Thursday, February 14, 2008


So V-day has come & gone already?? Amazing. What did you do on that most holy day? I have been entertaining thoughts of the utmost importance. All I have seen is utter lack of respect in the media. As if we don't know that. Then I wondered how this all started. And I thought maybe Happy Bunny here has the right thought. All in al I can honestly say this is a real bleecch.....

In my book, class works! But classy & fancy are 2 different things... there are things in this world that shouldn't be forgotten & things that I've missed. Still, things seem to be getting out of hand. As I glow in delight & point out anyone's idiocies, it is left to ponder why these inconsistencies are so constant.

It's not rock'n'roll to me. The Grammys were on. Yes I knew someone other than Kane W & Amy would get it. I was shooting for Vince Gill, especially after he let Kane have it in his acceptance of the Country Album award. It was the greatest moment of the night. Beside the fact that Herbie won Album of the Year. So why is this so shocking to everyone?? I wasn't shocked. Were you shocked? They gave the award to someone with talent. [Wow, how shocking]. The nominees were an absolute desert of crap that you could not help but beg for the water that was Herbie. If Herbie or Vince weren't there I certainly would've preferred to die of thirst, anything other than the useless sand that was left. Then the Grammy voters as of late have chosen a slightly different method to their voting system. Yet they still have managed to come through when it counts every time. As long as I can remember watching this show, I've known exactly how they work. When Michael Greene call it quits as their long time producer, I knew it would go haywire. And it did. Despite the changes it still manages to make for some amazing entertainment even though this had to be the all time worst. 50 Years of awards for EXCELLENCE!!! This used to be the case but since it's actually been about sales to a certain extent. That they've managed to forget sometimes, especially with those horrendous collaborations.

NO CLASS!!! I bet poor Frank Sinatra had to have been turning over in his grave after being forced to destroy one of his songs with Alicia Keys. When he was ALIVE they cut his acceptance speech when presented with his own Lifetime Award, now they decide to screw him again when he's dead!???????? ????????????????? THAT'S JUST WRONG! Tina Turner having to show Bouncey a thing or to was fine but shouldn't have been allowed. Even the misguided Time reuniting with the boring Rhianna [What is with that name? You are not nor will ever aspire to be a welsh witch, honey!] must've just been heartbreaking for the musicians in that band. But they'll never admit that will they? 50 YEARS! I think it would have been a blast had they decided to get ALL the Best New Artist winners from all 50 years in one room, if one could still find them. That would've taught them a thing or to. All the things they could've done.... to show just how inconsistent they've been over the years. For Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to have lost to Chicago's [nothing against Chicago- they will always be fantastic] If You Leave Me Now. For Christopher Cross [he's cool too..] to have won Album of the Year over The Wall by Pink Floyd. NO! Giving a billion Grammys in one night to the fantastic Santana for the worst album he ever did in his life!
RUSH LOST INSTRUMENTAL TO BRUCE STRINGBEAN???? It's like the PMRC when they wanted decided to put a lyric warning label on Frank Zappa's amazing Jazz Fr
om Hell album. Smart Tipper, when the album was all INSTRUMENTALS!! Although he did get that Instrumental award! Smart.

I said before & I'll say it again. I used to watch the Grammys to watch all the ones I love win, now I watch it to see all the ones I despise lose!!! It's still a most perfect show because of this otherwise. But 50 Years!! I would've liked to have seen Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand back for that! One more thing! You guys really have to quit the Rock Solo combo already, this isn't a Happy Meal, it's not even Supersized! It's insulting to all rock women everywhere, we will stage a serious protest if you don't get up off your butts & listen to the records that did come out for that Rock Female Category! You voters need to be plummeted into space! [Insert pow here!-my tribute to a darling writer friend....RR-see if I get any letters...I hope..]

I only have one thing to say about the contro-perversey that is the American Idle past careers[hahahaha] of current contestants. If they wish to have a second chance at sucking that is fine with me!!!
Its not bad enough that one person bought the record before, now they want to go through that again? More power to them. I can't wait for the outcome. Maybe the same person who bought the record before will buy it again, if they're still on this planet & haven't been shamed for life for buying it in the first place.


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Angell said...

Didn't watch the Grammy's - just found them too painful.

I'm finding the "popular" music industry to be a bit of a joke the last few years.

When good old Britney got a star on the Walk of Fame, we should have known the apocolypse was on its way.

Giant HUGS to the Earl of Roseland. Need a gig schedule for you guys for the summer - driving to Ohio with the hubby for a week and if you have any shows along the route, we'll stop on in.