Sunday, June 01, 2008


When I'm not playing drums,rehearsing, writing bleechs, working, sleeping, waking up, researching, complaining about everything, I actually have a life. Here is one day in particular that I just remember quite vividly.
12:55 pm: Quite unusual. I'm at the Staten Island Ferry waiting on what seems to be an actual line for the Ferry which there never is. The dude cop is trying to 'break it up' but it seems today they want to seem nice & respect. I followed the dude rule so I'm sort of in front yet there's still a line behind me. Weird. Gonna see my friend D, maybe we could walk to the beach.
1:24 pm: I'm riding on the Ferry where it's actually a beautiful day listening to Rhinestone Cowboy on the radio. I'm not on a horse or wearing Rhinestones & I know that would be cool yet I don't know if the horse will make it across this water [for fear it'll turn green]. But it is a beautiful sight. Looking at all the boats, it's a bit chilly, lucky I always carry my scarf. I'm in awe of the boats dreaming that one day I'll be in my own boat (or somebody else's) sailing away, listening to every concievable good song about boats & sailing that exist: Come Sail Away-Styx, Sail Away-Oak Ridge Boys, Sailing-Rod Stewart, Boats Against The Current-Olivia Newton John or Eric Carmen. I don't take pics as I've been on this ride before but I finally have camera after years of avoiding all tech aspects of our new world. I brought my book wth me hoping to read it on the Ferry thinking I'd be sitting & relaxing on here since the weather has been insanely cold lately & it's freakin' May! But noooooo, it's not cold (miracle!), I'm not reading (I'm dying to finish this book, since it's wearing me out), & I'm not drinking my Vitamin Water which I also bought for the trip since I'm the first to stand outside & gaze at the NY water, which for all intents & purposes (?) is not the blue water we all know & love on a day like this, or on a normal ocean. Not even my dark glasses have shaded the water the color it seems to be now. Is it? (removes sunglasses)Green? Yep, it's green. Not even a St. Paddy's Day green, but a Grasshopper drink green (my fav shot of choice until the Mojito came out!!!!??????). I'm in hell waiting for the bus now to see my best friend wishing I was back on the boat. But you can't take a ride back & forth continuosely for a couple of hours without getting off of it each time it docks, that sort of ruins the fun & purpose. But it's still free & you don't have to pay 1 million dollars for the gas that it seems to be going for now & even though it's the same ride back & forth you're bound to see something different everytime. An almost perfect ride. But what gets me out of all of this? The other gorgeous boats? The loons surfing somewhere? The sky & clouds & amazing sun? The Circle Line which always passes by & is surprisingly still in operation because it costs about 8 grand to ride it now? (By the way, as I'm waiting forever for the bus in front of me is a giant sign [& apparently on all bus stops] that says 'Bus Stop No Standing'? How else are we supposed to wait for the damn thing?)? As my day is almost ruined by this bus fiasco & the fact that I took the wrong train down here & its a Sunday when public transportation is virtually useless [& it's Memorial Day weekend]. A bus decides to finally come a half hour later after the boat had left me there a half hour earlier! Meaning had I gotten here a half hour later I wouldn't be pissed off right now. But it's still a beautiful day & I'm still on the boat in my head, sick about the song that is playing on my radio right now, which really sucks & wondering what my hair looks like after I'd gotten it to look perfectly last night when I styled it (styled? Yeah right!) & this morning when I woke & is now probably spiked to oblivion (my usual look) from the beautiful boat wind. There are little maggots everywhere (my unfortunate name for uncontrollable little tikes running amok around the bus I'm on now) but I am not insane now as I am at peace finally hearing a decent song on my radio by the fantastic Bee Gees & I feel great. Still thinking about 'my boat'. (Now I've gone into RR mode which I'm extremely proud of!) I'm thinking of telling the little maggots or whoever owns them to cool it or I'll be forced to throw them out the window, but thankfully without my noticing they have exited. Wow peace again. Another beautiful song comes up & I'm still on the boat thinking I could play the hell outta that song on this boat.
2:26 pm: I wonder if my ladys will fit on this boat. As I'm writing this my little thingy(an old Palm Pilot, not the phone everyone thinks it is, yet I can pretend it is a phone so no one will bug me!) has run out of room for me to write about this craziness. So I start a new excerpt, my fingers hurting which is the reason my hands have turned to mush & realize I'm lost, but I'm not & no joke - I pass by a place called Drum Rd. Cool! Since I'm still on the bus ride from hell, the great Marty Robbins serenades me with El Paso, I think I know where I am. Almost to my best friend who is going to have surgery for a genetic cancerous tumor in her mouth & I try to pray for her all the time. I also think of cute Dick Martin who passed away today, the greatest comedian ever from Laugh-In. Now he's gone & no one will ever know how totally cool he was with all the crapola that's out there now & I turn on the TV & no one is speaking of him when he should've been on the minute I turned it on because he deserves at least an hour of coverage but what do they care dorks! Instead I dream of Dick singing me El Paso. Wow. Now I'm at my stop at Sand Lane.
My point before was while on the boat what struck me was the waves. Not the beautiful waves of the now green water but the waves of the people on the other Ferry almost about to 'kiss' us. Wondering why they're waving & is it generally normal for us to wave at nothing. So I wave to them because no one else is doing it. Maybe they'll like my newly spiked hair. Maybe I'll dig their earrings if I could see them from 10,000 feet away, who knows! What makes us wave? Just the feeling that someone's looking. Or paying attention. Or the fact that they just want to be noticed. Or just a feeling of respect. One waves to be sure that they're not being rude to someone who's probably never going to notice them, none the less they wave. It doesn't matter whether you know what they mean. Are they saying Hello? Goodbye? What's Up? or Yo? They wave. It doesn't matter if they don't know the person, or maybe they do. Maybe they have a friend that is at the Ferry the precise moment the other is passing. In this, the cell phone age, you never know. They wave. So I waved. It was cool. I always do. I'm outta the bus finally & at my friend's door. We hang for the day taking in the sun. Watch a few movies, eat a few sandwiches, talking about everything . Making sure she's ok with the surgery she's about to have. She's afraid because her brother passed of something similar but of course it's not the same. I tell her it'll be ok & tell her of my former hell (the bus ride as well as some older heavier stuff) & just try to get her not to think like that. We have fun, she's falling asleep.
9:47 pm: It's time for me to go back to my boat which at night is so way cooler that I can't wait to see the beautiful view & skyline that is deadly (but because of the number of people on it which is higher than most nights & because of a fight that breaks out so because of this obsurdity I don't move from my seat as I will soon find out). But this time, it'll be chillier, I'll read my book & radio(to no avail), I will drink my water (not a drop, since I'm writing this or typing it whatever you call it now!)& if I could, see if I wave hi to my 'friends' on the other side of the ocean going where I just came from (unlike the ones before I don't have or will ever get a cell phone!-but hey -not even close!) . It may be packed even though it's Sunday (unusually packed late as it is, usually being more empty on nights like this, I find out later with more loons & little maggots), as my best friend in the world walks me to the bus, (which I later find out, isn't so hellish this time but does include the loon from hell drinking & yelling at the top of his lungs because he can) this time my night boat ride becomes a bit hellish as I will soon find out but doesn't kill my mood for the day. My bus comes to take me to the hellish boat ride I'm about to encounter, I get on & think for only 1 second if I'm ever going to see my best friend again (I will at the hospital later in the week) she hugs me, I tell her its gonna be ok. I get in the bus.
I wave.

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