Monday, September 26, 2005

QUEEN WILL ALWAYS RULE! [ but not without BRIAN & ROGER !!]

QUEEN RULES!! I don't care what anybody says!!
Freddie Mercury was the best-the greatest EVERYBODY knows this, HE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN EVER!!! But he had a band of guys behind him!! These boys are very special-to this day. We lost Freddie & it was a shame, but it was also a shame & a waste that they stopped playing together because they easily could've kept going as a trio & they should've. They are the best band in the world. Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon are an amazing trio, who backed Freddie but were geniuses in their own right. Remember, they all sang & they all wrote & they played almost everything known to man. LISTEN TO THEIR RECORDS!! Freddie wasn't the only one who sang lead!!

BRIAN MAY is the Best Guitarist in the World. [aside from Steve Hackett-there is proof of this since he almost joined GTR, could you just imagine how incredibly sick & fantastic that would've been????] He's also one of the greatest singers that has ever lived. Who ever doesn't realize this, just listen to lead vocals on any Queen album [you can tell who's which -get real !] & listen to his incredible solo albums [unfortunately he only made 2- 'Another World' & 'Back To The Light']. Never have I heard anyone else sing who poured their entire heart, soul & guts into their songs. This man does just that, i defy you to tell me that he's not an amazing vocalist. It's gut-retching! There is, of course-no question of this man's guitar playing. He made his own guitar with his daddy. No one else can say that. [Other guitarists get their names put on guitars they make after they get famous-Brian made his before he
became successful & he got famous because of it !!] He has singled -handedly proven he could've over as lead singer although he won't admit it. His voice is so strong it'll rip your heart out. Where do you think all those backrgound vocals came from. It was a waste not seeing this man play for 10 years & now he's back & I hope they stick around & show these awful new bands what it's really about!

ROGER TAYLOR is an amazing drummer. He's one hell of a singer as well. He's has the highest range of any normal vocalist & also plays every instrument known to man. Even as his 'Galileo' is so known all over the world. His contribution to Queen's madness is unmistakable. His 'I'm In Love WIth My Car' is still known as a classic. Yet he has much more songs in their catalog that completely stand out. The best album for me is 'Jazz'. That has everone of the guys singing & just coming together for one brilliant genius if a record. How he ever managed to sing & play like that is still unbelievable & i don't believe he's ever used a headset. That's incredible. His solos albums are
beyond brilliant, his voice is to die for. Together Brian & Roger are the greatest power guitar & drum duo EVER!! . hey have ever right to keep Queen going between the 2 of them alone. God knows they don't need anyone else. That's Queen.

JOHN DEACON. The quiet one whatever you want to call him. He is one of the most tremedous bass players in the world. I wish he sang. There is no way that he can possible sing as bad as any of these jerks out there right now! The only thing is he's not in this line-up. He is extremely missed. [Please come back, you are all they need-you're all that's missing!]. he's retired. But he is still a genius. He's left us his incredible bass hooks & his very cool amp. John is beyond brilliant as well & that is really all that is wrong with Queen being out there right now. They made one hell of a trio as proven in their brilliant tribute to Freddie 'No One But You'. I wish he would come back, they'll do any he says. [We miss you John, please make an appearance!]

I was talking to a great friend of mine from work who happens to have a Styx song named after her. She said her husband had just bought their new Return Of The Champions record & he said that it 'sounded like Bad Company doing Queen'. That maybe true, but look who playing !!! It was funny. But this isn't Styx remember-while they should've quit a 10 years ago- Queen never should've stopped. They still had Brian & Roger & that's enough. That's their sound, thats Queen. They should've been a duo, but if Paul Rodgers must be there it is fine as long as it's not a Bad Company show.
[At least it ain't that other weirdo who thought he could sing for them-I'm not going to mention his name but if you wanna know-write!!] I'm sure it'll be wonderful. As long as Brian & Roger are there. I DON"T CARE!!! & you shouldn't either. If you don't think that's cool, then don't go see them because if you do & decide to squak at them I will be there & kick the living crap out of you if you dare ruin my show! I've been waiting too long for this & it will be brilliant, just like they are. I have no question. My only wish was that Roger & Brian would sing more of their classics like 'Sleeping On The Sidewalk' & 'Rock It'. If that was the case Paul could just stand aside & watch their genius at work, but he's in it & it's cool. [Actually all I really need for him to do is shave, he looks way too much like the Originator!!!].

So do not think that this QUEEN reunion is wrong. It's more genius in the making.
I cannot wait to see this. I tried to see it in London but the bombings made it impossible [Bastards!] so now I will be seeing them here. Anyone who's in London or Vegas should really check out the musical. It is a brilliant piece of work. Anyway I will defend these boys to my death!! As long as they're together. That will always be enough!! They are the best !! They always will be! No band who has reunited lately will ever sound better than this!!


liamhowlett said...

I admire you're passion, but you're in danger of sounding obsessive. However much one person can like one thing, it would be a shame not to find as much pleasure in a number of different but just as wonderful things.

Point being, there are an infinite number of fantastic tracks out there that you have not even heard yet.

Earl of Rozland said...

Maybe, you're right.
I don't think I'm obsessive,
I just know what I like & what I'm tired of hearing. I'm very into the classics & the classic sound. I'm not fond of anything fake. I absolutely love country music. I think that's very different from anything we've talked about so far. I'm sure there are a number of fantastic country songs you haven't heard of yet.

I can't wait to hear all these other tracks I'm missing!

Thanks for writing!

liamhowlett said...

Sure thing.

I guess I like to leave things in the past. I like "modern classics", and am always looking for new talent.

I think only American's "get" country music; not a huge audience for it in Europe....

Earl of Rozland said...

Unfortunately , there are no 'modern classics' today & that's the problem. Everything sounds the same, I have found nothing different. The only classics that are being produced are by the 'originators'!

By the way- How long would one of your 'modern classics' have to age before you decide to 'leave it the past'?? I believe a classic should last forever- not just a few months-especially something quite good.

If I heard anything 'classic' now , I would talk about it. But I'm still waiting for that to happen & the way things sound it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. It's been too long already for the fake sounds which some seem to like & the musician in me finds that's very disturbing.

I guess the US is different when it comes to country. [Although I'm not very patriotic myself, I prefer most British music-the real stuff.] But I am referring of course to the classic country & not the new stuff. Although there are some good new sounds & that's a miracle. So maybe some modern classics are happening somewhere.

Who knows we both might get lucky.

1/2-Anjy, 2-Anjy said...

Here's a more modernly obsessive fan blog to check out...This kid obsesses over some really good "new" stuff... if you can manage to weed through the vast quantity of it, you might get lucky. think you can find one or two good bands here? let me know if you do...

liamhowlett said...

That's one serious dude.

I can't be that "into" anything. I feel shallow in comparison. Maybe if I did not have a job and a family I could stay home and create a hobby to obsess about. Maybe I lack passion; well, I don't think that's true. I lack his kind of passion. But what's normal anyway.

Earl of Rozland said...

You're not shallow, I'm not shallow. People like what they like. If this stuff is great, wonderful!, if it's not, believe me we'll know it.

Having a job & family doesn't change [or shouldn't]hobbies. You should try to share that with them. I think that would be fun if I ever have any kids.

I have to admit I don't like everything. Some are crazier than am. My SSS partner says I like the 'underdog' which is crap. There is no 'underdog' in my book. There's only what's real.

I met a guy at my Air Supply show last month that had 2 jobs. 1 to support himself & the other to buy his concert tickets. He proceeded to tell me every single show he'd been to in the last year, which between the Stones & McCartney alone is more than I make in 1 year. I liked everyone he said but I wouldn't pay to see them , maybe that's obsessive[I thought that was insane]. Who knows.

But once again, we are who we are. maybe I'll look thru the list & find some cool new chicks.

Ah! you're only obsessive if you follow them to their hotels. Now That's a problem! There!

Earl of Rozland said...

Also, I'm not cool with the fact that we're not talking Queen which is what this part of my blog is supposed to be about!HA ! HA!

I think this subject fits more here.
We should be talking about this on my Fake Piano Chicks blog!

liamhowlett said...

"My SSS partner"

What's that? Some S&M thing? Are you into that freaky stuff Roz?

Sorry, you wanna talk about Queen right?

You know, when I was a kid I loved Queen. My dad had Queens Greatest hits and it was always in the car. Every trip we went on, especially when we used to go camping, Queen's greatest hits was the sandtrack to our vacation. The whole car (5 of us) would sing together; we all knew the words to every song.

Fantastic songs, great memories.....

Earl of Rozland said...


Queen always had something special.That's great that you'd listen to them in the car. It's funny-when I saw the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video for the first time I actually thought their faces were actually being spread apart in the 'magnifico' part. Wild stuff. It was scarier than seeing 'Alien'. But it was great.

Glad you like Queen ,they have always been amazing.

As for my 'SSS' partner. That happens to be my WNTDTYR gtr partner-the great State Street Scotty! So no S&M here. Bad boy!

Earl of Rozland said...

What a nightmare!!
I've just heard Queen on Rockline & they said they will never do solo albums again.

This sucks!!
I must convince them otherwise!!
It'd be a waste if they don't!

Earl of Rozland said...

How wonderful !!

The great WNTDTYR will all be going to see the White QUEEN as it began...

PLease feel free to write your reviews after they totally waste us!!

Earl of Rozland said...

I'm completely worn out & tired trying to get to & from the Queen show without collapsing so I'll write my comments much later when I've collapsed on my own for a few hours.

For now................
They were just BEAUTIFUL!!

[except the poor bassist who I plan to torture!]

Earl of Rozland said...

So you're waiting to hear what I thought of the show. It was beautiful!

BRIAN MAY & ROGER TAYLOR absolutely rule my world.

They are just tremendous.
Even Paul Rodgers was good, even though he was kinda bluesy. But that was ok in some points. He's there because truly-Brian & Roger don't believe that they can dio it alone. But of course they totally proved that Sunday night.

Poor Paul, everyone is saying he's no Freddie, but that 's not the point. He's not & he wasn't trying to be otherwise he would've been killed. We know this but they needed someone to sing. I think they didn't but it was what they wanted & he was fun. I just feel sorry for poor Bad Company, who totally got wasted on their own songs by the great Queen!!

Brian & Roger proved that they are capable singers when they did they're beautiful solos. It was incredible to hear them sing. it was just a dream. So- we like Paul but he's definately not needed.

I think they could've gotten away with doing a White Stripes thing & stayed a duo then maybe John could've come back whenever he wanted. They are geniuses after all.

But there was 1 teeny problem.
The BASSIST!! No No No!! Very bad. I wasn't sure if he was trying to hard or wasn't trying hard enough. Al I know is I didn't hear him at all.[All i know is if John were there I would be deaf & so would everyone else!!]But he wasn't heard understandably since Brian & Roger were loud enough & that's all we needed to hear. It was just a matter of 'bassic-ness' & it wasn't there. JOHN DEACON -PLEASE COME BACK!!At least for 1 show in NY next year. That's all we need.
The bassist was either too silly or too useless. He wasn't needed either.

Spike on Keys & Jamie on gtr were just fine. Old friends who played with the boys on their solo tours & with Queen. They were way cool. I just wish Jamie would've played bass, it may have worked better.
I 'll tell you they kicked ass on Bad Co.'s Can't Get Enough, which was so cool.

But who knows. I heard all sorts of stupid things from stupid people. Like this was worse than Bad Co. getting a new singer which was better. In fact Brian Howe should've been here. That would've been cool. But who knows, maybe he'll go back to Bad Co. if Paul stays in Queen which I hear he may. So thats fine. As long as we get something new from Brian & Roger -


Remember idiots- it's called
Queen + Paul Rodgers not
just Queen.
NO matter what

Anonymous said...

i ncompletly agree with you everything about QUEEN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!