Saturday, January 26, 2008

JAN JAN JAN.........

So what's up kiddies??? We made it through another year without any problems, or did we??? SO what shall we talk about in our bleech today? I'm surprised I'm still here & still surprised anyone wants to read this but I have a few fans whom I love so this is for them. I have a few things that are gripping at my guts & the year has hardly started.... where shall we begin??? 1st of all. I need a new mascot & I have not found one. But apparently Happy Bunny has a mean puppy whom I do not like so it won't be him. But I think I could still use Happy since it was such a hit before & there's a few I haven't used yet so I think I'll stick with him.

OK !3 things. 1st of all. This has been bugging me for a bit. This writer's strike apparently going to disrupt the Grammys?? Why?? Why have we ever or still need any actors invading our music space? This has been a problem for years. Now that we've finally gotten rid of them they still want to appear. While I know these will be the worst Grammys in the history of Time, I still don't get why actors or writers need to be involved. So hopefully they'll stay away & we could have a semi-normal musical Grammy show the way it should be. So we'll see what happens. Anyway, I'm of course hoping for miss rehab chick to lose everything because I cannot believe that 'it' seems to be the only good record that came out last year by their standards. SICK!! We'll see. Bunch'a loons.

2-Apparently we have another big tour for our boys again. Now I could go on & explain why this shouldn't happen but that would be wrong but I'm going to explain actually why I think it should happen [It's going to happen why not?] Now Def Leppard is a great band. We love them we miss them they rock, they're cool, they're actually still kinda cute [was there ever a question??] & they're BABIES!!!!! Yes, apparently they've all maybe have just about hit 40 or older but in my giant boat, yes they are still children. Kiddies who will have a multitude of big boys opening for THEM!!! Now does that make sense?? You decide! Now I believe I talked about this in my bleech last year but this time it's gone a bit too far. Mainly because their line-up last year was a bit unbelieveable, but this time it's a little more insane. The point being that they should be playing with other kids, other bad horrible bands who really suck like the Killers or Avenge Centerfold or whoever thinks they're the next big thing out there because they're NOT!! These puny bands had a chance to play with the Lepps because they would have tried to go up there & blown them away & when DF finally hit the stage & wasted them, those bands could go home & cry & wonder why they suck like they should've. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

REO Speedwagon & Styx are going. But taking over for Journey [because Neal [dorkhead] Schon can't decide what a lead singer is to save his freakin' life...] is the Lepps & it's not a fun switcheroo thing like it was either. You know one band will open one note the other will end it & every nite it'll change cooly! NO!! Unfortunately this will not be pretty. Especially since Def Leppard's new record is actually going to be ok & REO Speedwagon's new album is really damn good & some others can't be bothered to write a new record because they are to lazy to do so [especially after their last attempt bit!...but we won't talk about that]so this little line-up just might be a tad dangerous. What is the danger?? I'm actually looking foward to this. I want to see this. NO matter what tour packages, bands, festivals, etc.... anyone puts together it is a challenge. A challenge of the most deadly, its fun for them, but for us & no one will admit this, we want to see who will survive the beating. It's like the time Yes put almost everybody & their mother who was ever in that band [with the exception of 4] on one stage. You had the Howe nuts on one side, the Rabin nuts on the other, the Wakeman loons battling one way & the Kaye loons on another....then the almighty battle of the White/Bruford maniacs & the ultra stupidity of the most ridiculously named fight of all: the Fragile/90125 bands ! ??[?? WHAT??!! I wanted to kill the idiot who came up with that one!!! ]. Jon Anderson refereeing & Chris Squire not giving a crap whatsoever, when he turned out to be the winner!! OVERALL!! How sick is that??? AAhhh the good 'ole days, no one battles like that anymore or do they??? we'll see what happens here, as always my bucks are on REO!!! This would not have been the case in 1984.

3- It has come to my attention that the new fangled bad lame-o gig has arisen. The bad gig of yesteryear was the Casino. This is not the case anymore. In the olden days [??] if you played a casino you were either a has-been, washed-up & no one ever would ever hear from you again. Las Vegas & Atlantic City weren't cool places to hang, they were places to gamble, dangerous places one would not step foot in if you had any sense. Now they're actually very cool places to hang & see a show & gamble & do all kinds of stuff. Like vacation................????????? Weird. Anyway. AC & Vegas are cool places now & if you're a band there's not a bad stigma anymore if you suddenly play those places anymore. [Also-since there's a whole lotta moolah around there, they could actually afford to play the ridiculous concert prices that exist now.] Now the new ultimate 'you suck & nobody cares about you anymore' gig is da da da da.... the dreaded ICE SHOW!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

yes, the Ice show. Skaters dancing, oh no-rather skating to your music while your band or excuse me-while you lipsync to your songs on the side of the other words, there's no way in hell that the audience is there to see you, but to see the Skaters. Yes, they are talented sportspersons & what not. But wow, when did this get so bad??? While most concerts all over the world are played in skating rinks or arenas, the separation has always been constant, until now. Case in point: A bunch of skaters, famous ones have been putting on shows for, I don't know charity [I hope], glory, to compete in the Olympics, to practice?? Filming these & showing them on TV which is fine, but they have their hours.... a whole hour dedicated to the music of Seal!! ?? No they're not skating to his records which would make more sense. But Seal was actually there singing to his songs while these skaters were there 'dancing'. I didn't see a band, but it was heartbreaking. Seal was kind of cool once. Now?? A Sk8 r boy?? EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW... I cannot believe I just wrote this on my bleech BLEEECCCHHHH!!!!
This has to be stopped. This cannot go on. We have to save Seal & any others from participating in this gut-renching activity. It just doesn't rock! The only time this worked out was in the movie Flashdance, when the skater girl [RIP-yes she passed on..] in the movie did her dance to Gloria by Laura Branigan even though she kept falling on her ass & Miss Branigan was not there [RIP! same here] it was a brilliant scene of music & skating. Its not the greatest movie ever but it will always be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. It was filmed beautifully. Yet this is not the movies, this is real life!! STOP IT OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!!!

Well ,that's my Jan rant, I can't believe it's almost gone already. untill next time kids..... chow....

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angell said...

Mz Rozzie Bear - I love your rants. I am very much looking forward to seeing our boys when they make it up here in April. (well, hopefully I will get tickets) I think it' sgoing to be an interesting show to say the least. But any time I see Styx is a good time. :D

Hope the new year is treating you and the guys well!!!

Give em all giant hugs from north of the border!!