Monday, September 17, 2007


WOW, it's September sick kiddies. It's all going by too fast. But I'm having me a good time. Saw my boys again. Had a blast. I don't think it'll get any better but it just might. Anyway, this got me to thinking something quite strange. I've heard song after song after that are funny, exaggerated & downright insane, songs you probably wouldn't believe. Then of course, there are your truthful songs, songs people believe with all their hearts because maybe the writer said it was a true story. Fine.

What IF the song is a lie??? Does this make sense??? Does it matter? I think it does a bit. I have NEVER EVER questioned lyrics ever. One-because I hardly have ever listened to lyrics & sometimes do not realize what I'm singing sometimes & 2-I personally don't care what they're saying, I'm into the musicianship. Of course this is another story. Yet lately there has been this constant search lately for the 'TRUTH' because no one seems to care about anything else. Especially since songs lately have no meaning whatsoever. There's no truth in it because there's no sense in it, no feeling , no meaning. Now folk songwriters have a history of writing nothing but true stories, political or otherwise. Then there's bands that mainly write about sex & just getting laid or whatever, I guess that true to a certain extent. But who knows.. Are love songs all true??? Torn Between Two Lovers? How Much I Feel? . Have you heard this song?? It's by AMBROSIA?? It's one of the greatest songs ever written because it's so SICK!!! He actually says in it at about the 3rd verse or something...apparently talking to his ex, says to her 'I got a wife now & years we've been growing strong, but there's something that I've got to say, sometimes when we make love[meaning him & his new wife] I can still see your face [meaning his ex]' ! WHAT??? That's insane. I wonder if this is true. This song has shocked me for years. I still can't believe it. It's a damn good song though. What constitutes truth in a song? Because it's political or sexy? Is there a song that's unbelievable? Besides the sucky ones that have no meaning. Should all songs be true??? Should they be lies???

Of course, this brings up a million lying songs. A trillion in country music. 'Lies', 'Lie To Me[Jonny Lang]', 'Liar [Queen]', 'Lying To Yourself[Asia]'. I love mythical songs. We know songs are basically 'made up'. Writer is just a fancy word for it. Everyone is making this stuff up, regardless of whether it is true or not. Or whether it happened to them or someone else. I'm extremely curious. I have my faves. What do you think?? Songs that are true are better some may say. But I don't know. Songs that suck
should be lies & probably are. Because they're unbelievable that they can be that bad. Here are some songs I think are complete lies but are great. Unfortunately some are love songs.

1. HOW MUCH I FEEL- AMBROSIA -the most famous song on my list that I still find insane. As I mentioned before. It is unbelievable that a man would talk to his ex & tell her that he still sees her while he's 'with' his new wife. CRAZY!! That boy would get his ass kicked today. I guess they didn't care about that then.


2. KEEP ON LOVING YOU-REO SPEEDWAGON - What man in the world will stay with a woman who constantly messes around??? When that's all MEN DO???!! I think I believe this one, I'm still not sure.

- The man who wrote these 2 songs swears he only writes love songs for his wife. THAT IS NOT HER NAME!!!!
How is he still alive?

4. SEX [I'm A...]-BERLIN- She's saying she's all these sick things. HE???
'I'm a man, I'm a man, I'm a man'.....Hey dude? Is that all you can say???? I guess so...

5. MAMA-GENESIS- When he says it's 'I won't hurt you mama but it's getting so hard, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! HA HA ! UGH! Mama don't go'; would you stay????

6. LIZZIE & THE RAIN MAN-TANYA TUCKER- An old country song where the man tries to impress his lady by telling her he could make it rain in the town she lives in...... & he does... wild!! Great drum solo!

7. LACE & LEATHER-GRAHAM RUSSELL- From his new solo album. Only he knows why.

8. SAY YOU LOVE ME- FLEETWOOD MAC- 'And if you use me again it'll be the end of ME'?? Oh come on, no woman in the world thinks like that anymore.

9. The ROCKER-THIN LIZZY- 'I kissed her right there ....& she said I'll do anything for you cause you're a rocker' ???? Yeah, right.
I don't think so.

10. BLUE LIGHT-DAVID GILMOUR- Right before he rips into one of the greatest guitar solos EVER! He has the nerve to actually say 'I don't know if I could get into this funky sort of thing, but sometimes when a new inspiration sparks, I can get down with the best of them'. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!


1. KISS ME DEADLY-LITA FORD-Probably the worst song she's ever sang, but did not write. Lucky her. After not getting laid & being in a fight, I think that IS a BIG THING, don't you think???

2. ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKE LOVE TO YOU-HEART- Another horrendous song that completely unbelievable which they did not write either but were forced to sing because Don Henley wouldn't sing it. Like he would sing this crap. Anyway, for some woman to pick up some dude & go to a hotel just to get pregnant is beyond me.

3. Baby I'm-A Want You- BREAD- No I don't want you if you sing this to me.

4. Sexy Back-Justin Timbaland
- Who ever told you that not only you were sexy, that it was somehow gone & also that you needed to bring it back & made you believe it, is a blatant liar!!!!
5. Gimmie More-Britney Shears- Of What?????? Underwear???

There's more but I can't think now. Tell me what you think. I personally don't care if the song is a lie as long as it's good but I wonder if it's hypocritical. Or who cares right? You tell me!


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angell said...

Oh Rozzie - god I love you woman!!

LOL - as much as anyone can say they write the truth - the truth is BORING.

At work now, so no time to really comment, but just wanted to say HI to the Earl.