Monday, April 24, 2006

SECRETS OF R'NR!!!!!!!!!!! REVEALED!!!!!!!!!

YES, I'm going to be mean again. I have to be because no one else is. I'm sure you've heard it all before but it must be told, at least by me. I'm sure all of you know this but it's just my new discovery even though it's old news. Just a few little tidbits that I've never wanted to know or care to know but now that I know i think it's funny. It's nothing huge, just of course, silliness. Something for me to talk about & something for me to do while I'm in the midst of destroying the 'Studio' that is now my room. There are holes everywhere that I have to fix. Yet everything is staying, my tapes, my books, my instruments. So here we go we the little tidbits. I hope someone is interesting.

Secret No. 1: This blog will say I wrote this in April,when in fact it is being written at the end of my summer of relaxing on the last day of August, which incidentally is the amazing Gina Schock's birthday. She still kicks ass. So Happy Birthday to the
Queen of the Go-Go's You Rule!!

Today I find myself just wanting to break on poor old Eric Clapton or Crapton.
Just like Roger Waters did when he wound up totally losing his mind over Phil Collins. Which was pretty funny I must say. This after Mr. Collins decided to become completely boring [yes, people, Phil used to be very quite exciting! Believe me! & I believe he will be once again!!] Roger's ranting about Phil was just a trip, so much so that it made him forget all about his hatred for his old partner darling David Gilmour, who he totally couldn't stop speaking of before Phil just popped into his head. And now he misses that boy like his own flesh & blood. So hopefully if David could forget about payback which he has every right to do after what Roger pulled; maybe they can get it together one more time for our dear SYD!! Silly boys.

But then this is the problem with dude bands isn't it???? I guess this doesn't really happen to female band because we don't put up with that kind of crap.
This actually happens to be Secret No. 2: Ladys in R'n'R don't fight like this!! They may not have the longevity that the boys do but they do have a lasting impact that will never be forgotten & eventually do work things out. Unlike these silly boys: Pink Floyd, the Police,etc... but one thing's for sure, none if the ladys have fought to their deaths & let that reunite them for stupid reasons. Let's hope we never see that one!

Anwyay back to Mr. Crapton. What is ny problem with this man?. OK, let's see. 1: He used to be Eric Clapton. He was ok once! 2. I'm sorry he was NEVER GOD or will he EVER BE!! So enough with that!! [that goes to STEVE MILLER!!!! & of course, GOD himself!}
3. Ever since he completely insulted Brian May after Brian had released his 'Star Fleet' record basically saying that he 'couldn't play!!' for me he had to die!! [although I should point out that not only was Mr. Crapton speaking of Mr. May but Eddie VH who was also on the record, for this I sort of let it go because he was right about VH, but you NEVER say that about Brian.]
So with that said I found out a few more little things that just made me think he still isn't God! And I wonder why he still is. I watch this over & over again & I'll get crap from his fans, but I've felt the need to do this ever since he enlisted the help of Babyface to make him cooler ! [??????????????????????? If this doesn't make you think twice I don't know what will!] I'm sure everyone knows this but I found out that that amazing Layla solo is actually played by the incredible Duane Allman! Huh! Since I am not a fan of Mr. Eric [I'll be nice for a minute & not use the new last name] of course I did not know this & I bet you fans out there think & still believe it's all him. WRONG!!! It is revealed in a Classic Albums segment as told by I believe the engineer of that record. it's pretty amazing because goes so far as to lower Eric's part completely & you hear what Duane is doing which is insane! Schocking??? [yes, GINA!!] I think it's hilarious. So this means that Duane is God!! HA!!! Also : Proof number 2: When the 'man' does play this live he doesn't play it & sing it at the same time!! I assume A LOT of pretty damn good guitarists & singers can play this riff & sing both, but he's Eric Clapton isn't he??? He should be able to do it & I don't wanna hear he did it once & doesn't do it anymore!! Get Real!! We get older we could still do amazing things if we put our mind to it! I think it's funny.

Discovery No. 2: Apparently his litle screw-up in the way cool LAST WALTZ movie was not planned & schocking [Miss Gina!]! Excuse me??? Let go back shall we?? I love the BAND!!! Eric loved the BAND, HE WANTED TO JOIN THAT BAND !! HE SAID IT!!! SO they inviting him to their send-off. They're filming!! & what does he do?? I know they didn't plan this, but schocking?? No way. If you've never seen this movie. I implore to just ask yourself, especially all you guitarists out there, how do you strap on a guitar????? The answer: Normally! not like a loon -upside down, as the strap is extremely noticable that it is about to fall. I had no idea when I first saw this movie [which was years ago by the way, not recently, so I knew this a for while], it's during the song Further On Up The Road. Going in I knew it would fall & it did! It was one of the best moments in the history of R'N'R! And of course Robbie Robertson comes in & save the day. Actually plays a decent solo. [So who's God there? Silly!] But it's the funniest thing in the world & this was in 1975 [I hope I remembered that right, if not forgive me]. I'm sorry I revealed that for those who actually haven't seen this movie [why you haven't seen it I don't know]. It's actually hilarious.

I'm not saying you fans shouldn't like him I'm not saying that he shouldn't try new things & work with different people!! But when you're not cool- YOU"RE NOT COOL ANYMORE!! & that's not cool! So I'm done breaking on him. One more thing I saw him playing with Cream ! Mercy. How is it that Ginger Baker looks better than both him & Bruce?? [I actually love Jack, met him some years ago & he was a doll, unlike now , which is why Ginger hates him now!]. Actually he & Jack did one of their greatest records with the best ever Gary Moore called BBM!! What were they thinking hey??? Oh well, that's enough of my breaking on poor Eric! He's touring again & trying to play blues again & hopefully he'll stay away from Babyface. The mere mention of that man on my blecch is sickening enough!

I will say that my fav Eric album is Slow Hand!! Partly because of Miss Marcy Levy who completely wastes him on guitar, plays & sings & wrote Lay Down Sally & the Core!! Talk about another stupid thing he did was get rid of her. Even though she's still kicking ass now!! Let me tell you this, he definitely is & will forever be 'Slow Hand' definitely!! NOT GOD!!

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