Thursday, February 15, 2007


I hope you noticed I decided to add a little color to my black bleech! I didn't want to be so bleak anymore. I do love blue. Got a little red for V-day so here we go.

The Grammys have come & gone again, before Valentine's Day no less. So my little friend Happy Bunny decided to let me use a statement that just might sum the show up completely.
You see, I've watched the Grammys ever since I can remember. I loved watching it to see all my favorites win. Before I even realized that they were 'forgetting' my other favs. Before I even realized that not a lot of my favs were ever nominated for anything. Before I realized there were more than 10 awards being given. Then I started to care about the other awards, the ones no one cared about. The awards that you didn't even know they had a catergory for, the ones they made up & took out later....Then I started to realize, they have a certain way of working. And it was going good for a while. So I started to observe this so carefully, researched it over the years, bought the book, watch every single bit of it, short of sitting thru the crap. Started to practically predict it. Stayed on it till I won every single bet & never lost. Everytime it worked. Almost.

Then the 'bad music' came took over. [Yet it's still here]. But I realized, this is exactly how Dick Clark & his American Music Awards works as well [& that's apparently voted on by real people/fans]. I thought this over very carefully. What I say may stir whatever, but who cares, it's the truth. No matter how bad the music gets, they'll always give the bad music certain accolades because they must, because ut us demanded, because it is only fair [?], but when it boils down to the big ones, the ones that count, the Awards that have the biggest impact, the ones that for some reason the 5 that everyone only cares about. They know EXACTLY who to give it to & who properly deserves it. Occasionally they've messed it up for a few years but they've gotten it right at least 80% of the time, which still gives me hope.

[Case in point. I wait & I wait every year, for the nominees. Who's gets nominated, who's not, who's going to suck, who doesn't deserve it, who I KNOW is going to win & who I KNOW is going to lose & who thinks they're going to win & who will never get nominated & I don't even vote on those ballots yet. It's sick but I do it every year. I would get it on TV, then on paper, then in a book, then clock the votes, guess 'em & do it all over again. Now thanx to this sykoyd tech, I can get it faster than I've ever gotten it in my life. I don't think it's a 'mean' thing, but it's fun as hell, especially when I turn out right! I used to watch it to see everyone I love win-now I see it to watch everyone I hate lose!]

SO the Dixie Chicks TOOK IT ALL!! AMAZING! Was there a more worthy album on the list of 5????? Now THIN
K!!! WORTHY!! Not favorite, not better, WORTHY! A good record, with good songs on it. A record, where EVERY track is good. Is viable? Is just a great record! Not an ok record with 1 or 2 or 3 good songs on it. Does anyone listen to albums anymore completely??? From start to finish? Do the records on that list other than that one have any song better than their actual hits on them????? GET REAL!!! That is why it is called ALBUM OF THE YEAR!! My absolute fav album wasn't on there but that record is GOOD!!! & it DESERVED it, especially with al the crap those ladys went thru you're damn right they deserved that.

Mind you, these awards lately have been completely awful 'performance-wise' over the years. Especially with the fact that no matter what they say, it wasn't completely live. There were lots of secretly layered samples floating around everyones performance lately.
The POLICE STARTED THE SHOW! & they were as amazing as they always were [no they didn't do Jennifer-damn!] Then the Dixie Chicks played. I looked at the time, there were 3 hours left to go. I KNEW it would never get better than this & that the show would suck royally. SO I made pizza & just waited to see if my ladys would get everything. it took forever & the performances were horrendous, but it was worth it because they did.

[Now I was still trying to understand the supposed 'contest' to sing on the show. Was singing with Justin Timbaland supposed to be an honour??? Performing a horrible duet with him supposed to be a prize? WE'LL SEE.]

Anyway, my only loss of the night which was just WRONG! was DAVID GILMOUR NOT getting Rock Instrumental. [Occassionally they will do something stupid like t
his every once in a while. Like nominating KT Tunstall for Pop vocal instead of Rock when that is what she clearly is & not nominating her for Best New Artist when she should've gotten that clearly & giving it to someone else they swear everyone will think deserves it.] But I digress!

WOLFMOTHER WON! My boys did it! They wanted it, they were there, they said they would be [they should've performed! Had they played it would've been the 3rd best performance of the nite.] & they smoked it. If you looked at who was up against them it was clearly a joke! So that was very cool. The 1st Aussies to win since MEN AT WORK. Now that's sick! I didn't realize they [the grammys] had an American thing going. But they certainly have lately. But they sort of broke it. at least they're trying.

The nicest saddest part is always when they say goodbye to the musicians we lost last year. That hurts all the time. The ones you know, the ones you don't. It's just time to try to let go. That's always brutal but cool because at least they don't forget. But they did forget a few. It's part of their stupidity.

So what am I trying to say? If you care about how this works, than this is how they work, if not, then y
ou'll never have as much as I have had over the last 100 years yelling at my TV at their stupidity.

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