Saturday, September 17, 2005


Yes, I 've done it. Ladies & gentleman, & children of all maniacs, At the request of my very faithful co-horts Ultimate Miss 1/2 ANJY-2 ANJY & the ultra cool STATE STREET SCOTTY, I've have decided to blog myself to oblivion. Meaning I've sucked up to this new technology now way too much don't you think? Have you nothing better to do with your lives??? Well, if you don't then you might as well blog-on to mine. As I will make sure you won't be bored!! Because if you so much as blink the wrong way I'll know about it & I'll write about it. Besides, my kids [named above] have been rather upset they have not been getting my rantings on their newly high-tech camera, which they have been video taping our very insane marathon rehearsals.

I must give credit for the title to the great Ian Hunter. He has a similar title for his little comments on his website, yet its not exactly the same as he answers questions from his admirers. And of course, I spelled it wrong, because it looks better.

I shall be posting I guess, my thoughts on just about anything & everything & everyone that makes me insane. Since some people seem to love to really hear it, I have no problem saying it. I chose the colour black for this since this might get a little ugly sometimes, I also was thinking of Johnny Cash, because he's cool. Thats it. Isn't this a beautiful picture of him? I'm sure that's exactly the way he wanted to be remembered, just like I would. Besides, this blog didn't seem to come in my color-Blue! I do like space & wish there were some stars in the back like my cool Website. But I'm sure my tech friends will help me do that somehow.

The start of this new Blog- The word Blog! Who came up with this word? Everytime I say that word I want to blow chunks. [I tried to find the nicest way I could to say that. I don't want to make anyone sick. But I assure you this will be the only time I will be nice.] Anyway, Technology has got me wired out of my mind. Its a miracle I have this thing I'm writing this on now, at least I'm in my comfy bed & can be mad in the comfort of my own little boudour- [did I spell that right?]. Right now, I'm losing my mind trying to edit this thing, while watching this CMT Duets show, after they had the unmitigated gall to place the Greatest Duet of All-Time: Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer by Kenny Rogers & Kim Carnes at No. 99. Pathetic!!! [Besides of course: Haven't We Been Here Before & 22 Years by our very own Styx!] They had too many newer songs like country music was invented in THE 90'S!!! But what do they know???

[I have to go eat something before I die, it's 4:00 in the morning &
I'm still working on this crap!!! ]

Oh, well, tell me what you think! I really wanna know [yeah, right!],
but please you know I do.


state street scotty said...


I feel completely honored that I get to be the first person to comment on your blog. I hope you get lots of visitors to come see this space, becuase you have got a whole lot to say sister!

Make us proud and tell us all about it.

Luv you Rozzie Bear....Now get up, (enough sleeping already), go eat something, and let's play some music...

Fish Niblers, Frozen Drinks, Ginger Ale and Mushroom Pizza forever....Oh yeah..and a lot of Ice..


Earl of Rozland said...

See, I do have friends!!
Friends who know what I love!!

Don't EVER forget the ICE!!!

Earl of Rozland said...

I'm tired & I'm up way too early & i'm upset that my downloading thingy isn't working. Well, not too upset. Anything that keeps me away from the computer is good.

I'll post a new blog soon. I just need to sleep.

I also hope the great Liam Howlett will check out my little blog as well.

Have a beautiful new old friend in my life again. Maybe I'll be ok. Wild.

Derik (Lil D) said...

Hey Cuuuuuuuzzzzzzzz what up! Just writin to tell you you know where its at and you tell those bums! Keep it real and I'll take care of all of thse college nuts!!

<3 Derik