Saturday, May 19, 2007


! While it does seem strange to me that I was born either a week before or on Mother's Day almost exactly , I figured it was mama's way of paying me back, but its cool. I thought I put together very cool stories about my mom & her kind of music. While she mostly loves spanish & oldies she can rock as well. Did I mention that if I EVER call her mom she'll totally beat me up???

As I get ready to go to Canada with the ladys & dude in wntdtyr, I tell my mom about it & she doesn't care. She just wonders if I'm going to suck, thsi from the same woman who thought Richard Gere was singing with Eric Crapton on this TV fundraiser years ago when in fact it was Roger Waters. Sick! but still she has her moments.

Even though we're not one's for too much metal, we seem to know who Tommy Lee is anyway since his schlong happens to be plastered everywhere & since they [his boys] weren't around for a while she wondered if he had a new band. [?] OK, I'll bite! Why? I asked, because she saw him on this show with an older lady singing?????? I'll bite again WHAT??? , then I realized [this was B4 StupidNova!] that Motley Crue had just reunited & apparently Mr. Neil had had some massive amount of surgery, [this actually might have been B4 the surgery], the point being, he was doing his usual whining when my mama thought he looked & sounded like a little old lady. Now that was funny!

Then the other night, when Bon DorkFace was on American Idiot[!], had the nerve to tell one of the ladys her singing was amazing & that he didn't even sing that way when he was her particular age. My mom lost it: 'YOU STILL CAN'T SING!!!' My best mom moment yet!

Then there was the little matter of Celebrity Duets. She loved this crap, & really liked the 'cute big blond man singing' ooh, She has to be talking about Dennis DeYoung! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHAT??? 'He was wearing a suit'!?????? So was Dennis! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He had loonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg hair & he was blond! Mercy???! Are you kidding? Who was that?? NO!!!!!!!!!!! Sebastian Bach! WHAT??? You gotta be sick!! So I had to do what any person in their right mind would've done, I showed her what he REALLY looked like & showed her SUPERGROUP!! Mission accomplished! 'I'll never look at that thing again! Done!

Then there's the Styx connection....not including the above statement. She looks at the Equinox picture & loves the man with the shirt open & mustache [mama has a thing for mustaches, yuk!], who's that? Once again, I go the only way to tell her who it is! The 'Robot Guy!' , OH eww, he loooks better with long hair, AAAAAAAAAHHHH, at this point, I want to kill myself!! Should I mention she still refuses to give me back my Kilroy Was Here Robot sport sleeve shirt, after she washed it & fell in love with the sleeves [???????]! OH, well, that's my mama.
Did I mention her favorite movie??? Yes, REMO WILLIAMS-The Adventure Begins. We absolutely love this movie, it's sick. Guess who wrote the title song! Tommy & the Cannata band, wild!

I know I have more stories & I'll add them, but for now, I'll leave you with her favorite song. She absolutely loves the video but this was all I could find...She swears that if you see the word 'Classic' in the dictionary this song will be right next to it...

I love you mama,


Angell said...

Earl of Rozland - I bow to thee.

LOL - love the rants my dear. Thanks for swinging by my secretz. PLEASE get your ass back to Toronto so I can show my husband that not all Styx cover bands suck ass.

Hugs to y'all.

Angell said...

Rozzie chick - check out my blog

You've been hit as a rocking chick in the blogosphere!