Thursday, June 15, 2006

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO'S YOU'RE DADDY NOW ??? HUH??????? Happy Dad Day, I guess! I finally saw Revenge of The Sith,on the worst day of the year-June 6, etc...] so as pissed as Darth Vader was in that particular movie, he's going to help me talk about today's blog crap!

OK! It is good to play all instruments. ANY instrument! If you are a Multi-Instrumentalist that is fine!!! BUT when you are primarily known for 1 particular instrument & you play a bunch of others it really should not qualify you as playing that particular instrument!!

Case in point: I believe I brought up this topic on my other blog when VH gtr dork played keyboards on JUMP & got voted Best Keyboardist in the World that year!! Over TONY KAYE, GEOFF DOWNES, TONY BANKS, DENNIS DEYOUNG & ANYONE ELSE!!!???? PATHETIC!!

But this is not the big story. Now-I love Edgar Winter & Todd Rundgren, but they have no business playing drums!! It doesn"t help that Todd wrote a great song about playing drums & plays lousy timbale on it live! All I want is for real drummers to have their day. I had enough of BAD DRUMMERS!!! Case in point: the NEW STYX! need I go on??? While BANG THE DRUM ALL DAY is a great story about someone who just want to play drums that song should have a massive drum solo in it!

todd rundgren lyrics

a - z LYRICS

FRANKENSTEIN on the other hand has great drumming. BUT we all know good ole Edgar is a Horn & keyboard player mostly. Maybe I;m being silly. I am just wondering now that Mr. Winter is in the Ringo Starr & Sheila E band, how Frankenstein will be played out. It will be interesting. But I think Ringo & Sheila should destroy each other & Edgar should stay out of it.

Also, I believe I mentioned this before but certainly worth mentioning again:
Don Henley needs to stay away from the gtr!
Phil Collins needs to stop playing piano!

I'll take any other dorks I forgot who mis-abuse other instruments. Disclaimer: I have nothing against EDGAR WINTER & TODD RUNDGREN, they're bothe geniuses who are still kicking major ASS!! [Especially Todd who's now in the NEW CARS!!]SO back off!! & figure out what I'm talking about!!

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