Sunday, July 29, 2007


OK fine KIDDIES! After a whirlwind June, it turned out to be a whirlwind July somehow but then I knew it. So let's see what happened?? My face got painted up again for some mysterious reason [HA HA HA HA HA !!!], crazy LIVE EARTH happened & it turns out AUSTRALIA kicked everybody's ass. I myself have been guilted [yeah, who cares!] into purchasing Energy Saving Light Bulbs, which happen to be way cool by the way...they turn your room almost into black lighting, check 'em out, you'll actually save moolah, they're awesome. I ran into a very couple of insane ex-es, one who sort of looks like Roger Waters & I'm contemplating whether or not to..... whatever. I checked out the 'Broadway' version of XANADU, which offended me, because I love that movie, just because they were making fun of it, whatever... I got to hang with my boys form AIR SUPPLY again. Yes, I can't get enough of them, they are too cool. And so much so that Mr. Graham just finally may do my song for me....let's see.....I missed ASIA this time 'round which I'm severely pissed about, but at least their still together & I'm completely freaked out that BRIAN MAY is going to get his PH.D finally. Good for him!

So what's been riding my goat lately? [??????????? ewwww I know!} Well, let's see. I'm tired! WHAT HAPPEN TO OUR GREAT BANDS???? Tired of fake bands trying to get away with being who they are & they're not. I can't take it anymore. How is it that no one cares about this? KIDDIES! When you listen to a band... you love the music yes??? Don't you want to hear that sound that way live??? What are you listening to? DO you mind that total strangers are messing up these songs, that have no right to??? These are also so called 'musicians' who are only out to make an extra buck & serious don't give a crap about the music anymore. They all have money, they don't need to do this. I believe one of these bands has had the actual decency to stop for a while because can't find a real singer to save their lives, after dumping 2 - count them 2 horrible ones, when they actually have one in their band already & they're so stupid they can't even see this.

1. I'm speaking of course of JOURNEY. [You didn't think I was gonna mention them huh??? Heh heh!] Then rumour has it they already have gotten someone new to suck for them. Why Jonathan Cain can't be the singer I'll never know. I think people will dig it, but will they figure this out NO!! Of course running this outfit now is none other than Neal 'Dorkhead' Schon, who has forever claimed that this is his 'job' & not something he actually cares about making music anymore. Well. Let's see how long his job lasts.

2. STYX- They're opening for DEF LEPPARD! Need I say more??? An 80s band. I know Styx 'turned' into an 80s band when Mr. Roboto came out but MERCY!!! Their 1st album came out in 1972!! Get Real.

3. THIN LIZZY- What is this about???? The lead singer & the bassist of this band is unfortunately GONE! You do NOT for ANY reason try to get someone to replace that. I cannot figure this out. They claim to have 2 members of the old band. Now let's study this shall we kiddies. The 'ORIGINAL' band was a trio. OK! NONE of who are in this current line-up now. OK. Their later line-up with their guitar duo was more popular, kind of like Styx. FINE! BUT!! NONE of them sang. Scott Gorham I believe is still there, which is great because he's amazing. but that is still insane. Celebrate their music but do NOT call yourselves THIN LIZZY!! This is like everyone is Rush passing & someone who played sax on one of their records long ago taking their name & going out & playing all their songs.

[NO offense to RUSH because you guys rule & we never want to see you go & you guys are kicking everyone's ass right now! I"m just trying to set an example for all the kiddies here who don't know what is going on....]

4. FOREIGNER: WOW, it's actually either Foreigner or Led Zep. Jason Bonham is on drums now, which is fine, he's amazing. BUT, there's 8,000 other guys there & they may make a new record. This is just sickening. Mick Jones is the man, fine, but GET REAL!!

[Note: Notice the pattern Ladys: all dumb guys.....]

5. VH: I don't know what to say about Van Halen. I never was a big fan. I'm a David Lee Roth fan. But sick arguments everywhere have it that their old bassist should come back in place of family member Baby VH. I personally like to keep it in the family. But if the original is the original then they have the right to suck with him again. So I don't know.

I know there's more but I can't think of any.....

5a. GENESIS???????? So what they sold more than they ever did with Peter Gabriel, should that really be an issue?????? Nah, doesn't count, they wouldn't be anything without TONY BANKS. I DARE them to ever try to tour without him!! HA !

5b. ASIA- Before last year Geoff Downes knows why this didn't work. HA!

6. DEEP PURPLE: I can't say anything about them either, because I adore Ian, but apparently some kiddies out there still are extremely pissed that Blackmore isn't there anymore. Steve Morse is the coolest. But their drummer has been there since day 1................................................. I never was into them, but I finally got to hear Jon Lord explain why he was Jon Lord [no matter what you think, it matters kiddies....] & he should be there, but he won't be................

The only way this is working right now is :

1. REO SPEEDWAGON- Since day 1 of all this crap, there's has been no one more perfect in preserving their music more than Kevin Cronin & he's not even an original member. He cares about his band & their new album is very cool.

2. CHICAGO- All this band ever needed was their horns so as long as those boys are still there they still kick it. Their new album is fantastic.

3. BERLIN- There's no one left here except Miss Terri but she cares about her music so much so she actually made them sound harder & it works. Incredible.

4. AIR SUPPLY- The duo of love still reigns, no matter who's behind them. THEY KICK ASS LIVE!!!

- I don't care who's singing for the [YES I DO!!!] but as long as ROGER TAYLOR & BRIAN MAY can still play instruments I don't care what they do as long as they keep rockin'! & REMEMBER its not called QUEEN- Its QUEEN + PAUL GOT IT!!! HUGE DIFFERENCE!! SO QUIT KNOCKING IT!!! GET A CLUE!!

6. LYNYRD SKYNYRD- THey kept it in the family, that's all that matters!

7. BLUE OYSTER CULT- No one wants those brothers back in this band more than I do, but BLOOM is still the master & it still rocks!

8. ELO- Somehow, a few years ago, when crazy Jeff Lynne got rid of EVERYBODY in his 2000 piece band [the exception being cutesy Tandy]
he MADE SURE that the new boys he got played everything EXACT!, even adding a few awesome Ladys!!! Now THAT"S precision! This is all documented in ELO's ZOOM DVD!

- There are only 3 left but they still got it.


I'm so done......sort of.....

10A. DOOBIE BROS. - they still are unbelieveable as I found out last nite at Jones Beach. Patrick Simmons is the MAN! But he really needs to cut his hair.

Now I'm done & I think it's Aug....????? Ugh.......


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Angell said...

Rozzie girl - LOVE THE RANT. He he (well, minus the shot at Styx - it was a shot right? :P)

How's life going otherwise my noble Earl? Any chance WNTDTYR are hitting Canada again?