Friday, August 22, 2008


Did you ever see Flashdance? I might've mentioned this before. Probably the cutest girl & most talented [since we already know the star didn't even ride the bike, I relate to this to but I not even getting into this now] in the movie
Cynthia Rhodes-by the way,just to get it out of the way, did do her own dancing, [you can't make that up, especially what she did, quite a sight if anyone has any wish to stretch in any form!!] is completely freaking because her man hasn't called. All throughout the movie if anyone was paying attention to it other than looking at all the ladies asses, it was he didn't call.

'He didn't call. 'He'll call'. Should I call him?'You think he'll call?' 'Of course, why wouldn't he?' 'If he doesn't call do you think I should call him?' 'Don't worry, he'll call'. OK, so later they're working out & the bum still hasn't called. 'He'll call. Don't worry'. 'I don't know'.... No matter who you were when you saw this movie, you wanted her to call him & were actually wanting to know if he would call. So the tough lady finally says 'Just get up & call the dude' to which she also added that she was 'glad I ain't no honky'. 'Yeah, you really think so?'. So while the lead character is screwing & fighting & breaking up with her man & dancing & losing her mind & wondering why her friend is losing it by going out with the lowlife of the movie, you could care less because you're still want him to call her. In my mind [& others], I'm thinking, he's gotta call, she could dance, she's mega-cute, he's gotta be just a hunk who is just making her wait right? Of course, dammit when is he gonna call??? Finally, they're all at a party in costumes which looks like Halloweenie time. They're all there & Tina [her name]is seen dancing with this balding older guy in a suit & glasses looking like a deadbeat lawyer or something, not in costume like everyone else. After all your thoughts, after all we waited for, what are we thinking? It's her dad? No!, did he call? Who's that with her? Nah! She finally says to her friend what the world & everyone else were waiting for, points to the guy in question & has the nerve to say, with the happiest smile on her face: 'HE CALLED!'. What? ARE YOU KIDDING? NO WAY? YUK!! EEWWW ! GET REAL RIGHT??

Why am I explaining the only reason to see Flashdance? [Now that I've explained the entire movie, you probably don't have to see it, but should & if you haven't, what planet are you on?] Because of Miss Tina, first of all [who happens to be married in real life to Richard Marx...which may be questionable]second, because I appreciate this scene very much & completely understand it. Unlike some people in this world. Unlike the dumb ladies of Showbiz Tonight, who constantly, day by day, night by night say just stupid things about who or what they think is beautiful or not & are just in shock anytime something stupid happens they just 'oh are just horrified'. So what is it that got me here twice this bleech.???

I didn't even watch these Olympics [are they done yet???], sorry, I just wasn't into it. Everyone there I'm sure are amazing athletes & if they're not full of steroids, congrats to all! But Jim McKay [look him up!, dammit!] isn't covering it, gone, so forget it! Over! But Mercy! Swimmer Amanda Beard's apparent dislike of her buff teammate has gotten insane backlash of this poor lady's taste. What the hell for?? Of course, an idiot radio guy asks her a stupid question adding to his stupidity, wonders if she was dating the guy or even wanted to [when of course that's not ethical, but do they care? no!]she replied with a very simple 'Eww,No!'. So what? What is the problem? She also added after some grilling something along the lines of 'Eww Nasty'. Which I found hilarious but I still didn't care. [I think everyone is EEWW!!] People or chicks [Haha!]everywhere seem to be losing it because of this & this lady is getting ripped up everywhere, especially by these dumb broads at Showbiz Tonight who haven't a clue about what a real man is when they talk to idiots like the 'Man' author who thinks he's God's gift to women [Don't even get me started on that dork.], whenever they feel they need a 'man's opinion'. , which is a joke!! Pathetic! This is when I started to care.

OK ,so I'm on her side & I will defend her to the death! Why? Because you girls out there are ridiculous!!!! Especially you Showbiz Tonight chicks. Where in the world or in what gutter did they dig out these crazy 'panelists'? I just wanna smack them all to death. Talk about stupid. So we're not cool because we have to think like these broads [by the way I'm not Italian, I just use that word to describe brainless chicks,it works for me, like others would use 'dumb blonde'!, because these broads aren't blond, well one is, so write me if you must, I dare you, just know that I am a chick, was a broad & have been blonde & very proud!] & their word is law & they feel their words will 'make a difference'.
Their difference: She said it because she wants to be famous!? What? If she wanted to be famous she could've said something like 'He can't swim'. Hello?? That's how stupid this whole thing is. One of them actually had the unmitigated gall to say & even suggest that she was 'clueless'! ????????????????????????????????????????
[You guys out there love girl fights & wonder & why we love to tear our hair out while it happens, 1st of all, I'm not your typical chick, I love a good fight every once in a while, a guy fist fight,[girls can do this too!!] this is why I miss real baseball, but in this particular case I wanted to rip each flake of hair off this one's head when she uttered this! Why because it helps!]
Oh she's clueless, so she'll deliberately insult someone she's not interested in or remotely not attracted to if that is supposed to be the case [let's get the winner a girlfriend already!] & say they're EWW! Guess what, maybe she's NOT interested, ever thought of that? Is that a possibility??? It probably frightened her, she's probably traumatized from this & will need therapy for the rest of her life at the suggestion of even sleeping with this guy. [I would be!-sort of, not therapy though-remember therapist is a compound word!] ] By the way, if you forgot she's a hell of an athlete herself. Did we forget ??? Do we care? I guess not after this!

EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OWN OPINION!! OR FREEDOM OF SPEECH?? Well, last I heard everyone is also entitled to their own taste. So he's maybe not her type at all, who cares? You're gonna force her to go out with him? No wait-let's put her in a reality show to get her a husband & we'll get 20 of these dorks & they'll all look exactly like this guy [like they all do now anyway-EEWW!!] & watch her & me throw up!! Guess what chickies, HE'S NOT MY TYPE EITHER!!! Are you shocked? Oh, so now I wanna be famous?? So am I clueless? That's right, he's not my type. Do you want to know what that means?? That means SHE'S RIGHT! That's a rule you know!!! [RR xoxoxoxo!]But I have some news for the boy who thought he wrote that rule: [like he really made that up!xoxoxox] sometimes [only sometimes], she's not right & in this case, all of you ladies out there who are giving this lady crap about this are WRONG!! SO BACK OFF!!

For years, I've endured almost all the ladies in my family going for younger dudes & it has sickened me. Yes I prefer a real man [must I mention them??- quit it & check my previous blecchs!]. So he's buff, he broke Mark Spitz's [who by the way looks beyond gorgeous now that he's gotten 'mature'] record [which really sucks because despite him looking like a porn star when he won all those he is still THE MAN!! & will forever be!]& he's a great athlete. But ladies, he's not the most beautiful thing on this planet. See ladies, back then Mark was Eww also, now, he's Yum!. It takes a while ladies, a long while. Ok, he's your type, cool, maybe you'll marry & divorce him & take all his Frosted Flakes money, good for you. But don't push the dork on us real ladys who like real men. I can't believe that the criteria for a real man involves a young buff, he's probably the nicest guy in the world, but come on. OK, they don't have to be fat & crusty either but there can be something pretty special in between & when you can really 'SEE' that, it can be pretty incredible. So before you ride those boy toys, think for a minute. How long can you look at that? Eventually they run out of gas & I don't mean in the engine! Because the engine can always get a boost! Yes some winning pretty boys are EWW!. Sometimes the Bronze dudes have hope to, but they're not all Gold. Sometimes you need Silver [I need air!!whoo!]. So to Miss Amanda way to go, stick to your guns & screw what all these idiots are saying about you, call me & we'll show them what a real man is.... don't disappoint me! & let's see what you'll look like in 20 years Mr. Eww!! Who knows you may finally be Yum!



Angell said...

Oh Rozzie girl - older men are CERTAINLY the way to go. They aren't really prime until life has thrown a few curve balls at them, until they've doged a few bullets so to speak.

Younger can be good for kicks, but for serious consideration - give me older any day.

(Despite being married - still on the lookout in case this one goes bust LOL).

Earl of Rozland said...

Wow, I hope I wasn't misunderstood, I definitely meant older men are absolutely where its at, believe me I know!! These chicks now a days just are clueless...! Hee hee..