Monday, April 30, 2007

APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, April's come & gone,
shall I review
I'm not sure I know
what to talk about,
mainly since I don't remember anything since I got a good clonk in the head with a massive object. But still it's come & gone so I should say something.

This month I've been plucked, prodded, & plowed thru it like I never have. Bashed left & right from everywhere & everybody on all sides. When all I'm trying to do is get thru the day in one piece, which this month hasn't happened.

But I digress because I took initiative, laid everyone out & split to Atlantic City to see my boys Air Supply. My amazing incredible driving friend Michelle helped me escape my head-bashing & somehow I am still here to tell the story.

I was so exhausted, tired & not even able to get up for any reason. Especially since we have a huge [?] show in Can-ada- our awesome WNTDTYR are going to kick ass at. Of course, I believe this! No one else does, but that's a different story. So with all my madness with work, my head-bashing & other collective bashing, I took it upon myself to disappear & not tell anyone except of all people my mom. Who didn't care whatsoever [hee, hee- got great Mom storys which I may tell next month for good ole -mama's day.].

Anyway the day started when I still failed to have any energy. Everyone who sees me says I have nothing but energy inside me, but at home, I can't be bothered. So I'm just trying to get out of the house to fly over to Staten Island of all places [which I really dig it there] because while going to AC from my house would be an insane 4 hours, going from S.I. alone would be almost less than 2. DONE! So I'm dragging' away trying to do anything when all I wanna do is sleep when rehearsing, work & head-bashing, takes it's toll after a while.
I barely get to the Ferry since the trains are just all wack-jobs on weekends. Of course, I forget this. So it takes me forever, not only to get to the Ferry but to even find the boat since I haven't been there in so long, I decide to try to take a shorter route to the Ferry which wound up costing me a 1/2 hour more. So with more time on my hands till I get on that beautiful boat. [I think it rules!]
I decide now to leave all my problems & madness behind, the head-bashing would not be easy as I was still feeling quite woozy from the clunk & still taking the last of my bullets. [But I figured if I'm gonna go, I'm determined to do so in AC with a very huge gorgeous blond hunk! If I even faint on him it'll be better]. So after taking everything known to woman & trying to walk a straight line I finally got on the boat.

Still discovering that NY will always rule, being in that boat just made everything go away, even my head. It was very cool, as I was about to meet my partner in crime Michelle at the other end of this very cool cruise for some more ever abashed crusin' or should I say 'motorin'??? EEWWW! Got a hot dog to keep myself alive [!] which I haven't had for ages, but always seems to help in an emergency situation. Relaxed almost, finally meet my destination amid a bit of we went in her very cool ride & an Australian GPS named Lee telling us our every move.... ooh la la!!!! [As I continue to be baffled by technology, I'm beyond amazed by this little thingy on her car, which she borrowed, but works like nothing I've ever seen]. So we catch up after months of being apart from our last encounter with the boys & life, junk, crap & listening to Graham's insane new record, after what we can't believe has already been an hour, we stop to eat at the best place in the world: Arthur Treachers! Cooly!
We get our energy back after my ordering the biggest fish & go motorin' some more....

We get to Atlantic City record time & I'm amazed as to how cool it still looks. I haven't been to AC since a very cool OLIVIA Newton-JOHN show after another insane weather/body-bashing that particular day in 1999 [which a massive storm just killed NY & we decided to try to go to AC during this, no trains or buses were working [in NY not NJ] & I found myself walking to Times Square from hell & passing out before getting on the bus & going....why do I do this to myself???]. Miss Olivia graciously paid us back by not only playing a great show & basically saving my life, but recording & filming the whole thing & called it 'One Woman's Journey'.

We get to Trump Marina who is throwing our little bash. We get the 'Trump card' [funny!] & go get into zee ballroom which is beautiful, but teeny-er than I thought. It was amazing. It holds a lot of people for it being so small.
Then they bring us drinks which is a dream! Then finally Graham comes out performing & opening solo with songs from his record. Too amazing, but we didn't like the seats much, but apparently you could move around that place & not get too busted. So we get more centered, I take some bad pictures & he is just sounding incredible as always. July was too long to wait for them to come back to NY so going to AC was a major trip. He sang about love like no one else does. Who knew. I wish you did know, it's pretty incredible.

Then Air Supply comes out & just wastes everybody. they really put on an unbelievable show. There not as boring as everyone seems to think they are. They do rock & they still rule! Then they make their way into the audience like they always do. We took great pics & somehow made our way to the front row. Apparently there are older high-roller types who acquire front-row seats & since they spend so much moolah gambling, they try to relax at a 'nice' show but 'leave' when it gets 'too noisy'[??????????????????].
I got massive shots because of this, so much so I ran out of room on my cam. Deleted as much as I could & for some reason kept snapping, don't know why, but I did. That man looks really good on camera & elsewhere. Mich isre taking great shots too. We're in heaven.

The concert ends & we go out to meet them like we always do & they always do, which is really huge of them. So they know us already & they're wonderfully receptive. Graham signs his new record for me & I'm gone!

We hang out, start making bets, spending a teeny wit of the only moolah we have & we hang out before a long drive back [to NY in which I have to go straight back to work & right away without even a stop at home for which I have no time, so I planned ahead knowing this would happen & knowing I'd only get an hour's sleep].
So we're hangin' & all of a sudden we see Graham at the bar with Adrian Zmed who not only was in Grease 2 but also appears on Graham's Heart of The Rose soundtrack. So we hung out with them, talked, too cool. Very cool people. [In my maddening of course I forgot to take a pic with Adrian-dummy!] All I'm trying to do is convince Graham to make a record with Treat Williams who he sings with occasionally in Utah & play my song 'Young Love' live, which he promised me he'd do. So that was beyond belief in itself.

A journey I'd never thought I'd make, I'd survive or even attempt, I made it thru alive & without an inch of scarring. Driving back I realized I had to go right back to my madness starting with massively early morning work the very moment we left AC, but it was all worth it, not only for the trip but to get my head back, as much as I could of it & get straight with everything else. Still a few flaws but I'm still here & I still can't believe it. Thanx to my incredible friend Michelle for the ride & the time, after she herself drove from Connecticut & kept on driving to do this & then go to her best friend's wedding... I'll never forget this .... & to Air Supply for always clearing my head & especially to Graham for understanding........

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