Friday, August 24, 2007

YOUNG LOVE...................

Mercy mercy, what can I say. I didn't think this month would come & go but it ain't over yet. WOW, so August turned out not to suck after all. How are you kiddies? I've been a little crazy lately & I have to say I myself am sick about talking about these dumb bands who are just not real lately so I'm not anymore, but I have to say ,a very cool law was just past that seems to be controversial because of course, there are other issues in this world which are more important but I think this is pretty important & I for one am glad it was passed. Tell me what you think. I DO NOT TALK POLITICS ON MY BLOG FOR ANY REASON! Even though it has nothing to do with it. But believe it or not it has to do with what seems to have been my favorite subject lately FAKE BANDS. But this is quite interesting. But its all I'm going to say about it. I just wonder if it will apply to who I think it should & I think y'all know what I mean.

Anyway, I had me one hell of a month & it's not even over yet. Yes, I'm one hell of a drummer, yes I hardly talk about my drumming exploits & my ladys & dude & yes, I have this crazy blogs that I just go on & on about everything else about, but I think maybe it's because no one has really asked me about my drumming. So I just keep it to myself. If you wanna know about my secrets just ask. I may tell you, so who knows. But for now, I have lots of stories. Lots of good ones. I have a really cool one I must say is pretty cool.

First of all I want to say, I love progressive rock & I love country music. I love it all but I certainly have my favorites. When it comes to playing drums but when it comes to listening it doesn't change much but when you have one song you just love & can never get out of your head. You listen to it almost everyday, if not all the time. One song that can just make you so crazy you don't know what else to do when you hear it but dream? When I was little & started playing drums, I remember never wanting to hear any song unless it had lots of drums in it. Then I started to appreciate the music more. What's really funny is there turned out to be certain songs I loved that didn't even have drums in it, which is pretty incredible. But the song in question that I'm speaking of is...... I won't even mention it until I tell the story.

I'm not sure when I first heard this song. It might even have been the video I saw 1st. But all I know is that I went crazy, completely when I heard it. [By the way, I like old videos, better than new dumb fake videos that have all this computer crap in it, ENOUGH!!!] To this day, I melt hear it. I doesn't sound old, it doesn't sound bad, it doesn't sound boring, it's exciting, it's a perfect song. It's a love song. I myself, have never liked love songs myself. But some are very cool of course. I'm not one to listen to lyrics either, I'm am all about the music. I have to admit I don't care what they're saying or who they're saying it to or what they're talking about [this-unfortunately gets me into lots of trouble when I sometimes do not realize what I'm singing sometimes, then I usually go, whoa, did I just say that???] I just don't care, I don't know why. Since I became a drummer, that's all I've ever cared about. How the music is put together, the structure, the count,[not even the count] the notes, every single inch of the sound is so important to me, that yes, I DO NOT realize what they are saying & I'm still finding out. {I'm into instrumentals, which I totally used to hate, I don't know why either, yes, I have a very strange brain but don't we all????????]And it's not a 'it's got a great beat & you could dance to it' thing either....GET REAL!!!!!!

This song has fantastic music, it's quiet, it gets loud, its quiet again then it blows up, its wild. It fades. So I wondered how AMAZING this would sound live, but I found out a while ago, that the band who recorded this particular song, since the song was recorded, had NEVER played this song live. EVER!!! ???????????????
I refused to take this of course & somehow, someway, somewhere in my insane mind. I was determined to somehow try to make them play this song live. For me! If I could. ????????????????????????????

How??????????? I don't know but it happened. Yes, it's Air Supply again. They've always been an amazing live band. They've also been very friendly with their fans that's an amazing thing now when you can't really hang out at shows anymore like you used to [but then there ain't a band out there now left that's even worth wanting to greet for any reason anymore]. I constantly go see them, they're lots of fun live & they kick major ass. They just are. So I would always say hello to them & talk about my song. I'd ask & they'd say 'Oh no one knows it' which is so wrong. Everyone knows it, they just didn't realize it. So I kept reminding them & then last year, said they would rehearse it, which was very exciting but that was last year. Then they told me they were going to do it but not the whole thing. Who cares, I didn't care how, I wanted to hear it. & they did it. At a beautiful indoor/ slightly outdoor church in surprisingly beautiful Ocean Grove, NJ. They did it first at Mohegan Sun last month but I got to finally hear it here.


The writer of the song himself doesn't seem to understand why this song is so special to me. I'm still not quite sure myself. All I know is that I hear Graham's voice & I melt. But I practically begged & begged & somehow I got it. But I know there was no other thought in their heads from anyone else about this song. So in a way that is extremely special & I do feel a bit responsible. So I will forever be grateful for that night. All I was really trying to do was get them to let my ladys to play the song for them. Way cool. It's a beautiful song, there's just something about it that makes it incredible. I hope you could find it & listen to it & ' know the way that I feel'................. Thank you Graham again for doing my song..............

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angell said...

ROZZIE BEAR - awesome tune woman.

Yes, A.S. still rock - I will fully admit that.

And I know what it's like to have a song just whisk you away from reality for awhile.

My current one is Lips of An Angel by Hinder.

That man's voice....sigh...and the lyrics...

Think I'll go listen to it now.