Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yellow, yellow..yello, I'm back. I made it, yes, I'm still here. Playing drums & rockin' & idiots are still provoking me. When I should be talkin' lady stuff I gotta talk about more guy crap, but of course, this is what this bleech is for isn't it? Well here goes? Let's see who's gonna help me.
Well guess what? I've decided to make my new friend HAPPY BUNNY my representative for this entire Double-O7 year & help me out & maybe I can get thru this quick [maybe not so quick!] [Isn't he cool?]
The Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame has done it again. It's not bad enough that [in semi-chronological order]: that NEIL DIAMOND, CHICAGO, MOODY BLUES, YES, GENESIS, JETHRO TULL, ELP, ELO, Girlschool, Goldie & GINGERBREADS, FANNY, ISIS, BIRTHA, Styx, the RUNAWAYS & HEART & every other amazing legendary band in the world haven't gotten in even after they have passed the No.1 Rule the org has, which is you had to have 'Recorded your 1st album at least 25 years ago'. [?????????????????????????????]


NOW -they have decided to skip over the DAVE CLARK 5 & go with Van Hagar! I'll let you collect yourselves for a moment............ Now, we know their voting system is somewhat wacked! We know by now they HATE Progressive Rock [& till all those voters who basically hate that music DIE, our good bands will never get in]. It's a miracle QUEEN got in. But besides them hating certain rock, they do still look at several things apparently when voting. They do actually tend to look at longevity, this was strongly defended by their president when VH was inducted & wondered why Sammy was going in with them. Longevity [this is the proper meaning of the word-Noun: longevity lón'jevitee: Duration of service!] has a few meanings, maybe only one, but it supposedly means that you've made an impact, you have a body a work, a steady body of work, that everyone around the world recognizes you & that you'll eventually last forever no matter what. OK, is this clear? Good, I'll ask again VH????????????????????????????????????? Of course, who ever the hell seems to be voting now wasn't born at all in the 70s & apparently thinks music was invented in the 90s, after VH has come & gone, but feels obligated to vote for them because they 'gotta put some old people there they just discovered'. But besides this, they genuinely seem to do a few things right. Queen is in. Fine, the KINKS are in. But according to their rules, Sammy Hagar is up BY HIMSELF!!! Yet he's going in with those loons because they couldn't keep it together long enough with DLR & they'll NEVER put Sammy in alone.

[By the way 6 degrees of Hagar, he was in a band called MONTROSE, ['74-who should be in the HoF also] before he went solo & Rick Springfield [who is also up, by the way-his 1st album came out in 1972-yes it did!] REMADE a Sammy song & basically made him famous [I've Done Everything For You] & used to be in a band with the guys from LRB [yep Little River Band] B4 he went solo around the same time a little band called KISS was getting famous & their little bassist Gene Simmons after they made their little record all those years ago [& still aren't in the HoF], discovered a little sucky band & decided to produce their demo, they were called VH & years later they kicked their cool singer out & replaced him with Hagar! Now THEY are??????????]

Anyway, I'm all for Sammy getting in alone, God knows his records alone were WAY better than anything he ever did with VH. AND NOW DLR is going to disappoint me by going back to them. [I'm writing all wishy washy here when I wanted to put this in order but bear with the Roz Bear! I'm really pissed!] They also seem to look for who is still NORMALLY together. When I say this I mean what band is still basically around with the same members & still have the right to call themselves what they named themselves in the first place when the original guys got together in the 1st place to make our lives miserable. Now for this reason a lot of really good bands aren't going in because of their stupidity, but we'll talk about that later. They also want everyone to kiss their asses. So they look to see who then CAN GET BACK TOGETHER. If they either happen to be broken up or resting [dead?] or just completely hate each other & decide to put them in, so that they can say 'Oh let's give them this award & we'll get them back together ! BUMS! In this case, it seems to be VH, because they either: 1- want to take credit for their sykoyd reunion, 2- want to get more respect from the others who HATE them, & 3- want to see the biggest fight of the century since the day Tyson ate that poor dude's ear off. Which is exactly what is going to happen. I swore [if you look at my new years bleech] that DLR would never come back without their old bassist, but apparently he is, but good for him, more reason for VH to kiss his cute butt. BUT that bassist has to get his award, so he's gotta go & so does Sammy, & so does everybody else in that sucky band. SO if they all go, who's gonna sing? Even Sammy is afraid to go, but he is & somehow he's happy. Sick.

Let's fly back to 1993, Creedence Clearwater Revival. They got inducted. THEY HAD HUGE PROBLEMS. THEY ALL HATED EACH OTHER. Not only that, there were 2 brothers in that band-related!!! For real! Apparently their manager sucked out all their moolah & is now a huge-mondo mega-money grubbing old movie producer dude & John Fogerty, who wrote EVERYTHING didn't get ANYTHING. BUT there's still the 2 guys who were left [since John's brother passed before he could get his award-which sucks] no matter how, no matter what, if John showed them evy note & hit, they WERE the bassist & the drummer. They did play on those songs so naturally they should get the award & they did. BUT when it came to reunion time to play. Fogerty SWORE to EVERYBODY he would not play with THEM! Fine. But they had to play 'THE SONG' Fogerty said NO. FINE. SO the band didn't play, but not b4 the HoF dudes joined in. In this case, it being the amazing Robbie Robertson [who is in charge of the band situation at the induction & who's band at the show is always led by the World's Most Suckyist Band Leader -Paul Shaffer, so that should also tell you something about the HoF]. Robbie proceeded to ask or tell John [without talking to any of the other poor guys-even though John swears they screwed him over all those years ago] that if he didn't go & sing Proud Mary [which John wrote kiddies!] that everyone would think that song belonged to Tina Turner, which was true. Of course, John LOST IT! & he played it BUT with the World's Most Suckyist Band, not his CCR boys. Those guys were in the audience & walked out & felt horrible. So that's the HoF legacy for you. The HoF also has an obligation to the public to Service & tell everyone & all the little kids growing up now about good old rock'n'roll. Now at this, they are sucking goats!. They're supposed to be displaying ALL of R'n'R but are delibrately leaving out progressive rock because apparently it has no value to them. Of course this isn't their excuse. We haven't the room??????????? Yeah right. Then their leaving it to 7 choices a year which I believe is now down to 5. I lost count because they are insane. Now these kids are going to see this & think this is r'n'r, at least Queen & Pink Floyd & are in. For now, that's enough. But who knows when they'll get with it. I do want to get in. I want a Grammy, it's important. Some look at this & go WOW. It is important. It was important once. [Especially in 1984 when Yes beat Genesis in the Rock Instrumental category for Cinema!] But who knows. They still haven't put any relevant female bands in [not females-big diff]. BONNIE RAITT was huge. But take Patti Smith who IS getting in, but BY HERSELF, not with her GROUP-the Patti Smith Group, which she started with.

I wonder who's band I have to break up, join, go solo, reunite with, take 10 years off, form a new group & sue them, hate their guts & get them nominated to receive this honor???????????

I bring this up because some loon on another wacko group mentioned that the Go-Go's would get in the Hall of Fame before Styx ever did. Now this offended me & should offend everyone else too. Now if I were voting in there now & had the power I WOULD put the ladys before Styx, you want to know why?
1st of all: I love the Go-Go's so BACK OFF! They still kick major ass. 2nd: they haven't had 800 members go in & out of the band & others go out with the name when there are only 2 left. 3-Lady bands so far have had the decency to either completely break up or completely get back together & keep their legacys in tact without too much bitchin' & you know we can, better than you dorks. But apparently you dorks can fight better than we can because all your crap is still everywhere! So R'N'RHoF-

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