Monday, September 19, 2005


Wow, here I am at home waiting for my show DARIA to start, & I'm watching this great Culture Club concert from 1983 & forgotten-that they rocked!! That at the time, actually to this day was one of their best shows. Not only did they have some great songs but they were a pretty good band as well. Even when got back together a few years back they still kicked ass. [Although I had a problem with their new back-up singer/where's Helen Terry?] Anyway, their best song is undoubtedly "Victims", which whoever doesn't cry when they hear this has no feeling what-so-ever. I still think that 'Miss Me Blind has one of the greatest guitar solos ever. Even though Roy Hay is not known at all for his guitar playing, mostly funk-pop beats but that solo still stands out to this day & should be remembered as such! It was really great to see. So that was a pretty cool thing to watch & reminisce about. After coming back from getting my face mutilated with make-up by my artsy guitarist, which I never ever wear, only- if I can avoid it, on Halloweenie!!

As we speak I'm listening to Jon Anderson. His solo stuff. He used to be so damn cute. Now he's all hairy! He made a lot of soundtrack songs in the 80's which were pretty kickin'. One called 'Christie' [which I forgot sounds exactly like "Don't Give Up On Us" by the great DAVID SOUL!] from a wacko movie called Scream For Help, which he had help from John Paul Jones for some reason [Jon in the 80s decided he had to record with EVERYBODY!! & their mother-[because Chris Squire wasn't enough! ] -So he did!- Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Kitaro [you should check out his site-it's very Mr. Roboto!], & all those weirdos only us REAL MUSICIANS have heard of & that none of you give a crap about when you should!!!]. It's a really pretty song. He also had this really funny dirty song on his Song Of Seven album called "Heart Of The Matter". [He wrote this way before Trevor Rabin made him dirtier!] So he always kicked ass, even alone! It's a fun song, you should try to listen to it. Actually, that particular album, it sounds like his back up band is Styx. This song in particular has little traces of good old Paradise Theatre. [I know I'm gonna get a lotta crap for this.!...-BRING IT ON!!] I never would've put that together before. But lately I just can't get these boys off my mind!! [I wonder why??????]

Well, there's my history lesson for today. You got some pretty cool links if you ask me!! Ask I speak I 'm still wiping off some shine left over from my monster performance on camera last nite. Silly. I'm tired.


1/2-Anjy, 2-Anjy said...

Hmm. I don't think I can think of that guitar solo from Miss Me does it go? All I can think of is that lady who sings that part where she's like:
ooooh baby do baby do dat don, yeeeaaaahh, how whowwwww OW!
what song is that?????

Earl of Rozland said...

That's funny. The song with that lady doing that, [the lady is Helen, by the way], is 'It's A Miracle'. That's a great song as well. It's on the same album.

'Miss Me Blind' has the ending where they're singing accapella, 'I know you miss me, I know you miss me, I know you miss me blind...' I think I left the link so you could could hear the song. I don't know if its the whole thing on there. You should check it out. I have it somewhere.

The solo is so weird, its loud as hell & the whole entire song has this funky ching-ching to it, yet when he breaks into that solo its so matches it's wild. Then after the solo he goes back to that funk thing in less than 2 seconds which is amazing. He'd did that exact live when they'd gotten back together & it was really vicious. Its not a fancy solo or anything it's just a really nice classic guitar solo. It's very very cool. It was great to see him do it, I never saw them the 1st time out, but I got to see them at Radio City in 2000,[I think], when they got back together. They're still one hell of a band. Except they need to get a better back-up singer, the new girl isn't anywhere near what Helen did on that song you're talking about! No Way!