Thursday, October 06, 2005


Here I am by my lonesome self watching my nightly vid show [after living 3 days of a certain holiday nightmare!] on VH1 Classic & who happens to come on but Genesis. Yep, but it's not your usual Genesis-it's unfortunately what everybody seems to remember them for now, which is the song 'Turn It On Again' [I still haven't quite figured out if this is called 'Turn It On' or 'Turn It On Again', as now I'm way to lazy to get the record & find out what it's actual credit is-so if anyone out there can help with this that would be cool!]. As bad as 'Invisible Touch' was, I have decided that this is their worst song ever! For this-I've enlisted the help of Jane [right>], Daria's best friend, to talk of this subject that even the best bands in the world have at least 1 awful song. I think the look on her face says it all!

The reason I think it's appropriate that it has the 'again' in this title [if indeed it does] is because it just keeps going on & on -again & again, ugh! This song just bites. It's useless! It's boring. There is some great drumming, but even that doesn't help when that usually works. I think the myth is that their downfall started when Peter Gabriel left. I don't think that's true. I think this song did it, although they did come up with amazing stuff after that till they went disco [the aforementioned 'IT' ^song]. But that's not the point. The point is that after this song was released they proceeded to play this song to death & live it just got worse!! making an even more horrible live version of the song to give it the worst ending possible. Phil Collins' ranting at the end of the live version is just uncalled for. This song need to die a horrible death. True Genesis has not played in concert for years & have not been together for a while but there is talk this will happen again & I don't think any real Genesis fan [even the ones who bought 'I Can't Dance'] will not be clammoring to hear this particular song again.

So I just would like to make a plea here if this ever happens to NOT play this song & give it the burial it deserves, along with the rest of the bad songs that have come our way over the years. Mind you, not that given the choice I would rather be in a room listening to this crap above all the other really bad songs that are trully worse than this, But mercy- it would still be unmitigated torture-especially the live version [even the original is semi-tolarable -to a certain extent!]. Still this is the worst song ever by Genesis. And then there were 3... 3 days of not knowing what the hell else to do so they came out with this crap! If anything this song should've been sung by someone like Ray Parker Jr. Otherwise they have been a pretty incredible band.

So that is the topic the your favorite band in the world have an extremely bad song you know should never have been written by utter geniuses?? Please let me know. I'm sure this will grow to be a hot topic. Especially if you dare put the 4 bands that absolutely have never written a bad song in their lives even if they were asked to- these being: the Steve Miller Band, Jethro Tull, King Crimson & Rush! I think Queen does actually have just 1 bad song & it's something called 'P
ain Is So Close To Pleasure ' from the Highlander /A Kind Of Magic album which was supposed to be a soundtrack to that [no it's not Hot Space-so don't even try it!]not sure what they were thinking with that one but who knows. Otherwise they are still perfect! I believe I know the one person who will answer this topic as we were talking about this the other nite & I will absolutely give him the chance to post & talk about it here, which would be very ultra cool. Otherwise let yourself be heard & make it good or else! Mind you , I'm not sure if this would include songs not written by the particular bands but we'll see. That's unfortunately a whole other subject in itself. But let me know. That would be a good excuse to disqualify them from sucking. But let's see.

I wonder who Jane would vote for?. Certainly not her brother's Trent's band Mystikk Spiral. For they have what is almost the greatest song ever 'Ice Box Woman'! Sample lyrics: 'You're a vision in black, you sure have the knack, for putting my heart, on a shelf in the back'!


state street scotty said...


I am still giving this some thought. I don't want to recklessly post, and regret it later. I promise that I will come up with someting. I am not sure if I want to use Lorelei as my pick..

Be back soon...


Earl of Rozland said...

OH come on,
You know Lorelei's the worst they got. It ain't Homewrecker because that doesn't count! Figure it out already!!

1/2-Anjy, 2-Anjy said...

you didn't mention the worst televised moment in YES history...when they should have changed their name to NO! NO! NO!!!

Earl of Rozland said...

you're totally right , maybe TV moments are a whole separate blog but I'll allow it.

Steve Howe trying to play "Owner of A Lonely Heart'. That is a crime. There is documented proof of this!!
Miss 1/2 will provide DVD name.

Although since you have the Miss- fortune of possessing that piece of crap, you need to write down where it's from & tell the rest of our bloggers about it so that may avoid it. If anything that should be burned in our bonfire!! Ah, you just gave me a great idea!!

1. Steve Howe playing 'Ownner'
2. Turn It In Again
4. ??????

1/2-Anjy, 2-Anjy said...

High Voltage Volume 1 included free inside Classic Rock magazine no. 78.
The moment when YES was NO,
also known as the performance where
YES is your disgrace.
burn burn burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earl of Rozland said...

'Yes....? NO.......!..'
as Styx says.

Thats so funny.
You rule my world Miss 1/2!!

Actually I think that it's actually on one of their new live videos as well.
A well-documented NO!!

anyone else??????????