy to the band.
OK. Let's see. What did he think would happen? Should Taylor have said 'You're right, here Beyonce, here's my award' ?? I just wish the million times he's done this before, someone had the guts to take the mike & just clock him on the head & tell him to Shut up! I just wish he would've pulled that off at the Country Music Awards. That would've been hilarious. 'He' previously got into it with John Rich of Big & Rich when Gretchen Wilson won Best New Artist at the 2004 Grammys saying she didn't deserve that one. Mr. Rich promptly replied by telling 'him' to 'Kiss his country ass!'. For that I give the above 'sculpture award' to the idiot!!

The MTV Awards were weird & slightly fun & depressing. But the EMMY Awards, were a nightmare. Maybe I'm not all into the new shows on TV & the cable shows getting popular now. I certainly hate the reality shows that just annoy. I must state first & foremost:NO ONE WATCHES TV TO SEE REAL PEOPLE!!! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT!!! FAKE PEOPLE THAT'S WHERE IT'S AT!! OR IS IT??

The Emmys were extremely depressing. With the exception of the absolutely flying host Neil Patrick Harris, who actually made it fun. What was depressing is I had no clue who a single nominee was. That was quite frightening. I'm not a fan of TV lately, let alone the last 10 years, but that was ridiculous. I have always known at least who was nominated for the comedy shows at least. To no avail, it was just awful. I couldn't root for anyone since I didn't like any show. Aside from that, there were people there, they were happy for the winners & I was depressed. I don't like 30 Rock. I have no idea what Mad Men is. There was an award for reality show host which was just useless. I knew who more people were at the Daytime Emmys & I don't watch Soap Operas at all [only the one that counts GH!]. I don't even think That 70s Show, the only 'new' show I ever watched & probably the last, ever got nominated for an Emmy that I can remember. The scariest saddest part was I knew almost all the Tribute faces in the Memorial segment. That was scary. Farrah, Ed McMahon, Patrick Swayze, Walter Cronkite. It's a different world I guess. But it's not the same. It's one thing I'll never accept, yet I hope something amazing will bring back what I used to know as good TV.

I'm not old & stiff. Just realistic to what's missing. Good TV!! Maybe for a few seconds I got it watching the sucky MTV Awards. That's how bad TV is.....I'm just really afraid to see the Grammys now.........


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