Friday, May 16, 2008


Yeah.Happy Mamma's day...& happy birthday to me! Yes, it's just my luck that Mother's day would happen to fall after my birthday so that I'd have to think about something else other than myself on my birthday. But that's cool, because since last year, as some of you may have read, my mom has made up for her indiscretions. Like thinking Roger Waters was Richard Gere, [I'm beginning to think he deserves that since he's been losing it as of late by living in NY & wanting us not to vote for the lady when he's not even an American & not only breaking on ELP but losing his pig once again, I wonder if he Beet it?? [a little inside joke..], thinking Motley Crue hired an old lady to sing for them [although she was on that!].....whatever else she's done, like torturing me watching American Idol faithfully, which is quite sickening. She has since made up for it by just a few little things.

So as I decide to take my mom out to see an amazing Latin artist named Albita once again for her special day, I realized she is walking around singing Hush. ??????? Then I realize this song happens to be in a horrid commercial that has been taking our great classic songs & just destroying them. Of course, she has no idea she's singing the oldest Deep Purple song in the world, so I don't even think to shatter her happiness & don't even have the heart to tell her that the guy who is singing that particular version has disappeared off the face of this planet & doesn't sing the song anymore & that the guy who sings it now I happened to have hung out with before my birthday last year. So she'll never listen to Deep Purple as I don't even listen to them either [except for Highway Star, the video version not the record, nothing will ever come close to that] but it was good to hear that coming out of her no matter how insignificant it was. I remember my sister taking her to see Elton John & I had no idea how she'd get thru that. Not only did she love it & she knew every song but she happened to fall in love with 'this giant cute blond thing that was playing guitar with him' . WHAT?? You mean Davey Johnstone? Serious?? WOW! Impressive! My mom occasionally despite her love of spanish, giant young men will ocassionally dig a real man every once on a while [well what I call a real man!] & Davey comes pretty close, mind you she was far away. Besides I know of no other cute blond things that play guitar with Elton. Like when she thought that this other blond cute thing was singing great in this crazy show. It turned out to be Sebastian Bach, which I straightened her out about really quick. All because he was dressed up. Clothes do not make a man. [Only sometimes]. This from the woman who's favorite Chuck Berry song of all time is only 'My Ding-A-Ling'!

So she's watching TV & as I always do I try to find her something better than what she's watching [like American Idol-ugh!]. I put VH1 Classic & wow something cool, they're playing Welcome To The Machine, so she's into it & suddenly........... 'I know that song'. No you don't! 'Yes I know it', well maybe you do, that's the WALL band! [the WALL band being Pink Floyd of course....because no matter what we all loved the Wall song 'We Don't Need No Education'....because mom thought that he said 'no dark orgasm in the classroom'!], I've heard that before, in fact I heard it this week. Hello?? What were you listening to that anyone is going to play Welcome To The Machine. Maybe she passed by the Wall movie which had been on 18, 000 times that week, she heard that 'sound'...maybe she actually put it on my radio &heard it. No she swears she heard that voice! It's Roger, not Richard Gere!!! Turns out she did it again......but this time correctly. I got it, it's in that movie! The Wall right? Nope. The Minzy movie. The WHAT?? Minzy. Turns out what she's talking about is the movie the Last Nimzy which she's been watching religiously & that just happens to have a song by Richard Gere...dammit...I mean Roger Waters....called Hello I Love You which ends the movie & sounds like Welcome To The Machine. Now in no uncertain terms in my house this is amazingly cool. 'I knew I KNEW THAT SONG'!! It's not the same song but it's that 'sound!' Now that's cool! Since Roger has gone insane lately what with losing his pig & just trashing Keith Emerson [although that wasn't his fault] & going so far as to grow a beard which was a BIG MISTAKE!! He has been redeemed in my eyes, thru my mom. As I was about to lose all my faith in the great Pink Floyd master. My mom has shown me the way! So because of my momma's love of your song & movie I shall not abandon you Roger, now all you need to do is shave the damn beard & go back to looking like Richard Gere & be quiet!

My sis decides to take my mom to the WAX Museum...ugh..& she has a ball. Loving all the famous waxos [wackos] & having a blast. She'd rather hang out with figurines that look like they have 2nd degree burns & she has a blast. So that was cool. My mom had the best Mother's Day & I had the best birthday ever!! So we both scored pretty good! Let's hope it's good, if not better next year.

Happy Mother's Day all!!! Luv, Rozzieeeeeeeeee


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Angell said...

Rozzie luv - sorry I'm so late commenting. I actually had a heart attack at the end of April and have been convalescing, which doesn't include being parked in front of the computer for as many hours as I used to be.

Glad mom had a great day and Happy Birthday honey!! One year ago we met at that crazy Styxfest and I've been a fan ever since.