Thursday, March 22, 2007

MARCHING ON....................

Outrageous! It's been a most ugly month. I'm not sure what to say. We lost a lot of cool musicians & others & it's Women's History Month. But who's celebrating???
I need to write my a bleech for this month so I decided to review how this year has gone so far. I know it's only been 3 months, but as my bud Happy Bunny &
Liam Lynch say: Whatever! Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever

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1. So Van Hagar got inducted into the R'n'R Hall of Fame & Sammy went & got the award. Now all the kiddies out there will think that Van Hagar started this mess & won't even know who poor David Lee Roth is. Now that's almost as sick as Damn Yankees fans not realizing that Tommy Shaw was EVER in Styx. Now that's sick. Apparently this joke in the 70's was the very stupid 'Is it true that Paul McCartney was in the band before WINGS?' The stupidity being that yeah, Wings was actually so good that everyone forgot about the Beatles [I still don't see what was wrong with this. Once again-WHATEVER!] & for some even pathetic reason some jerk turned this joke around in this millenium [whatever!] by asking the immortal very idiotic question, was Dave Grohl in a band before the Foo Fighters. Y'all can't be this ridiculous. Another band that can be forgotten & has & this is a question? Get real !! Yes, David Lee Roth was in a band before Sammy Hagar was, but still, no one gives a crap, because there are way better bands to attend to.

2. Genesis has announced their 20 day world tour????????????????????????????????????????
And may be doing the same old set they did back in 1996. Not 1976, please make a note of this.

3. The POLICE have gotten back together & despite the massive charge for their shows it's going to be an amazing experience.

4. Heart is going to be honored at the VH1 Rock Honors along with Genesis, Ozzy Osbourne & ZZ Top.
Now what I want to know is what are they going to get? An award? A Goody Bag?
I have a little problem with this because 1-Who is going to 'honor' them by messing up their songs? 2 - If it's anything like last years, they're going to do only 3 songs, which will be Crazy On You, Magic Man & Barracuda.That's fine but it'd be great to hear Mistral Wind, Rockin' Heaven Down & Break! But who knows. It's amazing to have Heart appear anywhere. It's been 20 years since 'These Dreams' went to No.1 & everyone really needs to forget that. I still wonder who's gong to 'honor' Genesis. Wouldn't it be interesting if it was Peter Gabriel?????

5. My best buddy GRAHAM RUSSELL of Air Supply has finally released a solo record.Now if I could just get him to sing 'Young Love' I could die happy.

6. Belinda Carlisle has released an ultra cool French album. Even though it's all techno almost it's pretty damn cool.

7. In a span of 1 month, I've hung out with:
Kirk & Anne Douglas, Jack Valenti, Charles Osgood, Hilary Clinton, the former Prime Minister of Israel, Mayor Ed Koch, Gene Wilder, Leonard Nimoy & Brian Stanley. & no one on this list
will ever be more important as Brian Stanley! [except maybe Kirk & Anne]

8. We lost Yvonne DeCarlo, Ian Wallace, John Inman, Brad Delp, Richard Jeni, Denny Doherty, Luther Ingram & Billy Thorpe... some from illness, some by their own hand....but we'll never forget them....they were too cool to hang around....

Maybe I'll think of more silliness later. Meanwhile it's
Women's History Month & you people gotta get with it & get some Birtha & Isis records & quit listening to all this crap! And once again ISIS is NOT the HORRENDOUS METAL BAND THAT IS OUT THERE WITH DUDES!!! They are a most amazing 8-PIECE LADY BAND of loons! This is the cover of their 1st album! 1974!

Anyway, happy hunting for Ladys out there.............
oops, did i say that right????????


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