Sunday, August 27, 2006

WHAT IS GOING ON??????????????

Here we go! more silliness!! This time it's about VH1 Classic. They officially are starting to SUCK!!!! After doing the most ingenious thing by proving that Steve Miller is a genius [not that it needing proving!] they go have the audacity to show.............................hold on to your hats................... it's gory...................... A DREAM THEATER CONCERT?????? Are you kidding me?????
You guys are done-over!! Now all you are showing are movies & that?? You're sick! They are so NOT classic!!!! And I believe are still way to 'new to be seen on this channel. But then they shouldn't be seen anywhere! To top it of this show was apparently filmed in one if the most beautiful venues out there Radio City!! UGH!! That's not right! I'm probably going to get a lot of crap from all you DT fans out there. But mercy! I just don't think they're classic at all! They are a total 90s band & they are most certainly not legends! More important than that-they don't even spell their name the cool way it should be [Theatre!]. Ok so I'm breaking on them -who cares!! They suck! All 90s music was bad & they're a part of that. So I don't know what else to say. Besides this is a discussion about how bad VH1 Classic has gotten, not how bad DT is!!

All I know is if this keeps up with Classic showing all of this crap instead of doing what they're supposed to & show videos, then they're going to die an ugly death! Just like MTV!! And NO MTV2 or MTV Hits did not save MTV. They all suck!! They're worse now!
Thank God there's a cooly new station coming to kick all their asses as they all well deserve! THE TUBE is a beautiful new channel of just videos. NO MOVIES, NO AWARDS, NO IDIOTS TALKING!! Just cool stuff. Although they do show new crap it isn't so bad, but the classic are well showcased as they should be-GOOD CLASSICS too! If you don't have this channel yet-DEMAND IT!! Somehow I have this channels & this is a collective miracle & a half-as my friend do NOT have this chanel yet. Too bad they don't know what they're missing. But they have 8 million other channels I don't have so screw it!! It reminds one of U68, whom I miss like hell. If anyone remembers U68, please throw me a line. Would love to reminisce. Maybe THE TUBE will bring back all those wacko vids those maniacs used to play!
So VH1 Classic GET WITH IT!! You have a show called the Vault which is better than the request hour & that wasn't supposed to happen!
& DON"T DIE!!!

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