Tuesday, February 17, 2009


How was everyone's Valentine? We know not everyone had a good one now don't we. How amazing that everyone seems to think some people will change & become all nice because we have someone new in that White House. Now when we'd all like to believe that's true, some of us know that something's are forever going to stay the same. We unfortunately know the real truth & is some things will just never change unless viciously provoked. You never know.

That brings me to my bleech topic today. There are things still enormously popular these days besides being increasingly annoying. Who knows why. Yet until the president decides to outlaw these things, everything that is out there, which is entertainingly bad will continue to delight an audience by whom we'll never quite understand is coming from.
Which brings me to 2 of the most enjoyed subjects as of late: copycatting & over hyping!

Also, when did February suddenly get popular? Wasn't this thought of as a boring month as well especially since it's so short? Well, I guess not, now it's awards month. Everything crazy that could've happened for the entire year to be talked about next year, happened all in this month. Recap:

Seems that Miss [or Ms. whatever] Britney has a dirty new song some idiots can't figure out, So she decides to cover it up by making a goody-goody video of herself being a normal housewife...[????]. Just so that we're clear & if anyone cares, this has been done before. There are apparently not one but 2 songs by actual rock bands called If You Seek Amy [actually if you want to get technical: If You See Kay Tonight-Brewers Droop-1972; If You See Kay-April Wine-1982. Who knows if it's supposed to mean the same thing. If it does so what?] [I know there's more especially with the same exact title, but my brain is drowning in crap right now to remember...]
What bugs me is the video. It's almost a clone Lita Ford's
Gotta Let Go
video, which has heavy metal guitar lady Lita
[wearing the coolest leather outfit ever! actually the one in Out For Blood is even better! you got nothing on her Brit-screw your red plastic outfit!] being a housewife [hilarious]. So did she rip off 2 classic rock bands that no one cares about? Did she use this little 4 words [or letters...] to make her big comeback? It's been done but of course no one has seen anything like this before & they're so freaked. So this is what brought her back, maybe she'll go away quicker.

Octo-bore mom. Why do we care about this woman. Why do we care about her kids? There are a million mothers who have 10,000 children in Harlem that no one gives a crap about. Can we get off of this one already?

Can I ask who can swim massively while on weed???
& who can do anything while on steroids? Need I say more?
Haven't we been here before??

Now Paula Abdul not only has someone trying to out annoy her [the awful Platinum Weird annoying co-judge-yep that was her, yuk!], she has the unmitigated gall to tell an Osmond how he should sing. This has to be by far the funniest thing ever. Imagine my shock at not only seeing an Osmond on that show, but having her tell him he should think about how to sing solo as opposed to harmonizing as he's used to with his family.??????? EXCUSE ME?????????? 1st of all HE'S AN OSMOND! THEY GROW ON TREES IN UTAH! SINGING IS IN THEIR DNA! This has happened before when she swears she could tell someone how to sing when she doesn't squeal herself.
I don't care if you're not an Osmond fan, those kids can sing almost better than anyone & Ms. Abdul is going to tell them how it's done? I don't think so. That poor kid. What was he doing up there anyway? HE'S AN OSMOND!! He must've wanted to see how bad singers live. He doesn't have to worry, especially since he got kicked out by the 2nd show, which was pathetic, because he probably was the only real singer they'll ever have. Good for him, he didn't have to put up with any idle embarrassment.

Wow, I've never seen a more action-packed depressing Grammys in my life. Of course, Robert Plant was going to win [which was amazing]. Of course Alison Krauss was going to tie the most wins. Of course, everyone who won was dead. Of course, this has happened before when they give the big awards to artists which actual talent! Of course Al Green was going to be perfect going on at the last minute. Of course, dorkhead Timberlake was going to try to out sing Al Green, which of course was a joke [if I were Al I would've pounded on that kid till he kept quiet for messing up his song!] Hello, he's a Reverend 1st of all! He could preach to a church at the last minute & it would be the most amazing thing you'll ever hear in your life. Of course Chris Brown was going to beat up Rhianna, who didn't see that coming, like not having them on the show was such a big loss.

OK, so Peter Gabriel didn't win an Oscar for his awesome Down To Earth song from my personal favorite movie of last year Wall-E . Yet you're still going to tell him he can only sing his song for 65 seconds?? PETER GABRIEL ?? 65 seconds??? Did they know he used to be in Genesis??
A band who doen't even know the meaning of what 65 seconds is supposed to be. It was a miracle if any of their songs were 65 minutes. And as with all legendary classic true artists, what did Peter do? He told them !@#$%^&*(! & he wouldn't play. That's the spirit!! You really are a true legend Peter! Too bad he had to see his song butchered by a bad Legend.
Yes, this has happened before to Phil Collins believe it or not. When he lost the Oscar he should've gotten for Against All Odds [Take A Look At Me Now] in 1984. Not only did they not let him perform the song at all [they didn't even offer 65 seconds], they had a performance dance to the entire song sung by someone else : Ann Reinking [who was incredible in All That Jazz but not that night!] who had absolutely nothing to do with that film whatsoever. Buncha weirdos!

So the Wurm does turn [get it? Starship Trooper? Part 3?]. Yes I know. Keep the letters coming. I don't care, it's what I want.
Recap: Yes singer Jon Anderson becomes so horribly ill he can't tour. What does the band do? Get another singer from a tribute band & forget about him, fine. Then what happens?
Band cancels tour because bassist becomes ill. Well? Where the tribute replacement for Chris Squire huh?? It should happen but never will. He's the one guy you can't replace or won't let be replaced..... Ask Jon himself, He tried it on ABWH in 1989. It wasn't Yes, he couldn't use the name but he needed a bass & got jazz great Jeff Berlin. Yes, Jeff is one of the greatest bassists in the world, but he's no Chris. WOW, who won this?

Yes the past comes back to haunt one doesn't it. Pretty sick don't you think? I'm impressed though. Have we learned anything from this? Of course not. No one seems to care about the past anymore but once it happens again, we say oh I remember that. Deja vu? Copycat? Over hyped? Whatever! And you wish you were back when no one was whining about bad singers & having to put up with the most annoying celebrity on TV every second. Oh wait, that's still happening isn't it? When will we ever learn?

until next time..........Rozzzzie............

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