Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Aw, man! Someone went & did a worst album list without me & I didn't get to vote. That sucks! I always want to be a part of that. It's my life! I live to tell what sucks. Well, With their permission I'm going to steal this list make a few changes & ommissions & put it right. I should make 3 very astute obsevations before you read this list. 1: It is a British list which makes it far different than it should be. Meaning even some cool Brits have stuff that suck. 2: How they even made this list is beyond me. You'd think 1 song is bad enough, but to have anyone sit & listen to the rest without completely realizing how bad it is, that's amazing. 3: Styx isn't on it so that means we're safe! [Besides apparently Brits really hate Styx! so we got away with that.]
Also while I may not agree with a teeny few of these I don't doubt that these have the probabilty of being horrible. That's why I will add my comments to some of them & my changes in capitals-then you can tell me what you think.

1. TP3 RELOADED -R. Kelly [the biggest piece of crap ever!]
2. Spice Girls – All Their Solo Albums!
3. Various – Urban Renewal: The Songs Of Phil Collins [can you believe he even has a tribute album?]
4. Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music
5. Billy Idol – Cyberpunk [poor guy-he's still cool]
6. Naomi Campbell – Babywoman
7. Kevin Rowland – My Beauty
8. Mick Jagger – Primitive Cool
9. Westlife – Allow Us To Be Frank
10. VITALOGY-Pearl Jam
11. Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish& The Hot Dog
Flavored Water
12. CALIFORNICATION -Red Hot Chilli Peppers
13. Bruce Willis – The Return Of Bruno
14. Terence Trent Diabolical – Neither Fish Nor Flesh
15. SHAMAN-Santana [I didn't think he could be bad then he did it again last year!]
16. Spice Girls – Forever
17. Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Dylan And The Dead
18. Crazy Frog – Crazy Hits
19. Goldie – Saturnz Return
20. Mariah Cary – Glitter OST [Just 1? i don't think so either!]
21. The Clash – Cut The Crap
22. Robson & Jerome – Robson & Jerome
23. Alanis Morissette – Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie [don't forget her acoustic one!]
24. Lauryn Hill – MTV Unpugged 2.0
25. ANTHOLOGY-Bread [how?]
26. Vanilla Ice – Hard To Swallow
27. Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled
28. USE YOUR ILLUSION I& II-Guns'n'Rose.
29. Various – Christmas In The Stars: Star Wars Christmas
30. Michael Jackson – Invincible {I'm sure there's another one!]
31. Stevie Wonder – Woman In Red
32. Ace Of Bass – The Sign
33. Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All
34. Fishspooner - #1
35. Puff Daddy – Forever
36. Kula Shaker – Peanuts, Pigs & Astronauts
37. CRUSH-Bon Jovi [how long much we be subjected to his whining?]
38. ST. ANGER-Metallica
39. OPERATION MINDCRIME II-Queenscryche [like the 1st one wasn't bad enough]
40. The Others – The Others
41. Paul Simon – Songs From The Capeman OST
42. Babylon Zoo – The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
45. William Shatner – The Transformed Man
46. Oasis – Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants [Just 1? I don't think so!]
47. L.A. WOMAN -the Doors [if you don't want to really die when you hear this......]
48. Milli Vanilli – All Or Nothing
49. Neil Young And The Shocking Pinks – Everybody’s Rocking
50. Beck – Midnight Vultures

If you want to see the real list click here YUK!

Please tell me your thoughts, it's so much fun to hate crap!

By the way HAPPY EASTER bunnys!!

Which rock chick are you? (girls only plz, pictures!)

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vlugt said...

The star wars christmas album ROCKS!!!! It's the best ever!!!

Earl of Rozland said...

Oops, I haven't heard that.
OK I'll take it out!!
Give me a replacement!!!

Earl of Rozland said...


Looks like the CHilli Peps added their new record on there. Listen to why! above!

Anonymous said...

hey why do you think the first operation mindcrime was bad? i absolutly love queensrchye and they are all amazing musicians.

Earl of Rozland said...

Hello anonymous,

The First?????
If you love them so much,
why don't you tell me who you are?????

I have yet to understand Queensryche's existence on this planet yet.........
I'm sorry.....
regardless of how they play...