Monday, October 17, 2005


SAY IT'S NOT TRUE!! [just like Roger says!], just in time for HALLOWEENIE as well. This is just too damn scary what people will do to make our lives absolutely miserable!! We try so hard to live such peaceful normal decent lives then stuff like this happens to make us just want to totally end our existence!! This has to be stopped! We can't allow this to happen. What am I referring to you ask?? Do you really want to know?? OK! I dare you to read on but I ware you , it will get ugly!! Just so you know-HALLOWEEN is my favorite holiday. It should be a national holiday. Everyone should have the day off that day, just to eat all the bad candy in the world & dress up like maniacs every year. There's nothing wrong with that. Till stuff like this happens!!! Then that's when you need to hide & hope it goes away! What am I talking about ?? I'll tell you & you tell me we're not in hell already! Even my boy here is screaming!!!!!!!>

It wasn't bad enough that before the the scariest thing of all was KISS UNPLUGGED!! [I defy you to tell me that wasn't the scariest thing ever!!!!] ................................but now........................... brace yourself...............................................
If this isn't a nightmare I don't know what is! I mean, MERCY!! She has only 5 albums [if the count is wrong - WHO CARES??], which I guess is considered a milestone now; a supposed infatuated junkie 10 year 'rock' career & her last one that she apparently just came out with was an acoustic version of her 1st album! Now normally most talented artists that are lucky enough to even have a 10 year career will have released at least 10 ALBUMS!!
I didn't even bat an eye [every pun intended....Halloweenie] when Hilary Duff released her greatest hits record when that girl only has 2 records [or CDs or whatever the hell you call them now....] I never had a problem with that girl because: 1: She was never trying to be all slutty like the other blonde talentless bimbos around & 2- She put Dennis DeYoung in her last movie [which by the way comes out on DVD on Nov. 1st]. But this I have a problem with. This is scary because now everyone who sucks is going to do it.

Let's see why do I have to pick on her? Am I picking on her??? [Just so you realize, I will be referring to her as 'her' as I refuse to mention her name again! I think I've already made her famous enough.] Let's see if I have room on this blog for my dislike of this chick. Let's do the Plus & Minus thing shall we??
PLUS: She rocks! MINUS : NO! she doesn't rock, she started as a disco queen [this is my Rozzie Bear lingo for crap dance pop-if you so require a Rozzie Bear special dictionary to understand my lingo I will make one upon further requests] & only decided to rock to make everyone forget that use to really suck more, as if that wasn't scary enough, but of course it didn't work & everyone remembered [or she got caught - whatever].
+ :
Her 1st song was cool... - : Yeah, ok, we all like her 1st song, you outta know it. 2 reasons that got big: 1. Girls everywhere were losing their minds listening to grunge crap & getting dumped by all kinds of losers & didn't know how to really beat up these losers [Rozzie Bear lingo meaning: guys]. So apparently that song came out & yee-haw-done! 2- she of course not only said a bad word but also use a little reference to a certain dirty act that losers seem to find very popular. [I'm still trying to keep this blog as clean as possible-so Tipper Gore won't put a label on me- or maybe she'll make me more famous if she does right? Well it worked for her & WASP & look where that got us!]. Now the little phrase is one thing- 'Oh it was so shocking'-GET REAL!. But the bad word in question: the F-word, has been used by various artists over the years in songs. Songs that may have been banned because of it, that may have offended certain audiences-fine. The 1st use of that word, not too clearly-mind you, was in the Who song 'Who Are You' where he so gleefully says & quite quickly [so much so that it has never been censored in any way, because it does go by rather fast so no one really noticed it until-believe it or not-LIVE 8, when they did that song live & said those words rather clearly that the crazy ass FCC went after them for it-LUNY-BINS] [more Rozzie lingo-Lunatics!.] Anyway, saying these little bad words only serves a purpose. As did Pink Floyd's joyous 'Not Now John' in which they actually had the nerve to get their back-up ladys to sing ' F- all that'! Cool! The point being: "Her" saying it in that song served no purpose! Except to annoy us.

Where she revealed she was 'overwhelmed because she sold 10 MILLION RECORDS'!!!!! Aawwww!! GET CRUCIAL!!!!
+ : She's Canadian - : She's from Canada.
+ : Who's it about?? - the dork from Full House. [I'm not sure if this is true or not but if it isn't -WHO CARES?? this actually makes a really funny story. ] Not the dad because he's actually ok & not the Beach Boys drummer- the other one. That's funny! That this guy would piss her off to that point?? That's really funny.
+ She played 'God' in 'Dogma' ------ Get real!

There was a time that I actually thought she was cool. Then she came out horribly naked in one of her videos!! [MINUS!!] isn't that ironic?? Don't you think?? Anyway, I'm insane about this & I'm not just PMS-ing. Isn't that ironic?? Don't you think? Isn't that annoying?? Don't you think??? How annoying was that? Really?? Isn't that moronic??? Don't you think?

I think I've gone on about this enough. I know there was more I wanted to say about this. But I can't remember, all I know is that her whining on Behind The Music really did it, made me lose all the respect I never had for her. Too bad, she could've been cool. Isn't that ironic?? Don't you think??



Earl of Rozland said...

Maybe I was a bit too hard on Miss Morrisette, who's about to marry a very cute actor named Ryan Reynolds.
Gotta give her that!

Earl of Rozland said...

HA !