Sunday, May 31, 2009

MAY....HEY....BEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!

It's May. My month! Yes, I'm a Taurus, yes I had a birthday & it's boring one [not as exciting as it'll be next year] but it's ok. I did have a blast got almost everything I wanted, may-be!. I went to my favorite restaurant with the love of my life, I got to bet on the Kentucky Derby, even though I lost & the Yanks started to go crazy & all of a sudden, I started to think of all the things I've missed & been missing [is that the same thing?]. I missed a few good shows, but then a few other good shows are coming up. I miss real rotary phones [I don't have a cell phone & will never get one ], real typerwriters [the way I always used to pronounce it], real TV, instead of this fake crap, also real tube TVs [they were much cheaper,kids!] real magazines, [which don't seem to exist anymore, they've apparently shrunk-by the way, how is it that the TV Guide got larger & Rolling Stone got smaller??? syk!]. I miss real mail, even though I still get crap somehow, real cameras, cassettes & vhs which I still have. I miss Crystal Pepsi, which was fantastic, who knows what they've done to it now. I miss real jamming, which isn't happening much anymore with all the good rock clubs closing.
I miss real musicians, which there doesn't seem to be a whole lot left. I miss real bands, who are all completely unreal now. I miss going to an arcades, which are completely gone with the exception of a casino [???].

There are alot of things I miss, that have passed me by but still seem to be around. Real newsmen & women, even though I never watched the news [now they all look like Betty dolls!], just people you knew were there even if you missed them. I missed real sports & real announcers, which voices of men that would make you shiver!! I was a sports girl, always was, not basketball or football, but any kind of racing & ball, may-be even a little tennis, especially when crazy John McEnroe [who's married to cooly Miss Scandal: Patty Smyth now] was always pissed off. I missed real baseball, real players who cared about the game & nothing else. Even the Olympics used to be fun to watch [now they're a damn sideshow!], then the steroids & the money grubbers started taking over not just for that but every sport, especially baseball, so I stopped watching, listening, caring, sort of.....

Then something strange & weird happened. They closed Yankee Stadium & opened a new one. Suddenly I wanted to care again, except I didn't know about who or why, but I did. Mostly for the memories, I got to go to the old stadium before they shut it down. Now it's still up but waiting demolition. But there's a new one up & it's actually very beautiful. Since I never went to the old 'older' stadium before they fixed it into 'my' stadium, it's actually kind of cool to see this one look like the old one I never went to before it's old face lift. Confusing?? I started going to Yankee Stadium in the 80s I guess. [weird thing to say....from what I remember]. I love the Yankees, always have , but I got sick of them, because they made it sickening, I'm not even sure I remember why. Maybe the strike in 1994, the year there was no World Series whatsoever, maybe these steroid filled bums thinking they can play baseball with a straight face & call themselves players. I don't remember at all.

I do remember going to Old Timer's Day whenever possible. I don't remember the last time I cared about them winning.
I remember the Yankees winning the World Series against the Mets in 2000. I remember going to Shea [which is also unfortunately gone now too...] to buy goodies from them because I didn't want to forget the only time that possibly could've ever happened. Before & after that everything was a blur. Yet this year I wanted to care, I tried. They still had some Yanks I wasn't interested in but there was something about the new place I need to see & be there for. It began last year & I went on the only day I go, Old Timer's Day. It was a blast like always. I miss the old no-hitters, perfect games that happened in the 90s & '00's, but I always got reports from my uncle & mom. Did they win??? Yes! day...did they win??? No!. oh month... Did they make the playoffs??? Yeah! are they in the World Series?? NO! What???????? Since when??? Since 2000??? No way?? They lost one to the Red Sox?? Nah, not my Yankees. Those aren't my classic Yanks. I used to name all the Yanks, now I hardly knew who they were.

I did see the game Dave Righetti pitched a no-hitter, I saw Jim Abbott's no hitter, I saw Aaron Boone's crazy last inning home-run, in between, I didn't care. Yet I started slowly coming back, but I heard stupidity: Red Sox were joining the Yanks, ugh!, they're trading good players, they're buying idiots who aren't doing anything, the manager is sleeping, they haven't been kickin' it. Big-deal, are they winning? OK, are they still fighting?? Looks like! Then the YES Network. In my world, the Yes network meant I thought I'd be watching the progressive band Yes for 24 hours a day, which probably would have been so bad, if they were still in the 80s. Even if they were still together, my Yes!, wow, they got a channel? Cool!
But nah, that's not my Yes, not the Cinema Yes!!No way! Not my 90125 Yes or Drama Yes. The Yankees Yes??? Does that make any sense???

So the Yes Network comes & starts showing not only the new games but the old games as well. Wow. Even games I was at, games I never saw, games I couldn't believe I missed. Will it make me like the Yanks again, may-be! I didn't like the 'new' ['new' meaning 90s & 00s Yanks] Yanks & had no idea how loyal they were. Still I saw some good stuff, cut to 2008, they close MY stadium? No way? Not my stadium! Then MLB Network! AHHHHHHH!

I see they bought new players, who are going to bring the Yanks back. From what? THESE ARE THE YANKS!!!! They didn't even make the playoffs, but I wound up watching those games anyway. Then I realized what I was missing.
I missed Lou Pinella & Bobby Murcer. I missed MY old Yankees, cute Gene Michael, Bucky Dent, Graig Nettles & crazy Billy Martin, kicking dirt onto the umpire's pants. I missed the fun I used to have screaming at these lunatics to win. I missed my uncle taking me to the games. I missed him taking me to Old Timer's day & telling me about all the Old Timer's he remembered & I never knew. I missed him telling me how cool Tom Tresh was & Mel Stottlemyer was the best ever. I missed asking who's that? in the old timers intros & he'd instantly knew who they were, their number what they did & when he saw them. Amazing. I missed the old sports days of baseball crazy fun. I totally miss my Uncle more than anything! Everything I knew up until then was gone & nothing was the same.

Yet now I seem to be having almost as much fun as I did back then. I'm fighting with my best friend about which Yankees are real! I'm watching the games like there's no tomorrow. These new 'Newer' Yanks are the coolest ever, especially one called AJ Burnett, who happens to be my nu favorite! He looks so crazy & psycho & is totally making them fight & fun again, like they used to be. Something I thought was missing for a very long time. So everything is new again, in not such a bad way. For years I hated everything new & it was never for any good. But now the Yankees are back & more exciting than ever & there's a part of me which I thought I lost that I think is now back too & I like it. Except my stadium is almost gone & like I said before, maybe my uncle wants it for himself, so I'll give him that.


Angell said...

Happy Belated Rozzie girl! Giant hugs from this side of the border.

I know what you mean about the stadium. When they closed Exhibition Stadium here in Toronto (home to the Jays & Argos) and moved us to that piece of crap called the Skydome...oops, sorry, ROGER'S CENTRE, I hated it.

Then they closed the hockey shrine itself, Maple Leaf Gardens and moved my beloved Leafs to a building where you now have to pay $20 to park and half that for a beer. And they are now making it a grocery store. :S

Why the hell can't they leave well enough alone?

HUGS and hope June brings you stuff that you don't have to miss.

Psst - what is Crystal Pepsi? Never heard of it.

Earl of Rozland said...

I know, they just love to destroy the good things in life. Thanx for replying, I completely feel for your Stadiums.

Wow, I don't know what to say. If you've heard of regular Pepsi Cola, Crystal Pepsi came sometime in the 80s when they tried to change it. But it was wonderful how they did it. It was the same Pepsi except with absolutely no color, no caffeine & no calories. It tasted exact & it was very precious to me as I got sick of the color & the caffeine.It was amazing. A lot of people hated it but I loved it. I actually still have an old can left. Thats why they called it Crystal Pepsi. Crazy!