Monday, August 11, 2008


! Ever watch Odd Couple? Its the BEST SHOW EVER!!! They seem to be out on DVD, yet the ones that are left are being threatened with the songs that appeared on the show not appearing because of massive publishing fees. Well that bites!! You ought to be honored that your song was even on the damn show! So quit it & let everyone hear you! This seems to be my pet subject. Now after what has been a pretty cool half a year [already????] I've gotten the best news of my life! ROLLING STONE IS DEAD!!! Not the band. NEVER! In fact, the way things are going the band will be around way damn longer than the crapola mag will!! OH JOY!!! OH JOY!!! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY HAPPINESS!! SHALL I EXPLAIN?????????????????????????????????

ROLLING STONE. A magazine that was way way cool, years & years ago! Started I believe by naming itself after the great 'ole band. Why they let that happen I'll never know, especially after they started to suck. At the time, I'm sure it was cool for them, they had no idea that it would ever become bad. So you can't really blame them. And lately you must now never compare them anymore, since the Rolling Stone of today is CLEARLY NOT the Rolling Stone of yesterday. In fact, after RS started to bite [in the early 90s of course],the Rolling Stones should have put their foot down for them becoming as horrible as they got. That would've been a most amazing lawsuit. Can you picture that?? [Dr. Teeth anyone?] Mick: Your Honor, clearly we don't like the direction this magazine has taken & would very much not like our name to be associated with this crap anymore. Judge: Yes it is clear this magazine has nothing more to do with music so I grant in favor of the plantiffs & sentence Rolling Stone to call themselves BonJovi for their remaining years!
Talk about suck!

Now RS is deluding themselves into thinking that if they 'get smaller' [?????] that more people will buy this crap because it'll fit more with other mags in the store. Amazing. What an excuse! 'Yeah uh....I'm not like gonna buy Rolling Stone unless it gets smaller, k.....? ' Don't they realize that people still actually buy the New York Times & thats over 7 feet long?????????????????? OH, they have a circulation of over 1.5 million....[to me that's not a lot especially in this new internet age] but their newsracks sales are slipping.......awwwww, I wonder why? Because nobody wants to buy it anymore!!!! And also because there are still alot of classic rock fans very much alive who absolutely hate the owners of this magazine for abusing the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame! So who knows why!!!

Its not bad enough that RS had already shrunk to a level that make the New York Press, the Metro & AM Daily seem huge. The latest covers alone had took up more than whatever the hell was supposed to be inside. So put someone bad on the cover & no one will care what's inside. OK, they've sort of tried to save themselves as they keep trying by having a few cool covers lately [but again nothing inside] the Police, James Brown, Pink Floyd, etc..... but it's has gotten so lame they need to really shrink it so that you'll know there will be at least more than 4 lousy pages inside!!! WOW!

For years, actually since it began the R'n'RHoF has been run by the owners & the leftover so-called writers who were left after the nineties fall-out of the really great writers who don't write for them anymore. So it's the kid writers who think that music was invented in 90s & are freaked out that RS has been around for more than 20 years let alone 2. These are the people who are voting in our legends in this Hall. Ridiculous. In one of my old bleechs, I revealed my utter hatred for their system hoping that Rolling Stone would die a slow death & I believe because of some of you out there that my dream, in fact all of our dream is coming true!! So I thank you so much for making this possible, I know all you rockers came together to torture them. Even though I wish a slow death upon them I figure whoever is going to be on the cover of the teeny weeny version of the new RS will kill it before I get a chance to beg. So maybe their death will be quicker & I will jump for joy some more. It used to be that being on the cover of Rolling Stone was a dream, a hope of a band, the moment you 'made it'! Now its an embarrassment when you have to be on the cover after Fiona Apple, 50 Cent, John Mayer or Maroon 5, oh joy....ugh! THEY ONLY JUST TALKED TO RUSH THIS YEAR!!! SO who knows how popular they are as of late, we know they have been a challenge to keep going to. But now I think we've grown tired of you! Goodbye!

I'm actually going to think back at the time it was cool even as it was still being run by the idiots. Remember when Fleetwood Mac made probably the best covers ever made for them? When Stevie Nicks got her own cover? When the GO-GO's made the cover & everyone freaked out because they were in their underwear? HANES UNDERWEAR not lingerie!!! When the Police always managed to look good on every cover they were on, even the latest! When Dr. Hook finally made the cover after they wrote that great song. Now go away! Good Riddence! I'll be happy to buy your last few rotting pages & place them under my dog's crap. [oops I don't have a dog but I could use it for something...ah ha, the leaks in my roof! AHHH what a life!]


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Angell said...

YAY - so glad to hear that it's going so badly for them.

We will NOT get into what I think of them and their opinion of Styx....and why our boyz will never make the RnR HOF.

Talk about issues!