Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It's June already??? Damn, I guess I missed Daddy Day, what else did I miss, oh June!,HELLO?? I didn't even see it & it seems to be already towards the end & we're coming to blow stuff up for next month, hmmm....
OK, apparently I wound up on a giant bus,[Apparently They Were Travelling Overboard.....only cool people will get this..]

wound up in crazy old Syracuse then travelled all the way to the RAMA to 'rama' with some crazy Canadian Styx fans [not just from there but all over the US.]
Met some very cool people including my new Rocker Chyk Can-Ada Pal Miss Angell, who subsiquently made me an honorary Chyk, which is way cool[& loves my boys AIR SUPPLY!]; Miss Dayle-writer lady, Mz Helen who knows her Styx well, & lots of other cooly people including some very awesome comrade kids who completely helped us good loons in WNTDTYR blow the roof off that RAMA!! But along the way,while we were up there wasting Styx, some silly things happened in the rest of the world while we were gone. SO I'm here to recap or reiterate the UN-believable state of our music these days......

1. Apparently some loons over at VH1 have given permission to bring back UNPLUGGED!!! Can I kill the person for this??? Not only is this sorry show back, but the bum who started it in the 1st place is back to remind us all why it sucked in the 1st place!! BON DORK FACE!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! OK! Acoustic music is one thing!!! There is a DIFFERENCE!!!!! Let me see if I can explain!!!!.....

invented it, NO ONE will EVER do it like them , they even plugged in for some of their songs,[if that's what you wanna freakin' call it...] all this because it was a miracle Neil Young even knew what an acoustic guitar was, he was so loud! but the point is they are the MASTERS at that! Even metalheads like them!!, because they swore they would never have to play that kind of music because CSNY were so good, there was no competition, not that there will ever be. BUT TAKING SONGS THAT WERE MEANT TO BE LOUD IN THE 1ST PLACE & JUST MAKING THEM MORE BORING IS NOT UNPLUGGED!! IT'S STUPID!! [Not that Bondorkface ever made any good loud records anyway, but he is the culprit of all the bad whiny music in our lives!,even though some of it is hilarious....]Even Tommy Shaw & Mr. Blades didn't DARE do the ALL GOOD PEOPLE part of Yes' Your Move [at 1st I didn't understand this, but I finally realized!]because he KNEW he wasn't about to destroy it...SMART!!! How long must I go on about this?????

Let's see, what constitutes Unplugged???? UHhhhh..... No amps???, electric guitars???? No uhhhhhh.....electric instruments??? HOW ABOUT NO ELECTRICITY LOONS!!!! No mics, no plugs, NO FREAKIN' POWER!!!! Yeah ok, I'll give you that. But Kiddies! CRAP is still CRAP, ESPECIALLY WITH NO POWER!!!!
Actually that's not true, but TALENT makes POWER, am I CORRECT!!!! ??????? Well, they didn't think so for their 1st show! I can't be nice about this, I just can't...... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Did I mention they're supposedly a COUNTRY BAND NOW????? [Apparently this is also,the 'new excuse' for being UN-plugged....??????????]

But I digress, apparently the POLICE are going to do this show, I can't wait to see this. Andy Summers is one of the greatest guitarists in the world, but it will be interesting to see how that will work, even though he's a genius, he has to deal with Sting [& if it's anything like Sting's Unplugged, hmmmm....]

2. Also, Stewart has been complaining that THEY [the POLICE!] have been sucking live lately which is UN-believable! I don't know what's worse, someone saying you suck or someone in your own band saying you suck....WOW.

But I know how he feels, [believe me, telling you it sucks is what i live for...]I felt a little weird when I played Syracuse, but then I'm not Stewart, I'm JOHN PANOZZO DAMMIT!! !!! & Here we go making the STYX/POLICE connection again.... know why?? Because they're secretly in love... I'll tell you my nightmare of an UNplugged right now... It wasn't bad enough that Styx performed with a bad drummer & a cool orchestra, NOOO!! & absolutely destroyed one of their greatest songs EVER: Miss America....but could you imagine hearing an acoustic version of that??? Especially with this line up?? I can hear the reggae strains of Suckerman now...... AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! WAKE ME UP!!! DAMMIT!!! More nightmares...the Killers UNplugged.....AHHHHHHHHHH KILL ME NOW... or can I please WASTE THEM BEFORE IT HAPPENS????

3. GENESIS lowered the key to Turn It On Again... MASSIVELY!! If I wanted to hear Lionel Richie sing that song I'd go see him [I'm not knockin' Mr. Richie... his All Night Long has become a secret theme song for us ....]. But they displayed it ever so greatly, as they were 'honored' at the VH1 Honors. Along with Heart....[by the way seeing country outlaw Gretchen Wilson singing Barracuda with Alice In Chains [who seem to be the only band who love them & is willing to admit it]was not only amazing & exact but very scary in that they blew Heart off the stage which should NEVER have happened.....] By the way, I found out what the 'honor' is... the members all get a 'VH1 Honors Ring' . [????????????????????????????????????????????????????????]
Anyway, back to Genesis, they did 3 of their songs, one of which was Los Endos.....but did VH1 show this????? NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Apparently [this seems to be my favorite word today....] they just don't want to remind us why they were cool in the 1st place.

OH well, this will be short, unless I can think of other stupidity that went on while I was kickin' it in Can-Ada with my ladys & dude....the only thing I was upset about is not having a barrel at the Falls.....which I know there was...... but i'm so tired right now I can't think...& I's .......July already........


Angell said...

Roz my dear - unplugged sux no matter what. My personal pet peeve of that idiotic series was Eric Clapton doing LAYLA unplugged.


Not knocking Clapton, he is one of the rock gods after all, but SERIOUSLY? Was he on some serious dope when he decided that it would be a good idea???

Anyway, thanks for the shout out darling.


Earl of Rozland said...

Miss Angell,

Believe it or not that boy was completely sober when he did that Un-plugged....that was what really sucked!!!!