Thursday, March 23, 2006


I didn't forget this. Now that I've been reminded, I thought I'd let you know about some cool new lady bands that seemed to be making noise without my knowing it. Mind you , they're not very progressive but they are pretty fun & exciting & they all play instruments so that is very cool.

I have a pic here of the legendary NO.1 DRUMMER OF ALL TIME IRLENE MANDRELL. She is still & WILL ALWAYS BE THE GREATEST. I don't understand why there aren't anymore female country bands around. But those country ladys lately have been very cool, but there are some good lady rockers out there so I'd like to tell you about them. Some may sound pop but I would hope they get a little aggresive in due time. I'd like a bigger list but I do believe it will get bigger eventually.

1. 5, 6, 7, 8's -amazing band you may have seen in Kill Bill Vol. 1.
2. the FADERS -great name for British band.
3. the LIKE
4. the SOUNDS [they're dudes in it but they're still pretty good]
5. EISLEY -family bands are still cool.
7. BREAKERBOX This lady kicks!!

They may not be the heavy progressive rock bands I'm waiting for but it's something for now & they're not just little waste's of space, like everyone else is now. They're showing little girls that it's ok to play. that's ok in my book.

I've been in a rampage for all my classics ever since poor cool Bill Beutel passed, so I'll talk about that fiercely in my next bleecchh! Oops, sorry Blog!

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